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The Great News of Hope Based on the Universe Evolutionary Worldview (Evolution 2.0)

Our following great evolutionary news of hope is an overview of the main science grounded Evolution 2.0 (New Universe Worldview) based facts, ideas, and attitudes about life and sustainable prosperity that we educate about.

On the science level of our evolutionary great news of hope we hold and affirm that:

1.) You ARE an important and essential component within the progression of 13.7 billion years of successful universe evolution!

2,) In spite of how it often now looks with all the challenges facing humanity, our present time is, quite amazingly, the most evolved state of the last 13.7 billion years of universe evolutionary progress and life's evolutionary success that is scientifically known! Be encouraged by the fact that we are at our current known evolutionary peak of universe existence and that all of the challenges that you now face (no matter how they may seem,) are just another part of the normal evolutionary processes of universe evolution as it continues on!

3.) It is entirely reasonable to live with rational hope in an evolutionary future that will continue to both evolve in a progressive direction that will turn out for the good of the universe and planetary evolution as a whole. In part, this is because you are an interconnected, interdependent, and integral part of the most successful and time-tested system to ever exist --- the evolving universe --- and most importantly --- we are now learning through science how to better self-organize and align our lives and organizations with evolution's most powerful sustainability principles!

4.) We all exist and are embedded within ONE mutually shared universe. As ONE humanity we all also share our planet and are embedded within its evolutionary processes. From this big picture, "unified reality" perspective of our inherent and shared ONENESS and our inter-connected and inter-dependent embeddedness within the evolutionary processes, when we self-organize ourselves and apply the Universe Principles of Sustainable as our common evolutionary life guide, we can evolve toward co-creating a sustainable planet and a meaningful and sustainable prosperity for all!

"A human being is part of the whole, called by us ‘Universe,’ a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings as something separated from the rest—a kind of delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a prison, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty." ---Albert Einstein

5.) In direct alignment and partnership with the unstoppable directional flow of progressive universe evolution, you have all the necessary potentials to develop, transform and empower yourself. In a universe evolution aligned partnership with the progressively evolving universe and others, you have the potential to transform or adapt to almost any challenge facing you, your family, community, nation, or the planet!

6.) No matter how uncertain, difficult, and intractable the planet's problems look right now, when the majority of us self-organize and work together with the accurate facts and the proper plan and tools, hope and progress in achieving a better future is always maximized and optimized. Individually and collectively, by using the facts of the sciences, our knowledge of the principles of progressive universe evolution we really can co-evolve more successful and sustainable livelihoods and lifestyles and a better world. These new sustainable livelihoods and lifestyles will not only create a just civilization, but also a sustainable, meaningful prosperity for all! (Our Job One for Humanity program is how we are doing the above to help resolve the world's current greatest challenge --- catastrophic and irreversible climate destabilization.)

7.) Humanity and the planet are facing its biggest current challenge --- increasing levels of human-caused cataclysmic climate destabilization, but together we can prepare for it, adapt to it, and, with the appropriate technologies and personal actions. we can self-organize and not only lessen its effects we can reverse it before it becomes irreversible. By managing catastrophic climate destabilization we will create a real future for both humanity and future generations. (For all the information on this issue and how we can manage it what we call Job One for Humanity Climate Re-stabilization Plan, begin reading here.)

8.) In alignment with the universe's progressive evolutionary directionality it is your birthright and inheritance to enjoy life’s pleasures each day and make your highest dreams of sustainable prosperity a reality. We never know when this life will end and there are no 100% guarantees in life. Therefore, appropriately live and enjoy your life now as well. Enjoy life's journey, you will be in it far more than you will be arriving at life's destinations.

9.) Life's truly unpredictable surprises are intrinsic system uncertainties that are always present and that will eventually become a necessary part of future evolution. Inherent in those uncertainties is always the element of hope --- that anything can happen where ever uncertainty is still present.  In the end, all we can do is self-organize and enjoy and build meaning into our lives and do our best in the ways and areas that we can effectively make a difference to forward the evolution of life.

10.) Evolutionary life is resilient. Just on this planet alone life somehow has always found a way to survive the previous 5 mass extinctions. No matter what challenges we face today there is every reason to believe and have hope that we will self-organize in time and evolving live will continue to find ways to survive and thrive!

11.) We can both individually and collectively self-organize our own better future. We do not need approval or permission to do good in the world.

12.) The new science grounded knowledge and tools that you will find in Evolution 2.0 will also help you answer the most important existential questions about life. These answers are derived from the Universe Evolutionary Worldview. Within it you will find science-grounded answers to existential questions about your origin and the origin of the universe and nature, as well as how to discover what your real and highest purpose in life is. These science-grounded answers will help make your personal life profoundly more meaningful and successful. (If you are interested in seeing these life-critical existential questions and answers now, click here. If not, you can always review them later as well.) And Finally,

13.) You can immediately begin to realize the practical hope that the principles of sustainable prosperity offer by actively helping to co-create The Third Industrial Revolution, which will create billions of sustainable prosperity new jobs worldwide. (The amazing "new energies through technology," Third Industrial Revolution is described in a wonderful easy to read book of the same name by Jeremy Rifkin. This book's ideas plus the ideas from Jeremy Rifkin's new book called The Zero Marginal Cost Society: The Internet of Things, The Collaboration Commons, and The Eclipse of Capitalism is how together we will create a new abundance that we all can all share and that also is in alignment with the meta-principles of progressive universe evolution. Additionally, the massive new jobs creation in the sustainable jobs area that is coming with the Third Industrial Revolution and the new Internet of Things (IOT, ) will create the initial and transitional momentum to move sustainable prosperity concepts into the macro culture.)

14.) Evolution 2.0's tools and ideas will improve your fitness, adaptability, and control of your environments as well as help you to function more cooperatively and successfully as groups. (This is the main advantage that makes Universe Evolutionary Worldview practitioners considerably more sustainably successful in life in general and in particular, in creating more successful and sustainable livelihoods and lifestyles.

15.) There is evolutionary long term hope and the possibility that one's consciousness or existence could go on beyond the physical death of the body and/or that the physical body and personality/consciousness might be able to exist far longer and attain near immorality or, one could attain full or partial transcendence over the flaws of human nature through new technologies like genetic engineering, cybernetics, etc, or, even that the possibilities of evolutionary transhumanism can eventually be realized --- where humanity in the future might become the parents of whole new species who also carry on universe evolution with or without us out into the stars.

16.) And finally, if you are of a spiritual nature, it creates more effective and safe pathways for humanity’s individual and collective exploration of Ultimate Reality. Evolution 2.0 has also birthed the new science-grounded Religion 2.0, which provides a personalized form of spirituality based primarily upon progressive evolution principles. Religion 2.0's principles create a whole new level of possibility for the Evolution of religion itself. 


The science-grounded evolutionary ideas and tools found on this website offer a realistic and rational new hope for the biggest challenges humanity faces today and the many who feel isolated in today's polarized and fragmented world. Here you will find new practical perspectives and solutions to what just yesterday seemed to be nearly unsolvable social, personal, political, economic, or ecological challenges. Evolution 2.0 achieves these worthy wellbeing goals above by grounding, balancing, and integrating science and even a new kind of religion (called Religion 2.0 if you are spiritual by nature,) in appropriate ways relevant to their respective domains and interconnections.

Our above "Great News" was derived in significant part from the perspectives and facts of Evolution 2.0 and its Universe Evolutionary Worldview. It is not provided as a final or special authority, but a support resource for your individual evolution, contemplation, evaluation, and eventual use. You are always the final authority who will decide upon the wisdom, value, and usefulness of anything we present.

Our mission will help you to realize your full potential and create an optimized and sustainable lifestyle, livelihood, and wellbeing for your self, family, groups, businesses, nations, and even the planet. At Universe Spirit, we are actively engaged in educating people about how to achieve the following evolutionary good news and we welcome your help. 

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