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What is the Relationship Between the Universe Spirit, Universe College and Universe Institute Websites?

You may have noticed that we have several different websites with similar logos and Universe-related names; the Universe Spirit, Universe College, Universe Institute, and Unissance sites are related in that they are all sponsored by the same organization, Universe Spirit, but they each have separate and specific purposes, and appeal to different audiences.

Universe Spirit vs. Universe Institute

While Universe Spirit addresses and often combines both secular and spiritual matters, the Universe Institute is purely secular and focuses only on scientific matters. Thus, the Universe Institute serves those who view the world from a scientific standpoint alone and will not consider any data that is associated at all with religion or spirituality. Such individuals will undoubtedly play an important role in resolving humanity’s individual and collective challenges, and we want to make sure that we can effectively collaborate.

Universe College 

The Universe College is the online learning community associated with Universe Spirit and Universe Institute, respectively. Universe College provides an education that draws from a balanced integration of both scientific facts and spiritual perspectives for creating thriving, ethical and sustainable livelihoods, lifestyles and communities that will help to solve our planetary problems. Universe Academy, on the other hand, focuses strictly on secular, scientific approaches to our various planetary challenges.

While there may be some duplication of courses or materials between the four websites we will do our best to always maintain the separation of the scientific and secular from those materials which integrate and balance both science and spirituality.

We encourage you to choose which website you visit based on which approach is most compatible with your own disposition, needs and interests.


The Unissance.org website, which is still under construction, is our social networking site, intended to connect the users of our other websites on important issues such as: promoting a Second Enlightenment for our planet, sustainable prosperity based on progressive evolution, the new Universe Worldview, and, if you are spiritually inclined, the annual Universe Day celebration and Universe Spirituality. For now, you may connect with our Unissance network through our Unissance facebook page.

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