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The Next Universe Day, Dec 31, 2015-Jan 1, 2016 is the Seventh Annual Universe Day that Focuses on the Climate Cliff

Universe Day is an annual day of educational, social and celebratory events all over the planet. Universe Day begins each December 31 at noon and ends at noon January 1 st.

This year the message of Universe Day 2015/2016 focuses on:

1.) "increasing awareness of the "climate cliff" --- catastrophic and irreversible climate destabilization caused by human-caused carbon pollution of our atmosphere by fossil fuels."

2.) dramatically reducing human-caused carbon emissions in the atmosphere. Reducing human-caused planetary carbon emissions is truly Job One for Humanity! (For more information on reducing human-caused carbon in the atmosphere, click here.)

Every year Universe Day advocates for creating a sustainable planetary biosphere by using a science-grounded universe-scaled, progressive evolutionary perspective. Universe Day each year creates awareness that the universe's progressive evolutionary process is the most time-proven and successful life-sustaining system that has ever existed! As such, the progressive evolution of our 13.7 billion year old physical universe is our single best source for the most time-proven and effective biosphere and atmosphere sustainability protection principles.

"We simply cannot expect to solve today's complex global challenges particularly catastrophic climate destabilization from a local, national or global perspective alone. We must approach today's global challenges from a far wider perspective, one which encompasses the evolutionary universe in its entirety and the time-proven lessons that we can learn from her 13.7 billion years of progressive evolutionary success. It is as Albert Einstein said: 'You cannot solve a problem from the same consciousness that created it. You must learn to see the world anew.'" The new universe-scaled progressive evolutionary perspective is exactly what we need to once again see our world anew and solve its many global challenges.   Lawrence Wollersheim  

What Kind of Individuals are Most Aligned with Universe Day Events?

Universe Day is an ideal educational social event and celebration for anyone who considers themselves a sustainability advocate, an environmentalist, an evolutionary, a cultural creative, a big history student, an Evolver, Wayseer,  Zietgeist, or Integral movement member, a LOHAS supporter, a progressive evolution student, a science lover, an eco-spirituality practitioner or, any person whose personal spirituality or religion also reverences the universe or stewarding the planet or, anyone who knows that tomorrow’s effective planetary solutions must always be based upon and aligned to the best current science relating to the universe-scaled evolutionary facts. Universe Day is also ideal event for everyone who has ever looked up into the starry sky or around our planet and felt a sense of awe and wonder for the beauty of life and the universe.

This Year's Practical Purpose of Universe Day --- Job One for Humanity!

Universe Day calls attention to today’s most important job for every individual, corporation, government and religion on the planet! And, that is to complete Job One for Humanity, --- the saving the planet's environment by applying the new Universe Evolutionary Worldview, knowledge and tools being shared in the Universe Day message to address "first things first" --- to deal with the severe climate change now happening on the planet. The new universe evolutionary consciousness in relation to our planetary biosphere is absolutely mission-critical for succeeding on Job One For Humanity.

To succeed in our shared Job One For Humanity we must rapidly share across the planet the new Universe Evolutionary Worldview and universe-informed tools for more effectively solving the biggest environmental challenge on the planet today. This is because if we do not enact the needed changes to insure a sustainable planetary environment we and future generations will be severely adversely affected and we could possibly go extinct as a species.

If we do not solve the severe climate changes of the planet and then evolve to sustainable lifestyles soon, everything else we as species consider valuable or meaningful could cease! Without a sustainable playing field and biosphere eventually no one will be able to play any games! To prevent further harm to our shared biosphere environment we need to make all of the legal, manufacturing, social, lifestyle and religious changes needed in time so that the planetary biosphere and its bio-systems are not further debilitated or destroyed.

Because of the threat that current environmental degradation poses to all life, in the very near future every religion and spiritual organization on the planet now bears a special eco-spirituality environmental obligation. This is because of its natural and inherent influence with its practicing members to promote the Job One for Humanity Universe Day message and goals and to temporarily make saving our planet's environment from severe climate change their new First Commandment, their new First Eco-Spirituality Principle and their new first moral imperative to be taught to and realized within their every member!

When the world's religious individuals and religions clearly see that better alignment with the progressive evolution of the universe is compatible with better alignment with their understandings of Ultimate Reality, we will finally have most of the world's population supporting sustainable lifestyle practices. When most individuals of faith and most of the world's great religions demand we do what is necessary to stop the radical temperature increase on the planet and to create a sustainable stewardship of our environment a great influence and leverage will be in place to help save our collective futures --- and these changes will be enacted!

On Job One for Humanity each of us will act as an empowered universe citizen consciously being a partner co-evolving and aligning with the progressive evolution of the universe. This is also where each of us will also help to create a just civilization and a sustainable prosperity that holds a meaningful quality of life for all!

When you extrapolate and include an estimate for planetary species that are not found in our fossil records, it is estimated that 99.95 percent of all species that have ever lived on this planet have gone extinct! If we as a species continue to pollute our atmosphere and environment in non-natural ways as we are doing now with the resultant severe climate change on the planet, our going extinct is not by any means a far distant impossibility --- particularly when you look at the percentage of past species that have lived on the earth and have already gone extinct just due to either natural causes or non-adaptation alone.

Our and our children's future is far from guaranteed! NOW is humanity’s time to become an active co-evolutionary partner with evolution by embracing, living and promoting Job One For Humanity, the new Universe Evolutionary Worldview. and the Universe Principles of Sustainability found within the Universe Day Message.

Click here to go to the main Universe Day website is located at http://theuniverseday.org/

The Slogan of Universe Day 2015/2016 is...

Sustaining Our Planet IS Job One for Humanity!

Universe Day and Earth Day

Since its creation in 1970, Earth Day has steadily improved global environmental awareness. It is now celebrated by millions worldwide. Universe Day is also growing annually.

It too holds a similar promise to improve the global environment, spirit and social condition through its kaleidoscope of secular and multi-faith spiritual gatherings and events.

Regardless of religion, race, gender, age or culture, there really is something for everyone in Universe Day. 
One exciting and simple way to think about Universe Day is that its universe consciousness is the next logical step of consciousness expansion beyond global consciousness.

What You Can Do to Help Achieve the Goals of Universe Day and its Events

There are numerous things you can do to help preserve the planet's life sustaining environments and achieve the Universe Day goals. Select one or more of the following suggestions to begin:

  1. Send E-cards to your online networks wishing them Happy Universe Day and in it tell them about Universe Day and its critical Job One for Humanity message! (We are working on creating some easy to use e-cards right now. Feel free to email us any that you create!)
  2. Create your own local Universe Day events forwarding the purposes of Universe Day. (See farther down the page for some tips on how to do create your own local events. Click here to see a video created at one of last year's Universe Day events. Also check out these photos from one of last year's Universe Day Events in San Francisco, California by clicking here.
  3. Help insure Job One For Humanity's success will be achieved by:
    1. learning more about Job One for Humanity,
    2. learning more about how to live a sustainable lifestyle aligned with the eco-friendly Universe Principles of Sustainability, so that humanity will be sustainable and meaningfully prosperous for 10 million generations to come, (You can start our free online course on how to best live and promote a sustainable lifestyle at the Universe College right now by clicking here.)
    3. Start practicing and share your ideas on how to practice the science-derived, spirit friendly Universe Principles of Sustainability.
    4. educating others on the essential and immediate changes that are needed to be avert an eventual planetary environmental and social crisis caused by severe climate change now going on,
    5. peacefully insuring that these essential and immediate needed changes are enacted into both law and practice,
    6. contacting religious leaders to educate them on why today's religions must become the most active and visible leaders in living, promoting Job One for Humanity and teaching environmental stewardship and sustainability among their members as today’s most urgent prime spiritual imperative!
    7. Learn and then educate about the new universe evolutionary consciousness --- the "biggest picture," universe perspective derived from the new Universe Evolutionary Worldview.
    8. Click here to go to the main Universe Day website is located at http://theuniverseday.org/

How to Co-Celebrate and Co-Create Your Own Local 6th Annual Universe Day Event

Here is a simple suggested approach, but you or your organization can be as creative as you like:

  1. Set up a gathering or local event with friends and share the celebration your understanding and experiences relevant to the purposes and information of the core Job One for Humanity and Universe Day messages. Invite your family, friends, community, yoga group, book club, or anyone to a specified place at a specific time. Describe ahead of time the nature of the gathering and ask them to prepare by reflecting on the current environmental situation and their most memorable natural experiences. Set the intention to use this day to make or renew resolutions related to living sustainable lifestyles and learning more about the other information promoted by Job One for Humanity and Universe Day. Any location or time during Universe Day will work but if possible, it is better to pick a location and time of the day that is highly meaningful to you and/or your group. Click here to see a press release for this year's Universe Day event.
  2. Before you start, spend a few moments getting into a relaxed, meditative (or worshipful state if this is a spiritual group.)
  3. Celebrate, dance and/or sing following the reflections and resolution making if that feels authentic and right for you.
  4. Be creative! There is a multitude of creative variations you could add to further enhance your Universe Day experience. We recommend you add whatever you like and celebrate in whatever way feels appropriate to you and your family, friends, community, organization, etc.
  5. Videotape and YouTube you local event for future viewing and reminding you of the day’s purposes and resolutions throughout the year to come. Click here to see a video created at one of last year's Universe Day events.
  6. Click here to go to the main Universe Day website is located at http://theuniverseday.org/

The 6th Annual Universe Day Network

Join this year's Universe Day Network for More Information on Creating Your Own Local Event. Join the Universe Day event network by emailing us at manage@UniverseSpirit.org and put “Universe Day Local Event Creation Information” in the subject line.

You will receive email information about new events, programs, activities, tools and resources that will assist you in creating your own local Universe Day event. You will also receive information on how to promote the efforts of your organization and/or your own local event to the general public as well as information on collaboration opportunities with other individuals or organizations in the Universe Day Network. Check out these photos from one of last year's Universe Day Events in San Francisco, California by clicking here.

More About Universe Day and the Universe Evolutionary Worldview

Universe Day focuses on achieving the life-critical goal of Job One for Humanity by educating about the unstoppable dominance and paramount importance of the universe as the master evolutionary system whose sustainability principles both qualify and support the actions and results of ALL other embedded sub-systems (such as our planet, our communities and even our own lives.) Universe days asks us to ask ourselves are our lives either in or out of alignment with the universe as the master evolutionary system.

Universe Day is derived from the Universe Evolutionary Worldview. This is important because this new Universe Evolutionary Worldview contains mega-tools for helping us solve the current severe climate change and align our lives on the planet with the unstoppable flow of life's evolutionary successes in the universe. This new universe evolutionary perspective is truly powerful enough to help us achieve a just civilization, a sustainable global and personal prosperity and, a meaningful quality-of-life for all that is capable of sustaining itself for another 10 million more generations! The new perspectives and tools of this Universe Evolutionary Worldview will also help us to resolve our most severe global problems far faster, easier and more effectively than our current limiting global consciousness.

The core logic behind the Universe Day message is "first things first" we have to succeed with Job One for Humanity! The "universe evolutionary perspective will supercharge our ability to align with the universe’s unstoppable ability to sustain and flourish life.”

Our polarizing current global consciousness has created our current global problems. It is NOT the thinking that is capable of resolving our biggest global problems! To solve our life-threatening global problems in time it will take a different, unitive, vastly larger universe-scaled thinking and perspective with all its related new tools, principles and processes being widely made known (at Universe Day events as well as at all other sustainability related events,) all over the planet. Those new ideas and the science-grounded principles and processes derived from them are the essence of universe evolutionary consciousness and the Universe Day message to support Job One for Humanity.

How to Learn and Experience the Universe Evolutionary Perspective

Promoting the universe evolutionary perspective and the Universe Evolutionary Worldview as fast as possible is critical. Their adoption will help preserve our planetary environment and civilization in significantly more effective and efficient ways that are wonderfully just fast enough and powerful enough to match the serious growing challenges humanity now faces to its viable sustainability. A major key to the success of our shared future and planetary well-being is that every individual, corporation, government and religion develops this newly evolved universe evolutionary consciousness as soon as possible!

The Universe evolutionary perspective is created by and from:

  1. Understanding the latest science on the 13.7 billion year history of years of the progressive evolution of the universe. This integral story of the universe includes not only the history of inorganic and biologic life but also includes the full evolution of the development of our current civilization and,
  2. Understanding the new Universe Evolutionary Worldview, which holds as a primary tenant that evolution is progressive and that certain core reoccurring patterns found in progressive evolution are the minimal key and universal principles for sustaining life as well as civilization. Because these principles are science-derived and are blind to any cultural, religious or philosophic biases or favoritism they can be used as universal values and principles for more effectively bringing the people and resources of the planet together to preserve the planet for our future and future generations.
  3. Practicing the Universe Principles of Sustainability, which are the day-to-day guidelines and embodiment of the essential elements of the Universe Evolutionary Worldview. The more you read and practice these principles in your daily life the stronger the unitive and non polarizing universe perspective will naturally become in you. To learn more about the Universe Principles of life, click here.

Why New Worldviews are Important

A worldview is a meta-paradigm of reality, a unifying cultural consciousness that both underlies and conditions an individual’s way of knowing, seeing and acting in the world. A new worldview emerges when the previous worldview no longer adequately solves new problems that are arising.

Each new worldview provides more effective solutions that simply cannot be seen from within the constraints of the previous worldview. New worldviews have emerged just a handful of times in human history. In the order of their emergence, the previous worldviews were called: archaic, magic, mythic, modern and postmodern.

It is important to know about the dawning of any new worldview because it is the bellwether of the large-scale, powerful, cultural evolution about to occur. For example, it was the emergence of a new worldview in the eighteenth century called the Enlightenment, or what is also called rational modernism, that caused what many consider to be one of the greatest single surges in cultural and personal evolution in history.

Why the Universe Evolutionary Worldview is Important

All political, economic, religious, social, legal and philosophic systems are as only as good as the fundamental interpretations, processes and facts about life in the real universe upon which they were initially based (and/or upon which they are currently updated and aligned.) Nowhere are the actual interpretations, processes and facts about life expressed more accurately than at the cutting edge of today's cosmological progressive evolutionary and other sciences.

As they exist today, all human cultural systems will continue to produce far less effective results in solving humanity's greatest common challenges until they are more accurately science-aligned first with the new empirical facts about our progressive evolutionary life and universe existence. Until then, all current cultural systems will continue to be a less significant, causative or contributive component to the very challenges of humanity that they seek to resolve!

The new Universe Evolutionary Worldview is the single emerging new worldview that is big enough, inclusive enough and capable enough to effectively solve every planetary challenge now facing humanity. This is uniquely true because of its global consensus building ability to help rationally align or realign all existing human cultural systems (including even religion,) with the most accurate realities of the universe's evolutionary life systems. This is important because where there is alignment there is agreement and, where there is agreement efforts, people and resources can be coordinated and utilized to resolve all manner of current global challenges.

The naturally emerging new Universe Evolutionary Worldview is being called the greatest single expansion of human knowledge and perspective scale that also unifies our understanding about the nature and meaning of life and spirit --- that has occurred in all of human history. You can start developing this new universe consciousness right now by reading a few key pages about the new Universe Evolutionary Worldview.

Why Universe Day Promotes the Universe Evolutionary Worldview

Many non-profit organizations are becoming leading early adopters and promoters of the new universe consciousness and the Universe Evolutionary Worldview. Its perspectives, benefits and its new Universe Principles of Sustainability offer distinct advantages for mission execution, cooperation building and education the public about the many re-alignments necessary to create a sustainable planetary prosperity for all.

The new Universe Evolutionary Worldview is an integral, multi-disciplinary and science-grounded approach focused upon a building a unified understanding of the facts, directionality and meanings of life from the largest possible time, space and history perspectives that exists --- the physical universe and its 13.7 billion years of evolution! Both cosmology and progressive evolutionary science play major roles in providing the powerful new perspectives emerging from a "big history" and whole systems understanding of physics, organic chemistry, biology, culture, society, economics, politics, spirituality etc.

About The First Universe Day* in 2009 in San Francisco, California

The first Universe Day was conducted informally in San Francisco, California and elsewhere around the world in private ceremonies by those individuals, groups, niche authors and consciousness leaders aware of this future-critical emerging new Universe Worldview. In San Francisco late on December 31, 2009 a document called the new Universe Principles was rushed to Internet release to honor of the first Universe Day just hours away.

At the first humble Universe Day event in San Francisco individuals immediately began adding new meanings to this first annual event. One person a director in our organization called it NewUDay because it is about --- both you as a micro universe unto yourself as well as the macro universe level of all things. Both the macro and micro universe perspectives are needed and inform, empower and balance each other on Universe Day.

Another individual spoke of the curious reactions they had when they called their friends and wished them happy Universe Day or NewUday. Others spoke of plans for the next Universe Day in 2011 where the supporters of the first Universe Day will begin working with other mission compatible non-profit groups around the world to co-sponsor and help promote new global NewUDay events and the critical perspectives of the new Universe Worldview. No doubt its meanings will expand and include much more than the meanings above and a new cycle of life as part of the universe in the new year...

Who Initiated the First Public Celebration of Universe Day on Jan 1, 2009

The creators of the first Universe Day* idea and public event as it is uniquely expressed above was both the Universe Spirit organization and Lawrence Wollersheim as an individual. In a soon to be published new book called the Universe Manifesto, Lawrence Wollersheim calls for the creation of global Universe Day events each January first based upon promoting the future-critical key principles of universe consciousness, the new Universe Worldview, alignment of your life with the interests of the universe, and becoming an informed universe citizen to protect the planet's environment and civilization for 10 million generations to come. The first public Universe Day event was held in San Francisco at the center of the Universe Spirit Organization and was also co-sponsored by the Universe Institute (website to be up soon,) another non-profit organization.

Universe Day is also About Each of Us Becoming Better Evolutioneers and Universe Citizens

Some of the important ways one learns to become a better universe citizen is by being aware of:

  1. the universe's 13.7 billion year history expressed in progressive evolution at universe scale,
  2. the new Universe Evolutionary Worldview and its universe evolutionary consciousness,
  3. the current best life sustainability practices for universe citizens found in documents like the Universe Declaration of Human Rights, the Universe Declaration of Human Responsibilities, the Universe Charter and the Universe Principles of Life.
  4. Job One for Humanity!
  5. What it means to be an Evolutioneer and Universe Citizen.

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* (Please Note: A "New Universe Day" celebration was mentioned by Joel Primack and Nancy Abrams in their great 2006 book about the universe called, "View from the Center of the Universe." Our "Universe Day" events and its many unique goals while not identical to the purposes of Joel and Nancy’s New Universe Day event does hold an important common theme that we should regularly find ways to live in better natural alignment and harmony with the time-proven evolutionary wisdom of the universe. Nancy Abrams, Joel and Nancy started personally and privately celebrating what they called New Universe Day back in 1995 long before we created our organization's first public Universe Day events. Their New Universe Day was focused around harmonizing with the universe --- a message that goes back to humanity's earliest religions and has been recently rekindled and advanced by science. They may in fact also be the grandparents of some, but not all of the many other ideas currently used in  Universe Day celebrations around the world. Our organization strongly recommends their wonderful book "View from the Center of the Universe" and it is also used in one of our courses.

Our public Universe Day events and public promotion of the Universe Day messages around the world are not associated or connected with Joel Primack and Nancy Abrams' previous New Universe Day events.

Click here to go to the main Universe Day website is located at http://theuniverseday.org/


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