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Second Enlightenment Introduction and Welcome

We may also be entering into what should now be called the 2nd great Enlightenment period in human history --- the convergence of new and enlightened ideas from the new Universe Evolutionary Worldview. These new ideas are being spread, in significant part, by the rapidly growing global population known as universe citizens, integral evolutionaries and cultural creatives.

This new Universe Worldview may have appeared at precisely the perfect moment in history. Its new ideas appear to hold the realistic hope to be able to help us to wisely manage our exponentially expanding new technological powers and our species survival-threatening global challenges. This new Universe Worldview sometimes know as the Second Enlightenment also appears to heal the cynicism common to the postmodern world and inspire a tempered and practical optimism about the challenging future. This is because with it, we now have enough additional new knowledge about ourselves, our world and universe to better control and co-create our own destiny and evolution.

Albert Einstein said the consciousness that created the problem will not be the same consciousness that can solve the problem. Consciousness must first expand beyond the state that existed when the problem was created. The 2nd Enlightenment's and its new Universe Worldview is the largest single concentrated expansion of humankind's collective consciousness since the 1st Enlightenment. It appears to be the right tool to help us solve the serious global challenges that were created by and evolved from our collective prior states of consciousness.

The 2nd Enlightenment moves us from a mechanistic and exclusively materialistic worldview devoid of the deep wisdom and values of spirit, to a new worldview of being part of an expanded complex living system where science, culture, spirit and art are once again united. This is a new Universe Worldview of balance where compassionate power, wisdom and intuition are seamlessly integrated with a new universal evolutionary ethics, the new integral dialectical thinking for interacting complex systems, art, rationality, truth and effectiveness of our social and technological sciences. Therefore, creating universe-scaled, interconnected whole systems solutions for a co-responsible and co-active improvement of the here and now.

The 2nd Enlightenment worldview and movement is far from a spiritual opiate of the masses. It is a dynamic, science-grounded and life and spirit-integrated impulse toward responsible and vigorous personal co-action on global challenges that urgently need to be addressed. It is a movement where individuals become and hold a new more expansive as informed and responsible universe citizens.

Understanding the key theories of the 2nd Enlightenment of the new Universe Worldview does take some thoughtful review. For perspective, the 1st Enlightenment (18th-century Europe and America) is estimated to have been launched by approximately 1,000 advanced minds. These minds held and propagated the enlightenment ideas with only an estimated 10 individuals willing to finance the spread of these new ideas.

The 1st Enlightenment initiators did not have the Internet. They were not even remotely motivated by the critical current global problems or new technologies threatening the whole biosphere and the survival of humanity. Yet, the power of the evolutionary ideas of the 1st Enlightenment soon spread everywhere and still profoundly change the most fundamental ways we think and learn today.

Because of the importance of this 2nd Enlightenment opportunity, Universe Spirit through its Evolution Spirituality and universe consciousness will be active in promoting the spread of the collaborative, new Universe Worldview. Though our position papers or advisories, we will promote the dissemination of science and rational, spirit wisdom-integrated solutions to global challenges from this new worldview.

Empowered by the dissemination power of the Internet, the powerful new ideas of this 2nd Enlightenment are at this very moment rapidly spreading globally. They are spreading into the most progressive and innovative sections of our universities, leading spiritual centers, businesses, science research centers and even to a few sections of governments around the world. As more artists, writers and musicians become inspired in their work by the 2nd Enlightenment New Universe Worldview these new ideas and ways of being will filter rapidly into every other level of the global society.

If you are new to the 2nd Enlightenment worldview, we urge you to first review all the information about the new Universe Worldview. Get up to speed and get into the adventure of what you can do with these new perspectives. If you are already aware of the beginnings of the 2nd Enlightenment and the dynamic forces propelling it forward, we invite you to assist us in simplifying the materials for sharing this ground-breaking consciousness expansion and development.

The new artists of the 2nd Enlightenment new Universe Worldview are now inspiring new songs, plays, novels, books, news stories, movies, animations, graphics, flags, logos, icons and other artistic works and symbols that will become optimal carrier waves for delivering the new ideas of this second great enlightenment to the multitude of cultures, ethnicities, races, and demographic groups of the world. If you are an artist or pioneer willing to help us support the expansion of the 2nd Enlightenment or you want to join the collaboration, please continue reading…

Click here if you would like to see how was at the first Second Enlightenment planning meetings in Sept of 2011.

If you are interested in helping as a volunteer to spread and teach this new Second Enlightenment and Universe Worldview, please email us at manage@universespirit.org. Let us know you want to be a volunteer co-creator and include any relevant credentials or experience you have relating to this subject. Also include an estimate of how much time you have available on a monthly basis to assist the collaboration on this subject.

Welcome to the co-creative adventure of the expanding Second Enlightenment and the new Universe Worldview.

If you are and advanced student and would like to look at the history of helping to co-create the Second Enlightenment within our organization, click here to see our first position paper on this subject the Second Enlightenment a Preliminary Analysis.


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