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The Home of Evolutioneers

A Universal and Evolutionary Ethics and Code of Conduct for the Universe Community, Evolutioneers, Universe Citizens and Practitioners of Evolution 2.0 or Religion 2.0


In order to have a co-creative and authentic Universe Community of Evolutioneers and practitioners of Evolution 2.0 and/or Religion 2.0 where people can collaborate and cooperate effectively in their search for truth while discovering and personalizing that truth it is necessary to have a safe and collaborative environment where learning, trust and cooperation can flourish. This is an environment and culture with healthy boundaries and acceptable and unacceptable behaviors clearly defined that are based on known and wise evolutionary and traditional values.

This safe and collaborative environment and culture with clear boundaries and wise value-grounded behaviors creates the basic social agreements and commitments, shared community values and general harmony essential to trust, cooperation and effective learning for creating healthy individuals and communities. It also more gracefully manages the naturally arising learning and evolutionary conflicts in facts and natural tensions in perspectives and beliefs in an optimized way.

To help us achieve that optimal environment for trust, learning, collaboration and cooperation for optimal individual and community development we have developed the following codes of ethical and moral community conduct. 

They are also our organizational member, universe community and staff codes of ethical and moral conduct. They are being followed outside our Universe community by increasing numbers of individuals who call themselves Evolutioneers, Universe Citizens, Planetary Citizens, Evolutionists, Evolutionaries or are a part of the Religion 2.0, Evolution 2.0, Evolutionary or Integral movements.

These codes are based in major part, upon the universal and science-grounded facts of progressive evolution, the new Universe Evolutionary Worldview and the Universe Principles of Sustainability. The core of these codes fully reflects how the universe optimally thrives and sustains individuals and groups.

In that many of our ethical and moral codes are based on the meta-principles of universe evolution at the universe's whole system scale, those of them that are so exclusively based --- are in fact universal or near universal in their applicability.

“The greatest fight in the history of the world and the world of ideas is the fight to establish a universal morality.” Stefan Molyneux philosopher

For those that are spiritually inclined, where ever possible these codes can also be seen as naturally integrating with much of the most effective and life-affirming wisdom from humanity's vast spiritual heritage. Members of Religion 2.0 community also use these codes.

Members of our Universe Community first study the particular codes of conduct (below,) which are most appropriate to their level of understanding, development and responsibility within our community. After they careful study and evaluate the codes they then make personal commitments to live these codes to the best of their abilities. The willingness of community members to make clear and sometimes public personal commitments to the community vision, value standards and acceptable behaviors is one of the most important factors that creates and empowers the Universe Community culture. 

Content Difficulty Ratings:

To make the learning easier on our website we have created difficulty ratings for our materials. On this page you will see one of the following three letters (B), (I) and (A). These are are the study difficulty or complexity ratings for the preceding area, (B) = beginner and new visitor, (I) = intermediate student or repeat visitor and (A) = the advanced student and ministerial training level.

We recommend that you read only the codes for the level that you are currently at (B), (I) and (A). We hold our members accountable only for the level of conduct codes, which they have studied and which correlates to their level of development in our community.

We start out our Universe Community Evolution 2.0 code of conduct with promandments. Promandments are proactive statements of values, virtues, attitudes and life affirming actions that are self-accepted as being in one's enlightened self-interest after a period of study and evaluation. Promandments are not commandments.

Commandments are usually negative injunctions and "thou shalt nots" often instilled through fear of punishment or guilt laden indoctrination. Our codes of conduct are first stated as positive invitations (promandments) to our members to strive toward living the evolutionary and classic ideals in an integral and balanced way.

The Three Basic Promandments of Life for 21st Century (Our Level One Practice.)

The following promandments are also our Three Great Commitments for Evolutionaries. Like most worthwhile things in life the Three Great Commitments require self-discipline and effort.

  1. First Things First: Save the Planetary Environment from a Possible Extinction Level Climate Destabilization! If there is no functioning playing field left for life on this planet, there will be no game for anyone. The First Great Commitment is to learn about and enact the Job One for Humanity Climate Re-stabilization Plan. This plan includes how to live a sustainable prosperity lifestyle and livelihood. It also includes educating others on the changes needed to avert a planetary climate and environmental crisis and, then to insure that these needed climate pollution changes are enacted to secure the "playing field of life" and allow the survival of the planet’s bio-systems for us now, our future and for future generations. In order to achieve this, this also means committing to live the Universe Principles of Sustainability as a evolutionary partner aligned with progressive directionality of evolution in the universe and to work toward creating a sustainable prosperity for all. (This is the first adventure because it REALLY is Job One for Humanity! Without managing this climate area NOW the adventure of life on this planet could be so radically worsened that everything else worthwhile in life could be severely diminished or destroyed. Some researchers have implied that human caused pollution that is responsible for increasing Extinction Level Destabilization has the potential to cause more human suffering and death than the total of all wars in human history.  Please see Job One for Humanity for more information on how we are applying this as a community.) (B)
  2. Intentionally and Consciously Release Your Potential and Increase Your Personal Growth! The Second Great Commitment is to freely choose to continue releasing your fullest potentials in order that you become more aware. That increasing awareness and education can lead to increased socio-emotional development, systems thinking skills and evolution-aligned actions so you progressively evolve. If you are also spiritually inclined, you may also subjectively explore the adventure of Ultimate Reality. Here you can turn time-tested wisdom into real life personal practices resulting in benefits like right livelihood, a thriving lifestyle and a life full of meaning. Here you are able to live the virtues in a balanced way, which is simply --- to live in delight, non-deficiency, justice, love, compassion and empowerment! (B)
  1. Wisely Increase Your Service to and Responsibility for Life in alignment with the Direction of Progressive Evolution in the Universe! The third Great Commitment is to balance the pursuit of one’s own sustainable prosperity with effective, life-affirming service to expand the wellbeing of the various spheres of communities in which one is embedded and exists. (The expanding spheres of community embededness are; family, group/tribe, company, nation, humanity, the planet with all Earth species and the whole universe.)  This is where one becomes a true Universe Citizen and Universe Evolutionary. Click here for more on Universe Citizens and Evolutioneers. (I)(A)

Our Individual and Staff Member General Promandments

The following linked sections will help describe in significant detail what we believe those the classic and new ideals to be. This section most relates to commitments one and two above.

Our General Promandments:

  1. As well as you can, don't forget to celebrate and enjoy your life and relationships in every moment! You might not be here tomorrow, this may be as good as it gets and there is no full guarantee that the human evolutionary experiment will continue through the enormous evolutionary challenges that the planet currently faces.
  2. Follow the "Right" Actions of Life Success and Sustainability Based on Evolution. (B) (I)
  3. Follow the "Right" Attitudes of Life Success and Sustainability Based on Evolution. (B) (I)
  4. Live the New Golden Rule of Evolution or, How to Resolve Ethical and Moral Questions from an Evolutionary Perspective.
  5. Develop your potentials and learn and practice the new art-of-living skills. (I) (A)
  6. Live as a responsible sustainability steward for the planet and universe's bio-systems. This means that it is your first duty to live a sustainable lifestyle and livelihood. It is Job One for ALL Humanity and it is also our most important social activism Promandment. (Some researchers have implied that human caused pollution that is responsible for increasing Extinction Level Destabilization has the potential to cause more human suffering and death than the total of all wars in human history.  One lives this first promandment by living the Universe Principles of Sustainability (These science-derived fundamentals relate to all areas of life.)  These sustainability principles for example include living in fair and appropriate exchange with others as well as all groups that support your well being. Fair and appropriate energy exchange is the central hub of the Universe Evolutionary Principles of Sustainability. Whenever this principle is violated avoidable problems develop from resentment to war. (B)
  7. Live the classic and new Evolutionary virtues in a balanced way. (I)
  8. Be an effective and active Evolutioneer and Universe Citizen. (B)
  9. If you are a spiritual person, live the spiritual section of the Great News of Hope found within our shared Evolution Spirituality. (B)
  10. If you are a spiritual person, live the 20 points of a Universe Evolutionary's spiritual lifestyle. (I)
  11. If you are a spiritual person, live the other Key Principles of Religion 2.0 and Evolution Spirituality in a balanced way. (A)
  12. If you are a spiritual person understand the new definition of evolutionary sin and avoid it. (The essence of evolutionary sin is the refusal to realize one’s radical inter-dependence and interconnection with others and all things within the universe. It is refusing to hold a non-dualistic (us vs. them,) unity with all that lives and exists. It is also the desire and act to set oneself completely apart from the responsibilities of the relationships with all others and things in the universe. It is to not need others or to be needed by them. Evolutionary sin should also be thought of as the refusal to be the eyes, the body, the heart and the consciousness of the Universe and to be a proactive partner in achieving the goals of the universe's progressive evolution.) (I)

Our Community General Promandments

The are some promandments that apply more to how members should build expanding, strong and healthy Universe Spirituality communities. There are several promandments in this area, but the most important is contained within the principles of the Open Source Spirituality Manifesto.

  1. Live the Universe Citizen principles such as in the universe human rights and responsibilities found in our position papers by clicking here. (A)
  2. Live the principles on healthy sexuality within our community. (B)
  3. Live the Universe Spirit Principles of Wise Social Activism. (I)
  4. If you are a spiritual person, live and hold the 20 vital Open Source Spirituality principles of our Evolution Spirituality, which will make our movement work effectively and collaboratively and grow internationally. (A)

Our Individual and Staff Member Commandments (For Our Level One, Two, Three and Four Practice.)

To provide further clarification for negative "thou shalt not" behaviors not directly or overtly stated covered in the proactive,  guiding commandments mentioned below, we provide the following more detailed somewhat reactive behavioral guidelines. (This section most relates to commitment three above. and it is suitable for beginning (B,) students and members.

Members in good standing in our community do not:

  1. Victimize, harass, degrade, harm or intimidate an individual or group of individuals on the basis of age, disability, ethnicity, gender, race, politics, religion or sexual orientation. (B)
  2. Participate in any type of sexual activity with a minor or behave sexually in ways inconsistent with the practice of healthy sexuality within our community. (B)
  3. Defraud, deceive or harm fellow members or non-members financially or in other ways! (B)
  4. Participate in or promote any illegal or criminal activities. (B)
  5. Use physical violence to resolve conflicts. (One may use physical force to protect oneself or others in true self defense.) (B)
  6. Impersonate or misrepresent their association with any person or entity. (B)
  7. Gossip or complain about other members or use social media to gossip or complain about other members. (If one has a problem with another member's activities then one either goes directly to only that member personally or with a designated individual or group within the community tasked with assisting in resolving interpersonal misunderstandings or conflicts one confronts the fellow member in an effort to resolve the issue. (I)(A)
  8. Continue to use language or act or speak in ways that are abusive or inconsistent with our community vision, values and behavioral standards and if you are of a spiritual nature, our spiritual principles. (I)
  9. Act in significant or repeated ways in conflict with the values and responsibilities found within the Universal Declaration of Human Responsibilities. (A)

The General Responsibilities of Universe and Planetary Citizenship, Universe Community and Evolution 2.0 and Religion 2.0 Membership (Level Two, Three and Four Practice.)

(This section most relates to commitment three and is suitable to beginning (B) students and members.)

We hold that all rights and freedoms have corresponding responsibilities and these responsibilities are also contained within or implied by our codes of conduct. All members of our community who have joined our community and who have been recognized as members are responsible to do their best to:

  1. live our action and attitude Promandments (the Universe Principles of Sustainability.) (B) (I) and (A)
  2. be true Evolutioneers --- co-creative agents and partners in co-evolving progressive evolution in the universe. We are each 1/6,000,000,000 co-responsible for co-evolving our shared planet toward a just community and civilization, a sustainable prosperity and a meaningful quality-of-life for all. (B) (I) and (A)
  3. do your fair share to forward our mission goals by telling others in an appropriate way about how they have benefited from involvement with our wisdom, and tools (at least 3 people each year.) This includes inviting people to our events and telling others about the main ideas of our organization such as sustainable prosperity for all, Job One for Humanity Climate Re-stabilization Plan, the Universe Evolutionary Worldview and if the person is of a spiritual nature, the ideas of Evolution Spirituality. (I)
  4. keep the organization, community and mission financially viable through appropriate fair exchange of donations in accordance with their means. We offer many of our courses and services on a open access donate what you can or, exchange something of value with us basis. This is based upon either what you feel is appropriate to your means, or/and according to the value that you feel our services and materials have brought into your life. Some individuals cannot afford any monetary donation, but they always can exchange their donated volunteer labor with us to maintain the healthy practice of exchanging something of value for something of value. Please click here for all of our most updated community principles on appropriate community member support, donations and fair exchange for our courses, services and events.

    Our community strongly supports appropriate exchange as a basic success law of life. To not live in fair exchange with the community would put an unfair and unbalanced drain on other exchanging community members and our community resources and in a sense would be to take advantage of our generous and kind mission and staff. For more information on the fair exchange principle of life and how using it can dramatically improve you life’s success, click here. (B)

  5. volunteer several times a year for service work within our Universe community or at events, (B)
  6. keep the Universe community safe. When all community members are aware of the behavioral safety basics and are willing to call attention to the organization's leaders of anything that violates these behavioral principles then the organization will stay safe and grow sustainably. (I)
  7. create and maintain at least six months provisions for themselves (and their families,) in case of any type of natural emergency, crisis or catastrophe. This includes all food, water, medicines, fuel, tools, information and anything and everything that would be needed to survive if there was a catastrophe that interfered with the distribution and availability of all essential life items for a six-month period. We ask all active members to assemble this six-month reserve because having adequate basic survival reserves is not only one of the Universe Evolutionary Principles is also the original and most fundamental form of insurance that exists. If you feel that any form of our modern insurance strategies are wise then having this minimal basic survival insurance will make sense to you. Additionally, there is the growing issue of climate destabilization described in Job One for Humanity materials here. (I) and (A)
  8. If at all possible, assemble as a community in a severe emergency, crisis or catastrophe to share supplies, knowledge, skills and safety so that the Universe Spirit community will be able to sustain itself in and through such an emergency as well as serve as a beacon of light and hope for other individuals and communities who see how successfully we are using and living the Universe Evolutionary Principles of life. (I) and (A)
  9. become active agents, partners and open source collaborators in adding, editing, and co-evolving the science and other administrative wisdom and work found within our open source Universe Spirit organization, (I)
  10. do their fair share in helping co-create and evolving our organizational mission. (All members are encouraged to participate in any community decisions or community voting presented to the membership to help guide the organization.) (I)
  11. strive toward living and modeling the basic human responsibilities stated within the Universal Declaration of Human Responsibilities. These basic human responsibilities should be lived to the degree that they are applicable or present within the individual's own knowledge or life conditions and, within their relative zones of influence. The Universal Declaration of Human Responsibilities beautifully describes what it means to be in an engaged and embodied partnership with your fellow human beings in co-creating a just sustainable, and equitable world that fully reflects the virtues and fruits of living an authentic and congruent spiritual lifestyle. The Universal Declaration of Human Responsibilities is so complete that it could even be used as a checklist to see how you are doing or improving as a social and spiritual partner in co-creating a better world. (A)
  12. If so called to become part of our organizational team or to become a volunteer facilitator or, if so personally called or asked, to help set up new local Universe community, Evolution 2.0 or Religion 2.0 centers in other areas when the need arises. 
  13. use our administrative principles when serving our communities as volunteers or staff. (I) and (A)
  14. "fork" off and away from Universe community unethical members, teachers or leaders who do not respond to repeated efforts to educate then regarding changing their unethical behavior. Open source "forking" is the natural method of last resort to manage  independent Universe community organizations, members, facilitators teachers or leaders who fail to follow the member conduct codes, teacher ethical guidelines or safeguards. Independent organizations, members, teachers or leaders who are part of the  movement or Universe community associated center network who repeated fail to follow the member, teacher, leader conduct codes, ethical guidelines or safeguards are managed organically and naturally. This is because no one owns the Universe community "source code" materials (or, If you are involved with Evolution Spirituality we have no final spiritual authority or Pope that can demand compliance. In spiritual matters due to our holding of the spiritual Prime Directive that "no one should have their free will hindered in any matter of free spiritual choice.") This means that Universe community members or independent local organizations who are repeatedly betrayed by a member, individual, teacher, facilitator or the local organizations leadership as a last remedial resort are encouraged to simply "fork" off from that member, individual, teacher, facilitator or the local organization's leadership and create their own Universe community. This solution of last resort implies that one only abandons an individual member, facilitator, teacher or independent local organization organization if all reasonable repeated individual and community efforts to inform, correct or re-teach those individuals, teachers, facilitators or the independent local organizations's leader(s) has failed. This encouragement to natural fork off and create a new local organization when the services or organizational ethics are compromised is a powerful part of the natural self-correcting and self-organizing open source mechanism for keeping the Universe communities healthy, growing and naturally self-policing. After repeated attempts to educate about and resolve a serious and repeated violation of our commonly held vision, values and behavioral principles and evolutionary ethics there is no longer any reason to endure individual members, teachers, facilitators or leaders of  independent local communities ministers  who re-direct the Universe community movement into inappropriate or unethical activities or use them for inappropriate and unfair personal gain. (I) and (A) And,
  15. live in society in congruence with the Universe Declaration of Universal Human Responsibilities. (A)

For Those Who are of a Spiritual Nature, the Responsibilities of Religion 2.0 Membership (Level Two, Three and Four Practice.)

1.) live and promote the goals of Religion 2.0 and forward Job One for Humanity. Create and live an authentic and congruent lifestyle that also models the new sustainable prosperity lifestyles and livelihoods as the best way to achieve their own spiritual advancement and promote our mission as living example. 

2.) do their fair share to help co-create a loving evolutionary spiritual community that effectively supports our members building an authentic and congruent spiritual lifestyle. This spiritual lifestyle  consists of life-affirming relationships both at our local spiritual centers and in our online spiritual services. (Our spiritual communities are living organisms from which the truth, beauty and goodness of our mission and goals are birthed and sustained and authentic relationship is nurtured. Authentic relationship is a place where people share their experiences at a heart to heart level and help each other in reciprocal ways. It is a place where they can get honest about who they are and what is going on in their lives. It is a space where they can reveal their feelings, hurts, doubts, fears, and weaknesses as well as find mercy, be forgiven and ask for help. It is a space where allowances are made for their imperfections.) (B)

3.) each Religion 2.0 active member is required to tell a minimum of three new people each year about Religion 2.0 and the Evolution Spirituality mission. 

4.) keep the Religion 2.0 community safe. This specifically means that all members know the spiritual safeguards and guidelines for healthy Life and Spirit facilitators and spiritual organizations as well as the community validity tests for authentic spiritual process. When all community members are aware of the safety basics and are willing to call attention to the organization's leaders of anything that violates these principles then Religion 2.0 and Evolution Spirituality will stay safe and grow sustainably. (I)

5.) become active agents, partners and open source collaborators in adding, editing, and co-evolving the spiritual wisdom and work found within our Religion 2.0 open source spirituality, (I)

6.) If so called to become Life and Spirit facilitators (what we call our ministers,) at some level within our spiritual communities. (If you become a Life and Spirit facilitator follow the Spirit Life and Spirit facilitator ethical code and implied responsibilities found in their Religion 2.0 Life and Spirit facilitator ministerial training.) (A)

Codes of Conduct Relating to Independent Universe Communities and Religion 2.0 Centers

We do not manage or control any independent Universe Communities or Religion 2.0 Centers. We believe that self- correcting nature of the evolutionary process itself will eventually solve any and all problems that will occur in these independent self-organized operations. Any individual or organization that understands the context, processes, principles and relationships of either the Universe Community model or Religion 2.0 as a transformational, whole complex system may "fork" the existing Universe Community, Religion 2.0 knowledge base in new experiments, directions as well as use that new direction as they see fit, (provided only that they contribute that unique knowledge back to the core Universe Community, Religion 2.0 open source knowledge base for the collective's ongoing use as well.

This forkability principle also protects the both movements as well. It protects the two movements because we make it abundantly clear in all of our guiding principles that any member or congregation may always and at any time "fork off" from any other Universe Community, Religion 2.0 center should:

a.) the leaders/creators of their existing congregation lose sight of the essence of the Religion 2.0's core mission or,

b.) should those leaders/creators behave in unethical ways and that they were repeatedly resistant to any correctional learning and change from their members or,

c.) should any member of the community or center desire to create their own new self-organized Universe Community, Religion 2.0 Center experiment to expand the movement in general.  

Those who best understand evolution's principles will self-organize and naturally create the best local Universe Communities, Religion 2.0 centers. Members of those communities and centers will naturally want to keep participating and supporting them. The same is true of the opposite. 

The Consequences for Repeated and Severe Violations of our Member Codes of Conduct

(This section most relates to commitment three and is suitable for beginning (B) members and students.) After fair investigation by peer members and/or staff and after an opportunity to regain trust and repair any damage caused by the offending individual (to the degree that it is possible,) any member who has agreed to follow our codes and who repeated or severely violates the above Commandment codes (1-7 above) will be locked out of our website, barred from our physical centers and their membership in the organization and community will be held either in an inactive status or will be removed. 

The Recourse for Correcting Injustices in Applying our Code of Conduct:

If a member feels that they have been locked off our website, barred from our centers or had their membership made inactive or removed unfairly they can petition the executive director of their local Religion 2.0 group or Universe Community and ask for a second appeal hearing of their qualified peers to review and/or remedy the injustice.


1.) If you are of a spiritual nature, all of the codes of conduct listed above are also an essential part of the open source spirituality core kernel of the Religion 2.0 movement. (I)

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