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The Religion 2.0 Manifesto: Open Source Meta-Religion For the Twenty First Century

Introduction to Religion 2.0:

Religion 2.0 (AKA Evolution Spirituality,) is the first open source meta-religion.

It is a major upgrade on the older religion versions of religion such as Religion 1.0 and Religion 1.5. Religion 1.0 is the traditional "old time" religions with all of their dogma and rituals. Religion 1.5 upgrade includes the newer progressive religious movements and theology like Creation Spirituality, process theology, liberation theology, Integral Spirituality, the personal spirituality movement and some "New Age" religions to name just a few of them.

The core of Religion 2.0 is based primarily on the meta-principles of evolution (Evolution 2.0,) and current multi-disciplinary science. Using science and the meta-principles of evolution as its foundation practitioners of Religion 2.0 improve their fitness, adaptability and control of their environments as well as function more cooperatively and successfully as groups. This is the main advantage that makes them considerably more sustainably successful in life.

Religion 2.0 may also just be the profound new source of science-grounded personal spirituality that Carl Sagan predicted!

"Science is not only compatible with spirituality; it is a profound source of spirituality." Carl Sagan

Religion 2.0 has completely secular areas that can be practiced  in completely secular ways. This means that if you are not spiritually inclined, are an atheist, agnostic or a humanist you can still use all of the science-grounded ideas and practices found on this website, enjoy the secular areas of Religion 2.0 and be a practicing member of our Universe Community and the Evolution 2.0 and Religion 2.0 movements.

Individuals who are particularly aware of the pathologies and abuses of Religion 1. 0 and Religion 1.5 will be particularly comfortable in that Religion 2.0 has constructed healthy boundaries and clear policy to insure that we preserve the best of Religion 1.0 and Religion 1.5 without its worst. 

If you are religious and spiritual in nature, we believe that you will find the science-grounded, non-denominational (for all denominations,) and trans-denomminational (transcending or beyond all denominations, ) scientific and spiritual information and tools found in Religion 2.0 useful in resolving life's most important challenges. Religion 2.0 will also help you wisely answer the basic questions of life essential to living a life full of meaning and well being beyond the answers provided in Religion 1.0 and Religion 1.5.

In Religion 2.0 you are always the one who gets to decide how much, how little and what parts of Religion 2.0, Religion 1.5 or Religion 1.0 --- if any that you want to use!

Religion 2.0 Quick Overview

Religion 2.0 is a new emergence in the biological and cultural evolution of religion. It is a new evolutionary adaption and experiment that is:

a.) firmly grounded and balanced by objective science and our current best understanding of evolution and its meta-principles when seen from a universe-scaled, interdisciplinary, whole systems perspective,

b.) an open source religion and Peer to Peer (P2P,) collaborative where you are the final authority in constructing your own personalizable spirituality,

c.) a meta-religion in that it also adds to its science grounding with your exclusive choice, a transcending and including integration of ONLY the most life-affirming, subjective wisdom and best tools drawn from all of Religion 1.0's and Religion 1.5's heritage without Religion 1.0's and Religion 1.5's many known pathologies and prejudices.

The Main Mission of Religion 2.0 is:

a.) To educate individuals on how to use the core meta-principles of progressive evolution to improve the success of their daily lives in practical ways.

b.) To teach individuals how to both align with and contribute to the progressive evolution of humanity, the planet and the universe. (Here progressive evolution has a very special science-grounded meaning. (Click the following link if you are not sure of what  progressive evolution means. You may not be able to see this rich meaning until you become more familiar with our Evolution 2.0 materials, (which is also an important part of religion 2.0.) Once the full meaning of progressive evolution is understood within our fully unpacked mission statement you will find that it includes most of the life-affirming goals of almost every religion that has existed.

This mission of forwarding of the progressive evolution of you as an individual, the groups in which you are embedded, humanity and the planet and the universe is amazing because it is the most basic supporting foundation upon which all other goals can emerge and can be wisely realized over time! 

What Does Religion 2.0 Expect from You:

The most basic personal action called for in Religion 2.0 is:

to align one's life with the meta-principles of progressive evolution to effectively adapt and evolve meaningful lives and a sustainable prosperity and just civilization for the current and future generations both here on Earth and eventually out into the stars.

2.0 Religion helps to do this by educating on how to evolve thriving and sustainable personal livelihoods, lifestyles and communities as well as educating on how to evolve a just, meaningful and sustainably prosperous world for all. This education is based upon the new science-grounded vision of Evolution 2.0 and its Universe Evolutionary Worldview.

Our comprehensive mission when acted upon and fully achieved embraces the most life-affirming essence and goals of every Religion 1.0 and Religion 1.5 movement in human history.

This is also how we will help you to realize your full potential. 

For Whom is the New Religion 2.0 Best Suited 

"If you believe that evolution is real and that the discovery of evolution was one of the greatest discoveries in the history of humanity then you are already a member of our evolutionary Universe Community or you could soon become one." Lawrence Wollersheim

Anyone at any level of secular or spiritual development from any denomination can use Religion 2.0.

Individuals who want a spiritual path that also reflects our best current scientific understanding of objective physical reality will be immediately comfortable. 

If you are of a spiritual nature  individuals who have reached what is known as Fowler's fourth level of universalizing faith in their current Religion 1.5 or Religion 1.0 denomination will particularly enjoy Religion 2.0. (Click here to learn about this fourth level of spiritual development and the other levels.)

Religion 2.0 is used by many by many different kinds of individuals of secular and/or spiritual natures who also call themselves by names such as global citizens, Evolutioneers, spiritual progressives, cultural creatives or even universe citizens. 

There are Essential New Definitions for Religion 2.0 That One Needs to Understand:

Religion and open personal spirituality has radically evolved with the emergence of Religion 2.0. Because of this, the older spiritual definitions of Religion 1.0 and Religion 1.5 also needed to evolve, be expanded and be redefined.

We have provided links throughout this page and our website to these new or greatly modified Religion 2.0 spiritual definitions and other unique concepts that we use. We strongly recommend clicking on these new word or concept definition links as they come up. This is also because the Evolution 2.0 meta-principles (found in the Universe Evolutionary Worldview,) integrated throughout the Religion 2.0 materials has significantly qualified and expanded our understanding of so much of the world and reality around us. While we still use some parts of Religion 1.0 and Religion 1.5 spiritual definitions for many terms, we have also had to significantly expand many Religion 1.0 and religion 1.5 spiritual definitions to describe the new spiritual, conceptual or physical spaces just being discovered and brought into being for the very first time by the new science-grounded Evolution 2.0 and Religion 2.0.

Content Difficulty Ratings:

To make the learning easier for different learning levels on our website we have created difficulty ratings for our materials. On this page and other pages you may see one of the following three letters (B), (I) and (A). These are are the difficulty or complexity ratings for the preceding area. (B) = beginner and new visitor, (I) = intermediate student or repeat visitor and (A) = the advanced student and ministerial training level.

Adapting and Personalizing Our Open Source Materials:

Please feel free to, use or adapt any of the ideas of the new open source Religion 2.0 that you find on this web site to create or evolve your own personal spirituality or your own local evolutionary spiritual community. We have no rigid dogma that you must believe. We do although have science-grounded principles that you can test for yourselves and which ultimately --- you are the final authority who decides their truth and usefulness. Encouraging spiritual personalization, experimentation and testing then deciding what is true for you is just one of the many qualities of Evolution Spirituality as you will discover in more detail below.

To get our first time visitor quick and basic overview of what Religion 2.0 is click on the following link. What are the four most core facts and actions of Religion 2.0? 

To get the full and detailed explanation of the open source Religion 2.0 Manifesto for advanced students continue reading all of the material found below on this page...

The Religion 2.0 Manifesto:

(Intended Only For Intermediate and Advanced Practitioners and Spiritual Facilitators, Teachers, Ministers and Co-Founders  of local Religion 2.0 Communities.)

Study Note: Each of the links in the sections below will more fully expand the core concept of that particular section. We strongly recommend clicking all links below as you come to them if you are an intermediate or advanced student. The sections and their links which follow are extensive and at times theologically and scientifically complex and are not intended for first time visitors or beginning members or students who are not highly curious. It is provided to give the rare spiritually curious beginner and the intermediate to advanced member, student or ministers-in-training a much deeper understanding of the history and parts of Evolution Spirituality and its processes.

Key Religious Definitions Relating to Ultimate Reality, Spirit, Spirituality, Religion and Universe When Used in Association with Religion 2.0

To understand the basics of what is the new and different emergence that Religion 2.0 actually is, it is essential to first understand our key, nuanced and often unique new core definitions for spirit, spirituality, religion, universe, Ultimate Reality, Great Mystery and God! When you have finished reading these key Religion 2.0 definitions you will begin to sense that we are not like any other Religion 1.0 currently or previously existing.

a.) Read our additional and more specialized definition of the Great Mystery --- just God. We use the words Great Mystery far more often than God because of our omni-denominational, meta-spirituality, meta-religion nature. (B) 

b. Next, click here to read our foundational definition for the word universe and for how and why we connect the word universe within Religion 2.0. (B)

c. Next, read the new definitions for spirit, spirituality, religion for the minimal foundation needed for understanding begin here. Click here now to go to these essential definitions for spirit, spirituality/religion. (B)

Now that you have read the above essential unique and nuanced definitions on what we mean when we use those key words in a spiritual context, you are ready for our most concise combined definition of what we mean when we connect the words, Ultimate Reality, universe, evolution and spirituality together to create the new meanings of Religion 2.0 as a new form of meta-religion and personal spirituality.

When you think about Religion 2.0 you now know that it also means:

1. the universe itself.  As it contains the post-postmodern understanding of the balance and appropriate roles of:

a.) the objective fact probabilities of science (as described in the new Universe Evolutionary Worldview and the Universe Principles of Sustainability,) grounded, balanced and wisely integrated with

b.) the subjective belief probabilities of your own self-evolving personalized meta-spirituality.  (This new self-created personalized spirituality of Evolution Spirituality is derived from an "open source" access to and exploration of --- all of humanity's life-affirming spiritual wisdom and tools that are grounded in and by science facts. (Our spiritual wisdom and tools from the Western spiritualities are drawn from women's spirituality, integral spirituality, creation spirituality, process theology, liberation theology, mystical Christianity as well as Open Source Spirituality. The spiritual wisdom and tools from the Eastern spiritualities are drawn from non-dual, mystical Buddhism, Mystical Hinduism, Sufism, Taoism and Zen.) Understanding the appropriate and complimentary roles and uses of objective and subjective reality is an essential element in understanding the unique effectiveness and relevance of Religion 2.0 to today's challenges.

c.) the inter-subjective "we" shared agreements about reality. (Click here to learn the basic postmodern objective, subjective and inter-subjective understanding which is also essential to a full understanding our high emphasis on the objective science grounding integrated with personalized spirituality in the appropriate healthy balance discussed. We strongly recommend that you review this link now and learn more about the 3 postmodern perspectives of reality!)

2. spirit as the sustaining and vital essence and dignity of life.

3. personalized spirituality as a self-created and self-chosen way to live sustainably in the universe and in optimal well being through:

a.) understanding yourself as a vital essence and dignity of life and,

b.) alignment with others who are also essences and dignity's of life exactly like you and who are also striving to be in alignment with the unstoppable flow of the originating Essence and source of the dignity of ALL life (Ultimate Reality,) evolving within the universe (and possibly outside of the universe as well,) --- in partnership with us!

4. Ultimate Reality and/or God, Buddha, Consciousness etc as concepts for the Origin of the universe and the totality of reality and that on a purely objective level is still the Great Mystery of life and existence.

"In many ways the new spiritual experiment and emergence called Religion 2.0 (AKA Evolution Spirituality,) has emerged into being because of the natural evolutionary process of the universe itself. It was an inevitability that eventually a universe science-grounded, secular meta-religion and meta spirituality that is open source, personally discovered and collaborative using all previous human knowledge would naturally emerge precisely when traditional religions seem to be least capable to offer new and effective solutions to the complex personal and global challenges that we all currently face." Lawrence Wollersheim

Religion 2.0 has Many Distinct and Unique Characteristics and Functions Generally not found in Religion 1.5 or Religion 1.0:

Whether you are secular science based, spiritually inclined or both the following Religion 2.0 unique qualities and characteristics offer many benefits --- many of which are not available in any other form of religion:

  1. Religion 2.0 provides a science-grounded and sharable genesis story for the 13.7 billion years of the universe's existence that is common to and uniting for all humanity! In this genesis story is offered a new common identity full of meaning and purpose as a vital partner in the progressive evolution of life on our planet and in the universe. Click here for more information on this science grounded uniting genesis story.

  2. Religion 2.0 is based significantly, but not exclusively upon the direct physical and objective observation and physical experience of the universe as a whole and as a unified system. It grounds, supports and balances subjective personal religion and spirituality for the first time from a whole systems, integral and physical universe-framed objective perspective. It holds that even though the physical universe may not be the ultimate end of the spiritual discovery and exploration process, it is the first, most direct and most common objective collective space wherein individuals can explore and test their subjective personal spirituality and then agree upon what common or universal spiritual values and meanings they have discovered in an open and reasonable manner. Direct, objective observation of the patterns of the physical universe has always been the source of our oldest spiritual wisdom and practical principles for living. Now because of the many new universe-scaled discoveries by modern science it now has once again become the surprise source of the newest and most life-affirming spiritual wisdom and practical principles for living (as found within the perspectives and principles of new Universe Evolutionary Worldview.) Direct observation of the physical universe may also be the most optimized way to know the nature, purposes of the Origin and Original Source of the physical universe in that directly observing the fruit (the universe,) of any seed tells you a lot about the nature, purposes and destiny of that seed. In truth, all that we can know objectively about Ultimate Reality is from direct observation of the physical universe. What this means is that Evolution Spirituality incorporates the wisdom of both science and spirituality to create integral well being on all levels.  Click here to see exactly how we integrate science and spirituality in a balanced way and integrate new, accurate and useful science and humanity's omni-denominational spiritual heritage of life-affirming wisdom into a life-enhancing new balance. (B)

  3. In Religion 2.0 you will not have to abandon your rational/factual left brain and the objective scientific facts of reality while seeking optimal well being, deeper meaning and meaningful values and wholeness through personal exploration of humanity's great spiritual wisdom and tools. You will always also be able to honor and wisely integrate the intuitive heart and subjective right brain's wisdom, myths, metaphors, values and the other the many life-affirming ideas from the world's great religions.

  4. In Religion 2.0 you can and do both! It allows you to use your whole brain's capabilities while you are trying to better understand your own origin, nature, purpose and "destiny" as well as the universe's. You do not have to deny either part of your brain's natural capabilities ---- either the objective rationality of the left brain or the subjective, intuitive and metaphoric value and meaning-making found on the right side of the brain.

  5. Religion 2.0 will also always encourage you to incorporate a science-grounded universe perspective and scale to balance and integrate the objective, rational left brain with the subjective, value and meaning making of the right brain for a deeper, broader and more useful view of universe reality."The relationship worked out between science and religion will determine the destiny of the human race." Alfred Lord Whitehead Click here to see how we help you work out the relationship between science and religion and integrate science and spirituality in a balanced way. This section is one of the most important sections in understanding how objective science and personal subjective spirituality are integrated and balanced!

  6. Religion 2.0 helps the individual to become an evolutionary universe citizen and universe evolutionary to help co-create a new science-rational evolutionary community and a new planetary culture and civilization. The dissemination and growth of Religion 2.0 ideas and values will also hopefully help build many more universe science grounded communities and a new mini-culture where objective scientific probabilities are wisely integrated with your subjective personalized spirituality and the most life-affirming wisdom from all of humanity’s entire vast spiritual heritage. The vast challenges of today's new interconnectedness and interdependence urgently calls for the creating of more jobs, healthier families, communities and government, universal access to health care and education and a new kind of more fair exchange based sustainable prosperity for ALL individuals ---- as well as our planet's bio-systems! The Universe Citizens and Universe Evolutioneers that Religion 2.0 helps create are individuals leading in these areas of wise social activism. (When we emphasize the word wise social activism, we mean that one most optimally engages in social activism only after one has carefully evaluated the best plan for such actions using the new meta-systemic dialectical thinking processes for working with complex adaptive systems [that we will soon be offering in an online course.] This new kink of thinking breakthrough is a key tool of the new Universe Evolutionary Worldview.) (I)

  7. Religion 2.0 embraces a new, expanded and unified understanding of the integration of life and spirit in the universe that sustains us all. (It does this using the biggest possible perspective by embracing and teaching the new Universe Evolutionary Worldview and key principles of progressive evolution. These universe time-proven guiding principles and values, [which our current societies and social systems need to soon align with or be unsustainable,] are found in part in the new Universe Evolutionary Principles of Sustainability. Using the Universe Evolutionary Worldview Evolution Spirituality educates and helps to create the new universe citizens, Evolutioneers, and evolutionary leaders, educators, advocates and activists needed for a sustainable and meaningful future for all. (I)

  8. Religion 2.0 is an open source religion that builds a co-creative, adaptive and self-organizing space where people can collaborate and cooperate effectively in their search for spiritual truth while discovering, creating and personalizing that spiritual truth. (Please read Part 1 of the Open Source Religion and Spirituality Manifesto then click here and read in Part 2 of the Open Source Religion and Spirituality Manifesto specifically the section called Co-Creational Principles for Building an Open Source Religion and Spirituality Collaboration. It contains a full list of Evolution Spirituality's critical and essential co-creational principles for effectively practicing a collaborative open source personal spirituality that also allows our new form of Religion 2.0's secular and/or spiritual communities to function in safe, healthy and sustainable ways.) (A)

  9. Religion 2.0 is today's leader in educating about evolutionary science grounded eco-spirituality/eco-religion and how to live its sustainability principles. The eco-spirituality principles of Evolution 2.0 convey a sustainable prosperity building success advantage to all who understand and use them. These meta-principles will help you to create or expand a sustainable "right livelihood." (Our Job One for Humanity Climate Re-stabilization Plan for both preparing for and mitigating irreversible or near extinction level global warming embodies all of our eco-spirituality/eco-religion principles.) The massive global warming currently occurring is due primarily to human fossil fuel burning resulting in the massive carbon pollution of the atmosphere. If we do not solve this challenge soon, within decades human life as we know it will be radically worsened. Additionally, we strongly hold that these new evolutionary and sustainability principles/tools we educate about must be implemented with concrete and persistent action toward their realization. To know, but not act is the very worst of dilettantism in the face of real and escalating evolutionary climate challenge and crisis! (Our eco-spirituality principles are found within the Universe Evolutionary Principles of Sustainability and in our Universe College in the Department of Sustainability.) (B)

  10. Religion 2.0's social activism embodies the "first things first" principle. In fact, Our first ecospirituality/eco-religion promandment is to be self-organizing responsible sustainability stewards of the living bio-systems of the planet and the universe. We also call our first spiritual promandment Job One for Humanity and the First Great Adventure of Life. It is our first spiritual promandment simply because if we and future generations are not sustainable the necessary "game board" for all of life will disappear and all individual goals and life games will cease. (Our Job One for Humanity program embodies eco-spirituality/eco-religion principles. Our eco-spirituality/eco-religion principles are found within the Universe Evolutionary Principles of life and in our Universe College in the Department of Sustainability. The eco-spirituality principles of Religion 2.0 and Evolution Spirituality convey a sustainable prosperity building success advantage to all who understand and use them. These principles will help you to create or expand a sustainable "right livelihood.") (B

  11. Religion 2.0 is an adventure of self-organized personal and community full potential release, growth and discovery. It is designed to release and develop both your and your communities full potentials for growth by exploring the Three Great Adventures of Life in and with what is known as Ultimate Reality! These three Great Adventures of Life are the epic self-discovery and life-empowerment adventures of today’s new life and spirit heroes, heroines and leaders. They are the life and spirit adventures, which will release your greatest potentials and conscious awareness to serve: your most worthwhile and life-affirming goals, your community, the Earth and all it's life, the amazing unstoppable power-flow of the progressive directionality of the universe's evolution and, the great mystery of Ultimate Reality which interconnects all things. (If you have not read the Three Great Spiritual Adventures of Life, be sure to do so now!) (B)

  12. Religion 2.0 helps you to learn, use and integrate both the secular and spiritual practical art-of-living skills that are absolutely essential to a meaningful, successful and sustainable life. (B)

  13. Religion 2.0 is a religion that forwards personal spirituality! It focuses upon helping you to create your own universe-scaled and science-grounded personalized spirituality and exploration of Ultimate Reality utilizing a current science and the collective life-affirming wisdom of humanity's great spiritual heritages --- without their worst characteristics! As such, Religion 2.0 is omni-denominational. This means that any one from any and all religious denomination can belong and find new meaning and values. This personalization process also recognizes the uniqueness of every individual and adapts to each person's needs at each stage of their lives. It allows for people as they are, helps them to take the natural next step for their individual development and does not require that they adapt to some rigid or less than rational set of ideals. (B)

  14. Religion 2.0 for those seeking personal exploration of Ultimate Reality suggest a possible new form of panentheistic deism or evolutionary deism. Deism was the religious persuasion of many Enlightenment thinkers and the founding fathers of the United States. Click here for more information on classic deism.

  15. Religion 2.0 is an applied religion and spirituality. This simply means that Religion 2.0 is most authentic and validated when you actually apply and live it. All study of spirituality must be balanced with equal amounts of spiritual and social service to be balanced, wise and optimally effective. Accordingly, Religion 2.0 actively encourages and supports its members in doing wise social, spiritual and community service to improve the world. As a new science-grounded applied personal spirituality fully embracing the Universe Evolutionary Worldview and the principles of eco-spirituality/eco-religion, Religion 2.0 is uniquely equipped to help forward and achieve social betterment goals because it offers realistic hope and an optimism that "we" together can collaboratively better our world using both good science and the meta-perspectives of the new Universe Evolutionary Worldview as part of Religion 2.0's social activism through discovery in science, direct spiritual experience (if you are spiritually inclined,) and contributing to the "something greater than self" community service programs.

  16. Religion 2.0 helps you to discover new answers as well as re-discover the classic and progressive answers of Religion 1.0 and Religion 1.5 to the most important questions of life. (Click here if you would like to see all of the "where did we come from where are we going" type origin, nature, purpose and "destiny" questions of life and existence for which Religion 2.0 will help you self-discover answers.)

  17. Religion 2.0 promotes direct spiritual experience as an effective and primary tool to enhance the search for for the subjective experience of and --- new for meanings of Ultimate Reality of Religion 1.0 and Religion 1.5. We will not bury you in dogma and beliefs. Through direct spiritual experience you are the one who subjectively discovers what to believe and what Ultimate Reality is for you.

  18. Religion 2.0 embraces and affirmatively supports women's spirituality and the indispensable role of re-balancing and re-integrating the feminine/masculine power balance back into society and re-establishing the importance of the Divine Feminine as essential and powerful new ways to help create a just, sustainable and meaningful quality of life for all. For more on how women's empowerment and women's spirituality is embraced within Evolution Spirituality see our Century of Women Program and then click here as well.) (B)

  19. Religion 2.0 provides new codes of ethical conduct relevant to wisely resolving the complexities and realities of the 21st century that also have universal applicability. Religion 2.0 knows the value of creating a safe environment. In addition to the Religion 2.0 Open Source Spirituality Manifesto (mentioned above,) we also use a new set of universal guiding principles derived from universe-scaled evolutionary science that we call the Universe Principles of Sustainability. These principles along with our Universe Community code of conduct, (which is also [in part,] derived from humanity's omni-denominational heritage of life-affirming spiritual wisdom,) is another important part of creating a collaborative and safe environment where individuals grow optimally and our community thrives. Inside our code of conduct are links to the new Universe Principles of Sustainability. (For the time being it's okay to read the Universe Principles of Sustainability without fully understanding the science behind how they came into being. A more complete understanding of them will be found in our courses at Universe College. Farther down this document you will see an additional section describing our spiritual safeguards for the other ways in which we create a safe personal and community environment. We do this using the historical wisdom derived from all spiritual denominations on what they have learned that both illuminates and manages the darker side of spiritual and religious pathologies, spiritual teachers and spiritual organizations, which is seldom openly discussed or managed in traditional religions. Click here to see our community code of conduct.)

  20. Religion 2.0 openly and honestly addresses and manages the pathologies, problems and power abuses of past and current religious and spiritual groups by offering new solutions as well as new individual and community spiritual safeguards for these areas. This in fact is one of the most unique aspects of Religion 2.0 and Evolution Spirituality. Click here to see those spiritual safeguards. (I)

  21. Religion 2.0 is a trans-denominational meta-spirituality. Trans-denominational  means that Religion 2.0 both includes and transcends the life-affirming spiritual wisdom and tools of all religious denominations. Religion 2.0 as a trans-denominational meta-religion may also be the first potentially trans-planetary spirituality in that its principles not only apply to our planet, but they are just as applicable to other areas of the universe where life might be found in the future. Some individuals see Religion 2.0 as a universe-framed and grounded spirituality being applied at a planetary level. (A)

  22. Religion 2.0 was first brought into being by the non-profit spiritual education organization Integrative Spirituality (now known as Universe Spirit.) (B)

  23. Religion 2.0 helps to create Evolutioneers. Click here for the definition of an Evolutioneer.

  24. Religion 2.0 envisions death and what is possible after death in numerous humble and rational ways. We embrace all of the possibilities of everything from the many life extension and eventual immortality possibilities of evolutionary transhumanism to the possibilities of awakening at some new level to the union of ones own body/spirit/consciousness, which  may eventually preserve and transport your highest spiritual Essence and potentially and --- even transcend the death of the physical body. Just as the material elements of the body will return to the planet and universe at death it is rational to postulate that any non-materials elements of an individual's life such as the consciousness (or non-material parts of the mind,) the soul, spirit, essence or personality will return at death to any possible non-material source.

(The section just above incorporates many of the core principles of the unique "kernel" of Religion 2.0.)

The Hope and Benefits of Religion 2.0:

Click here for the key science-grounded objective benefits and great news of secular hope.

Click here for the more subjective and personal spiritual benefits and great news of spiritual hope

How Religion 2.0 and Universe Spirit Organization Creates Religion 2.0 and Enacts its Mission Statement:

As important as what we are and where we are going (our mission,) is how we are going to get there. Religion 2.0 and The Universe Spirit organization does have operational principles and qualities that other spiritual movements have, but it also has many unique operational principles and qualities not found in any other religious movement. The operational principles that are used for how Religion 2.0 enacts its mission goals is just as important if not more so, than the mission goals themselves.

We recommend that you read all of the following "how we do it" operational principles in the links below. Please read teh detail in the links. Some of the concepts in the links below have new meanings not seen in any previous spiritual movement.

Religion 2.0 and the Universe Spirit organization enact its mission and goals in order of importance, ---in a manner that is:

  1. open source, Being open source is an essential priority at the structural core of Religion 2.0. It is the fact that Religion 2.0  is open source that builds the essential co-creative, adaptive and self-organizing space where people can collaborate and cooperate effectively in their search for truth while discovering, creating and personalizing that truth. For this to happen it is necessary to have a safe environment with healthy yet flexible and discerning operational values and principled boundaries. This safe and collaborative environment creates the basic social agreements, shared community values and minimal procedural harmony essential to effective learning and --- it also gracefully manages any naturally arising spiritual and other conflicts in mostly spiritual ideas and beliefs in an optimized way. To help us achieve that optimal safe and collaborative environment for learning, cooperation and discovery within Religion 2.0 (and for the creation of a new trans-denominational meta-religion for all of humanity,) we have developed an indispensable set of spiritual collaboration, validity principles and structural boundary guidelines called the Open Source Religion and Spirituality Manifesto. Open source religion also is a participatory process designed to also help us continually and optimally evolve the principles, policies, community and organization's evolvability in a collaborative process. These Open Source Religion and Spirituality principles deal with many things such as how to answer the very difficult questions about what should or should not be treated as fact or useful wisdom from other religious heritages. It is through the use of the essential minimal filtering structural boundaries of the open source religion principles that Religion 2.0 can also filter out parts of Religion 1.0 and Religion that would be harmful to Religion 2.0 and its members ability to coordinate. (Please read Part 1 of the Open Source Religion and Spirituality Manifesto then click here and read in Part 2 of the Open Source Religion and Spirituality Manifesto specifically the section called Co-Creational Principles for Building an Open Source Religion and Spirituality Collaboration. It contains a full list of Religion 2.0's critical and essential co-creational principles for effectively practicing a collaborative open source personal spirituality that also allows our new form of Religion 2.0's secular and/or spiritual communities to function in safe, healthy and sustainable ways. Please note that the open source Religion principles go way beyond the older religion 1.5 Interfaith principles for collaboration.) (A)

  2. evolutionary, first in the sense of the traditional meaning of changing and evolving, next in its alignment with the definition of the science of evolution as defined in progressive evolution, and finally, in the sense that it includes the ideas of Religion 2.0. Religion 2.0 is a true evolutionary spirituality as it continually evolves as new wisdom is discovered. (I)

  3. cooperative and collaborative, based in part upon; peer-to-peer (P2P,) principles, collaboration principles, individual support systems and a supportive participatory community all working to help expand humanity's Collaborative Commons. In Religion 2.0 cooperation is also the central meta-principle of progressive evolution itself. We see cooperation and the natural creation of new cooperative enterprises at every level necessary to protect humanity's essential common areas (air, water, ecosystems, etc) and essential things (internet communications neutrality, power generation, radio and cell frequencies, etc,) of our existence as critical to balance the near overwhelming competitive interests and power of capitalism and government. We also see the rise of cooperation, collaboration and many new cooperative enterprises also as critical to bringing about the Third Industrial Revolution that will move humanity to amazing new levels of peace and sustainability.  (I)

  4. self-organized. Click here to read more about the principles of self-organization.

  5. educational (to creatively and artistically educate through new art, meanings, symbols, metaphors and science-grounded facts that successfully convey the new Universe Evolutionary Worldview as well as the new spiritual wisdom being born within our unique and progressive organization though a new online and offline Universe College.) (B)

  6. integral, (I)

  7. post-postmodern, including and then transcending the ambiguous moral relativism of post modernism using both objective science, subjective experience and inter-subjective understanding. Click here to see how in part we include and transcend the critical role and integral balance of the "I," "We" and "It" perspectives of Post Modernism.

  8. principled, (Click here to see some of our various evolution principled position papers. When you go to this page scan down the the position paper section.)

  9. inclusive of all of humanity's life-affirming spiritual wisdom and heritages while --- simultaneously transcending their non-life-affirming, outdated or pathological perspectives, (B)

  10. supportive of intentional cooperative partnerships at increasing scale aligned with progressive evolution on personal, social, spiritual and physical planetary and even universe levels, (I)

  11. responsible, members of our community have real responsibilities as members, Click here to learn about those responsibilities.

  12. supportive of intentional cooperative partnerships at increasing scale aligned with progressive evolution on personal, social, spiritual and physical planetary and even universe levels, (I)

  13. dialectical at meta-systemic levels. (Click here to learn more about what that means from a book review covering this breakthrough in thinking skills.) (A)

  14. And finally, this document mentions administrative how to's and things not mentioned above and summarizes perfectly the how to what we do. If you are curious or you are a student on one of our online courses, click here to learn about all of our other supporting administrative and spiritual guiding principles of Religion 2.0.

Why This New Trans-Denominational Meta-Spirituality and new form of Religion 2.0 Now?

"Science is, at least in part, informed worship." Carl Sagan

In this complex, fragmented and rapidly changing 21st century, it is our view that now --- more than at any other time in history, the world needs a science-grounded, balanced, and non-polarizing Open Source form of personalized spirituality and religion that is aligned with natural progressive evolution in the universe --- like Religion 2.0. This new Evolution 2.0 and Universe Evolutionary Worldview informed religion can help each individual realistically reach their fullest potential, their most life-affirming goals and support them in becoming a more empowered resource doing their 1/7,000,000,000 part in helping to resolve Job One For Humanity --- the current most critical global challenge that we have ever faced!

If you thought about Religion 2.0 as a new Universe Evolutionary Worldview aligned, science and spirituality integrated forerunner for what non-denominational progressive spiritual organizations will eventually evolve into in the future, you would have a good starting idea about what and who we are. Paradoxically, it was not really possible for Religion 2.0 to come into being before the most recent scientific discoveries in cosmology and progressive evolution had occurred as well as the vast cross-pollenization integration and unification of humanity's entire heritage of spiritual and scientific wisdom was occurring in an open source manner over the Internet.

"A religion that stressed the magnificence of the universe as revealed by modern science, might be able to draw forth reserves of reverence and awe hardly tapped by traditional faiths. Sooner or later, such a religion will emerge."  Carl Sagan

"Will the Universe Be the New Religion?" Carl Sagan

Religion 2.0 may be the first religious movement (but hopefully not the last spiritual movement,) with the open source capabilities of being the first global meta-religion. Unlike earlier spiritual movements based upon more partial sub universe-scale views of life and the universe, Religion 2.0 has a new universal ethics, values and a morality with the true capabilities of being trans-global in application and effectiveness. These qualities (and its new tran-global perspective,) born from the transcending new Universe Evolutionary Worldview put it in a unique position to do much to help resolve the many global challenges that we all now currently face. No pre-twenty-first century religious movement has ever before started out with such a large advantage in utilizing the current scope and depth of scientific and spiritual knowledge.

"Not only was the observation of the universe the source of the first religion, it is also the source of our oldest spiritual practices. Because of the re-integration and re-grounding of today's cutting-edge sciences the universe has once again become the "new" common and leading source for re-aligning and expanding religion and personal spiritual practice. The universe's own evolutionary process is now doing what no religion on the planet has previously been able to do namely --- to evolve a universe-grounded planetary meta-religion (Religion 2.0 AKA Evolution Spirituality,) that balances and integrates humanity's current sciences with its vast heritage of spiritual wisdom." Lawrence Wollersheim

Religion 2.0 and the Universe Spirit Website and Organization

Please note we are in the process of changing our website so that we are always referring to just Religion 2.0 or Evolution Spirituality and not one of its other older common names such as Evolutionary Spirituality, Universe Spirituality, Integrative Spirituality etc. Religion 2.0 is a meta-religion forwarded by the Universe Spirit and Integrative Spirituality organizations.

In summary, the new Religion 2.0 seeks to create a better alignment and harmony with the proven life-sustaining patterns of the objective physical universe's evolution and with humanity's most life-affirming subjective wisdom about spirituality and Ultimate Reality. Religion 2.0 brings many effective elements together such as science, eco-spirituality, open source religion, personal spirituality, integral spirituality, the balanced self chosen integration of science and spirituality as well as a set of clear spiritual safeguards and post-postmodern evolution based ethical and moral codes to create what may be the first true trans-denominational meta-religion capable of resolving the conflicts between the world's religions and between science and religion. As such, when both understood and applied it holds the real promise to bring the people of world together to work effectively together to resolve the greatest challenges facing humanity --- challenges like those found in our mission "to create a just community and civilization, a sustainable prosperity and, a meaningful quality-of-life for ALL by improving our alignment with the universe's progressive evolution while for those of a spiritual nature, also improving our union and partnership with Ultimate Reality.”

"Throughout history, and within many religions, know thyself is a concept that is heavily promoted. Yet something important is missing from this simple adage. To know oneself, one really has to know the history, nature and processes of the evolutionary universe in which their individual lives, businesses and planet are embedded." Lawrence Wollersheim

Unanswered Questions About Our Universe Spirit Community?

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