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What is the Evolutionary Impulse and Evolution's Prime Directive?

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Submitted by Lawrence on

There is a directional impulse to evolution. It is complex and it could easily be considered to be evolution's prime directive.

Currently there are numerous organizations teaching "forwarding evolution" or "forwarding the evolutionary impulse." The definitions that they use for describing evolutionary directionality and impulse is more often emphasizing spiritual and philosophical concepts rather than hard evolutionary science.

The following definition of the evolutionary impulse and prime directive is only based on current cosmological and evolutionary science. While reading it's many unfolding steps ask yourself "are you (and your groups,) aligning with this directionality and impulse?" Better yet, ask yourself, "are you (and your groups,) are contributing to it and forwarding it?"

It is the true "secret" formula to success and sustainability...

The main integral and unstoppable (or nearly unstoppable,) processes levels and steps containing the core consistently reoccurring patterns, "products" or inherent "values," of the directionality, (impulse and core prime directive,) of evolution are as follows:

  • Continuous creative release of its potentials and potentiality (for a created or evolved thing to become what it can.) This continuous release or realization of potential births continuous change, which births increasing
  • Expanding complexity, (In some ways all of the other progressive levels below can be seen as the unpacking of the previous level of complexity into newer levels of progressing expanding complexity. Expanding complexity like all thing expanding things in the universe requires expanding energy exchanges),
    • Which in some parts and unions within the universe eventually then creates... (parts here is meant as things, not necessarily locations,)
  • Expanding growth and/or expansion, (again requiring more energy exchanges,)
    • which in some parts and unions within the universe eventually then emerges...
  • Expanding creativity, (mutation, novelty innovation again requiring more energy exchanges,)
    • which in some parts and unions within the universe eventually then emerges...
  • Expanding self-organization, autopoiesis, which again requires more energy exchanges, (For more on self organization principles, click here.)
    • which in some parts and unions within the universe eventually then emerges...
  • Expanding self and other awareness and reflectiveness, (other awareness [consciousness,] includes others, the planet, the universe and even that Great Mystery that is the origin of our universe,) of the relevant exterior and interior environment present, past and future (through future modeling capabilities, through expanding use of technology and prediction skills,) within both the parts of the whole and within the whole itself as a collective union,
    • which in some parts and unions within the universe eventually then emerges...
  • Expanding full-consequence capture, full accountability,(which requires expanding levels of full transparency for all parts of a whole and the wholes themselves. In one way or another, evolution eventually and invariably always enforces increasing levels of consequence capture upon any parts or wholes that do not learn, adapt "cooperate" and progressively evolve.)
    • which in some parts and unions within the universe eventually then emerges...
  • Expanding learning resulting in skill/ability, knowledge and intelligence,
    • which in some parts and unions within the universe eventually then emerges...
  • Expanding adaptability choice, freedom, autopoeisis (for some parts and wholes in adjusting to the environment or changing the environment,)
    • which in some parts and unions within the universe eventually then also emerges...
  • Expanding robustness, redundancies and reserves of and in the parts and unions,
    • which in some parts and unions within the universe eventually then emerges...
  • Expanding or alternating periods of compression and/or centralization
    • which in some parts and unions within the universe eventually then emerges...
  • Expanding ordering, integration, harmony and then new synergies, (which again like all of the above in one way or another requires more energy exchanges,)
    • which in some parts and unions within the universe eventually then emerges...
  • Expanding cooperation, (which again requires more energy exchanges,)
    • which then in some parts and unions within the universe eventually then emerges...
  • Expanding or new cooperative wholes (unions,) of greater scale, (which again requires more energy exchanges,)
    • which then as a consequence of this new or expanding cooperation creates...
  • Expanding interdependence, (by parts and wholes which then also loops back upon the parts and the whole (union,) to further motivate greater cooperation because of the expanded interdependence and expanding interconnectedness,)
    • which in some parts and unions within the universe eventually then emerges...
  • Expanding control over the environment for cooperative unions resulting in expanding sustainability for the cooperating parts and wholes, which again requires more energy exchanges, (in part because of the increased cooperation between and by the parts and the wholes [unions,]) which ​at some developmental level of progressive evolution and only in some human parts within the universe eventually results in...
    • Expanding reflection by those human self-reflective parts upon the total universe environment and the universe's complete evolutionary processes and systems (including the Universe's Big Bang origin.) This creates a whole universe consciousness in the part of the universe. In a way, the universe becomes conscious of itself through its part.
  • And finally at the end of the cycle lies the potential for some form of an expanding transcendence of some parts and wholes (unions,) into new things through many different processes. This then potentially restarts a new cycle (or spiral,) of progressive evolution at a new level where once again continuous creative release of new potentials and potentiality (for the newly evolved or created thing to become what it can.) This continuous release or realization of new potential births continuous change, which births increasing... (through all of most of the cycle of development above.) If transcendence did not occur for any reason, (which also includes, failed experiments, retrogressions, collapses and extinctions,) then the universe evolutionary process wastes nothing of that which has reached the limits of its existence, growth or potential release cycle. It then recycles back all those resources and parts back to evolution to be used in new creativity. (Collapses also serve a purpose in removing what would not learn and adapt and for creating new space for new species and evolutionary experiments.)

The Continuous Change Factor of Evolution

When thinking about all of the directional parts of progressive evolution be sure to also envision evolution's underlying impulse of continuous change toward eventual alignment with the directions and values mentioned above. One could easily call the continuous change factor the most continuously dominant underlying characteristic of progressive evolution. 

What Happens if Any of the Developmental Steps of Progressive Evolution are Interfered with or Thwarted: The Meta-Pattern of Destructive Creation 

If any of the above universe meta-patterns above fail to continue to progressively evolve at some point toward the next levels of increasing complexity and increasing energy exchange (such as in the many retrogressions, failed experiments, collapses and extinctions of evolution, etc,) within evolution's progressive directionalized path of core patterns as mentioned above, another pattern and core meta-process of progressive evolution activates and takes over --- destructive creation. Destructive creation is generally the breakdown and recycling pattern for non-learning, non-adaptive or non "co-operating" parts or wholes (unions.)

Noting is wasted in universe evolution. This breakdown and recycle core meta-pattern allows the elements of evolutionary "failed experiments," retrogressions or other failed adaptations, collapses or extinctions to be somehow be reused later in some other new evolutionary creativity and experiments. This then allows for these broken down and recycled elements to once again allow and support the forwarding of the ongoing levels of the unstoppable directionality of progressive evolution as illustrated above --- hence the term destructive creation.

Furthermore, keep in mind that all of the above progressive evolution process steps in one way or another directly support or indirectly contribute to the meta-directionality, impulse, or intentionality of progressive evolution, which is the creation of more:

  • cooperative wholes (unions,) at greater scale, which are sustainable and expand "fair" and/or appropriate energy exchanges between parts and wholes. (It may be that increasing cooperation and exchange of energy at greater scale for greater lengths of time is the core central hub of universe progressive evolution.)

Based on the universe's 13.7 billion years of core repeating patterns demonstrated in its progressive evolution there is no known logical reason to believe that the above basic patterns and basic directionality of progressive evolution are likely to change.

The Theoretical End Result or Product of Evolution

If these core directional patterns of progressive evolution above continue as they have for the last 13.7 billion years, and the universe continues into the far, far distant future, as amazing as it may seem the first time that you hear it, eventually:

  • "All of the universe is evolving toward becoming a cooperative super-organism (whole/union,) and conscious super-union composed of all diverse universe parts aligned in appropriate energy exchanges able to control the total universe environment in sustainable ways at universe level scale. All of the potentials within the meta-patterns and qualities of evolution will have reached their maximal or absolute states for expression of all possibilities within the universe."

Theoretically, the universe will eventually exhaust all universe possibilities (potentiality) and experiments for expanding or more differentiation, complexity, growth, mutation, (creativity, novelty innovation,) autopoiesis, (self organization,) adaptability (choice, freedom,) intelligence, learning, integration, harmony, synergy, compression or centralization resulting in eventual unification into wholes of greater cooperation and scale, interdependence, consciousness, self reflection (currently only in humans,) reflection of the universe upon itself and its own processes (currently only through its human self-reflective parts,) and theoretically, eventually the universe by itself as itself as a totality. When one even partially grasps the amazing adventure and progressive directionality of the universe's evolution one cannot help, but experience a humbling awe.

  • "The individual is going to be universalized. The universal is going to be individualized, and thus from both directions the whole is going to be enriched." Jan Smuts, From Holism and Evolution

Look over the list of main progressive processes of 13.7 billion years of progressive evolution again. See them as expanding levels of unfolding and unpacking complexity bearing more unique qualities and more complex, refined and rare "fruit." Look at the most complex, refined and rare qualities being produced at the current known end of the universe's expanding complexity.

From this view of evolution's progressive directionality, it appears we as humans are truly important within progressive evolution and, we have an important value, meaning and role to play as conscious co-evolutionary partners with the Universe and its processes of progressive evolution.

When you look back at all of the levels of expanding complexity unpacking directionally into level after level of more amazing qualities and life one begins to also see that the universe is in a continuous process of ongoing cosmogenesis (universe creation.) Based on universe facts it appears that Genesis did not end just before or at the big bang, but is continuing on to this very moment. And if cosmogenesis is in fact continuing to occur, then now we have the opportunity to participate as partners in this progressive process once we know how it works and what we can do to co-evolve our futures with it --- and that may be the greatest single opportunity of our individual and collective futures to EVER emerge in human history!

The Prime Directive of Evolution

As living beings, each of us is responsible to forward the Evolutionary Prime Directive of the universe. This prime directive is simply to: 

     a.) forward the the universe's evolutionary value interests (as listed above) and, 

     b.) the progressive evolution of life in the universe.

This naturally includes protecting the interests of the living and non-living resources and systems essential to the ongoing creation and maintenance of life. This Evolutionary Prime Directive is the prime value upon which the testable, objective merit and truth of all other values and actions can be measured and weighed. 

For much more information on the evolutionary impulse, evolution's prime directive and evolution's progressive directionality as well as how to use it in your daily life to become more successful, click here.

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