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The Home of Evolutioneers

The General Benefits that You Can Expect to Receive Using the Wisdom and Tools of Religion 2.0

The transformational and great evolutionary adventure facilitated in Religion 2.0 leads to:

1. improved fitness, adaptability and control of your environments as well as functioning more cooperatively and successfully as groups. (This is the main advantage that makes Religion 2.0 practitioners considerably more sustainably successful in life in general and in creating more successful and sustainable livelihoods and lifestyles. This is due to using science and the meta-principles of evolution as the key foundation of the Religion 2.0.)

2. greater interconnectedness and being valued as a kindred adventurer and co-creator within a dynamically evolving and growing life, community, planet and universe.

3. more actively co-creating a just, sustainable prosperity and an equitable world for all alive today—as well as for the generations to come,

4. a more fulfilling and satisfying Religion 1.5 experience of personal spirituality, which includes experiencing a new and expanded sense of: well being, connection to the Ultimate Reality, delight (a conscious celebration of the adventure of life in the here and now,) being and acting from one’s most authentic identity, life purpose and meaning, autonomy, freedom and dignity, awareness, compassion, empathy, and peace, emotional and mental balance, renewed or expanded hope in or about life, physical well being, steady advancement toward a deeper and broader more satisfying spiritual completeness through a balanced living of the virtues, and a natural inclination to serve the needs of the world in effective, life-affirming and balanced ways.

5. greater personal empowerment and effectiveness manifesting in wise and balanced applications of the evolutionary and classical virtues. This helps make one’s life into a collage of more ethical and successful right livelihood, relationships, partnerships and experiences on spiritual, physical, emotional and intellectual levels in the variety of arenas in which human beings engage (personal, social, economic, political, spiritual, etc.)

6. greater personal wholeness (the life and spirit values you desire to live and your normal daily life become more congruent and less fragmented,)

7. personal re-vitalization, (paradoxically feeling renewed in strength, heart and energy as you age) and

8. a growing inner confidence that one's consciousness, spirit or possible even existence will go on beyond the physical death of the body (Religion 1.0,) and/or that the the physical body and personality might be able to attain near immorality or, transcendence over the flaws of human nature through new technologies like genetic engineering etc, or, even the possibilities of evolutionary transhumanism where humanity might become the parents of whole new species that carry on evolution in the universe with us out into the stars. (Religion 2.0.)

If you have heard and seen enough and want to explore the next step in the Great Adventure, click here.

This "What's Next" page will help you decide upon your next personalized exploration step based upon your greatest interests and needs as well as your unique personal background. It will also describe the kinds of individuals this new science balanced and spirituality integrated movement is attracting. 

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