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The Universe Principles' Right Attitudes and the Human Virtues (Easy)

In one way or another, the Universe Principles of Sustainability and the value interests of progressive evolution also embrace most all of the key human virtues in one way or another. Now that you are familiar with these science-grounded meta-principles and value interests of the evolutionary universe you can also go to our human virtues master list and also try to connect up each human virtue listed with one or more of the meta-principles and value interests of progressive evolution and the above Universe Principles.

You may have to be a little creative, but it will not be hard to see that our key human virtues have roots far deeper and are more complex than just our spiritual traditions. It appears that our ancestors also saw although incompletely what successfully adaptive individual and group behavior to numerous kinds of environments looked like and they tried to teach these adaptive behaviors to their children as human virtues.

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