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The Benefits of Using the Universe Principles of Right Attitude and Right Action: (Easy)

If you consistently apply the Universe Principles to your life and within the groups to which you belong, you and your groups will have the highest possible probability of achieving a sustainable prosperity rich in meaning and, which also creates a just civilization even in the sea of future uncertainties that we all exist within. Living the Universe Principles IS the optimal way to master and "play the success percentages” by having the odds heavily weighted to your or your group’s advantage as compared to individuals or groups who do not know, understand or practice them.

On the other hand and unfortunately, failure to align oneself and one's organizations with the meta-patterns of universe progressive evolution as found within the Universe Principles results in the other great meta-pattern (and process,) of progressive evolution to take over --- destructive creation. This pattern of destructive creation is essentially the breakdown and recycling of any and all failed, non-adaptive, or otherwise out-of-universe alignment parts or wholes to be recycled and reused later in some other evolutionary experiment or situation to once again attempt to further forward the unstoppable directionality of progressive evolution.

The Universe Principles are the essential and irreplaceable tools needed by everyone to successfully forward the evolution of ALL life into an amazing and beautiful future! Living by these new meta-principles provides the global society a wholly rational and ultimately worthy primary goal structure in a life of service that is both greater than themselves and that enhances not only their own personal life success but also creates deep life satisfaction and meaning.

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