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How the Universe Principles of Right Attitude Relate to Justice and Energy Management (Intermediate)

The Universe Principles of Right Attitude relate to justice and energy in more indirect ways than the Universe Principles of Right Action. When seen as a collection, particularly when you look at the Universe Principles of Right Attitude you will see the themes of non-resistance to what is and acceptance of what is and seeing that "isness" in the light of the whole system's evolutionary process over the whole of evolution. Those attitudes promote non-resistance to what is and acceptance of what is helping to create flow. In energy terms, resistance reduces energy flow and efficiency and vice versa.

In terms of justice, the Universe Principles of Right Attitude seeing the oneness and union of the whole universe system reduces the feelings of complete separation from the "other" (us versus them,) that most often makes creating or maintaining justice more difficult. Justice, which is the essential foundation to all sustainable and prosperous social interaction will improve dramatically as more individuals realize they are already physically embedded in one universal union. Once realized from that new attitude of ultimate union and oneness all kinds of new wise cooperation and positive interactions are now not only possible but are also seen as wise.

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