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The Evolutionary, Post-Modern, Modern, Humanist, and Classical Values and Virtues of Evolutioneers and the Universe Community

"A lifestyle can be considered authentic as well as artful when it bears the fruits of the classical and evolutionary virtues." Lawrence Wollersheim


When lived in a balance, the evolutionary and other virtues and values listed below are the resultant fruits of intense personal character development, self-discipline, and education. (And, if you are of a spiritual nature --- the fruits of the spirit.)

The virtues below are also the key virtues that are strived for by Evolutioneers, the Universe Community as well as Planetary and Universe Citizens. This is because it appears that our ancestors also saw (although incompletely,) what successfully adaptive individual and group behavior to numerous kinds of environments looked like and they tried to teach these adaptive behaviors to their children in the form of virtues.

How to Use the Virtues List Below:

While you are reading this virtues list we strongly suggest that you have paper and pen handy. Write each relevant virtue listed below on a piece of paper and after the virtue make two notations on a 1-10 scale. Make the first notation for how well you think you are authentically living that particular virtue. After you have done this for the whole list of virtues go back over the list and markdown on a 1-10 scale how well you think you are living that particular virtue in a balanced way with all of the other virtues.

This second step will help make it real and easier to see just how balanced your application of all the virtues actually is. At the end of doing this for all the virtues listed, there will be one final question that you can ask yourself in relation to your ratings. 

This exercise also gives you a very good overview of how your life is going as well. You will understand much more about how when you finish the very powerful and sobering suggested virtues exercise.

The Evolutionary Virtues List:

Accepting/Acknowledging - being present and tolerating without protest or resistance, on a deeper level simply acknowledging and recognizing the inherent and neutral truth, existence, and "isness" of every occurrence,

Adaptable - capable of adapting to varying conditions. Adaptation to continuous change is a key value of progressive evolution,

Aware of Self and Environment in Present Moment - having or showing realization, perception, or knowledge, aware of feedback,

Balanced – mental, spiritual, and emotional dynamic steadiness. In the Universe Evolutionary Worldview this particularly refers to the wise balancing of the needs, rights, and responsibilities of the individual with the needs, rights, and responsibilities of the group, union, or wholes to which the individual is a member,

Consequence-Capturing - do you accept the consequences that you or your group causes or do you deny them or pass them on to others,

Cooperative - a willingness and ability to work with others. Cooperation on increasing scale is a meta-progressive evolution virtue and value for the group alignment and co-creation and co-evolution critical to resolving our individual and planetary challenges,

Co-Responsible - being a co-responsible agent doing at least your approximately one six billionth fair share part to co-evolve your own life and our shared world (and Universe) toward the necessary improvements that you see and know need to be made,

Creative - an ability to create solutions, beauty, and or art in one’s life as well as bringing increased levels of creativity or co-creativity to solving the collective problems of life,

Eco-Friendly - displaying environmental co-responsibility, sustainability, and sustainable prosperity for the biological climate and other systems we depend upon.

Evolving - consciously and intentionally and in alignment with the values of progressive evolution moving oneself forward in life and character development physically, emotionally, mentally ethically and if you are of a spiritual nature, spiritually, (This also includes helping to progressively evolve your group, nation, and our global society.) 

Experimenting - the universe experiments and so must we to release our full potentials and develop new innovations,

Fair Exchange - living in appropriate and fair exchange with life and others is the central principle and virtue of progressive evolution,

Integrative - forming, coordinating, blending or integrating parts into functioning or unified new wholes,

Interconnected - to be or become or understand our mutually connectedness in the web of life,

Interdependent - understanding that both or many independent parties working together are needed to be optimally successful,

Learning - we live in a learning universe where learning is constant. Are you actively continuing to grow by learning?

Multi-Perspective - being able to see a situation from multiple personal or disciplinary perspectives is a sign of psychological and developmental maturity and a new virtue honored in the New Universe Evolutionary Worldview,

Positive - takes on a much wider and deeper positive meaning from the progressive evolution perspective. It sees the universe as a generally safe place where progressive evolution eventually evolves everything for the progressive good of the whole and where evolution at this very moment is not inherently deficient. (Evolution is currently at the best state that it has every been in and there is rational reason and hope to see humanity proceeding and progressing for millions of generations to come. For more information on the science and reasoning behind these very positive progressive evolutionary attitudinal concepts see our progressive evolution materials and particularly the New Universe Principles Part 2 the Success Attitudes.) 

Resilient - being resilient and always having reserves is an important evolutionary virtue because of the many uncertainties and unexpected problems and setbacks inherent in the processes of progressive evolution,

Self Organizing - (Click here for more on this evolutionary virtue and principle.)

Sustainable - (Click here for more on this evolutionary virtue and principle.)

Transparent - having transparency in those actions and areas that could significantly adversely effect the wellbeing of the groups and whole unions that you belong to is essential for the necessary adaptation, correction and wellbeing of those groups and whole unions. To fail to be sufficiently transparent and open in those mentioned areas often leads to eventual crisis or collapse of those groups and whole unions that you belong to. Transparency is a necessary group safeguarding virtue.

The Developmental Virtues 

The values and virtues of the Universe Evolutionary Worldview embrace and integrate the non-pathological manifestation of the whole developmental spiral of life. The following developmental spiral of life virtues and values are copied with permission from a book entitled Integral Consciousness and the Future of Evolution by Steve McIntosh. One could also consider each of these levels as a type of evolutionary developmental worldview. Steve McIntosh derived them from the work of Professor Clair graves from his student Don Beck.) 

Think of the following descriptions as how certain virtues cluster together at a particular level as we develop and grow both individually and collectively from the earliest tribal consciousness and tribal developmental level virtues through to the later universe consciousness and universe developmental level virtues. Ideally, each new developmental level includes and encompasses the non-pathological virtues and values of the previous developmental level and then transcends them within its own new developmental virtue and value cluster. (When reading the following continue listing any new virtues you encounter and continue rating how you are applying them.)

Developmental values evolved in response to humanity's changing evolutionary social, political, economic, and ecological conditions and are useful if the conditions exist that created them.

The additional virtues and values that the Universe Evolutionary Worldview embraces are:

  1. The Tribal Consciousness Level (AKA Magic Consciousness): Family and kinship loyalty; strong sense of the enchantment of the world; innocence; imagination; closeness to nature
  2. The Warrior Consciousness Level (AKA Mythic Consciousness): Individual empowerment; initiative; action orientation
  3. The Traditional Consciousness Contribution to the Spiral: Sense of civic duty; law and order; appropriate respect for authority; strong moral regard for group members; preserves traditions; loyalty; hope, and a strong sense of faith
  4. The Modernist Consciousness Contribution to the Spiral: Meritocracy; upward mobility; the middle class; excellence through competition; science; technology; confidence in progress
  5. The Postmodern Consciousness Contribution to the Spiral: World centric morality; recognition of human potential; increased responsibility for people and the planet; compassion and inclusion; celebration of the feminine; renewed spiritual freedom and creativity
  6. The Integral Consciousness Contribution to the Developmental Spiral: Practical world-centric morality; compassion for all worldviews; the revival of philosophy; seeing spirituality in evolution; overcoming the culture war; renewed insistence on achieving results
  7. The Universe Consciousness Contribution to the Developmental Spiral: Practical Universe centric morality, ability to encompass and unify all previous worldviews, revival, and re-alignment of all universe subsystems and studies with principles of new cosmology and progressive evolution, overcoming of all planetary polarities, renewed insistence on establishing a balance between the needs and intentions of parts of wholes and the needs and intentions of the wholes themselves. For more see the Universe Evolutionary Worldview overview. (Please note this last section G on Universe Consciousness was not part of the work of Steve McIntosh mentioned above in a-f. (The Universe Evolutionary Worldview and its related links will also provide additional information relating to where many of the virtues have come from and their relation to both spirituality and nature.)

We strongly recommend that you read the book Spiral Dynamics by Don Beck and Christopher Cowan. It will give you a far greater understanding of these essential evolutionary developmental values and worldviews.

[Special Note: In one way or another the Universe Principles of Sustainability (an essential part of the Universe Evolutionary Worldview) and the value interests of progressive evolution (both derived exclusively from science,) also embrace most all of the virtues above in one way or another.]


Humanist virtues and values

Humanism group of philosophies and ethical perspectives which emphasize the value and agency of human beings, individually and collectively, and generally prefers individual thought and evidence (rationalismempiricism), over established doctrine or faith (fideism). Two common forms of humanism are religious humanism and secular humanism.

Secular humanist positions

Humanism Supports:

Humanism Rejects


The Classical Virtues Mixed with Modern, Post-Modern and Post-post Modern Integral Virtues:

In addition to the new evolutionary virtues forwarded by the Universe Evolutionary Worldview of Evolution 2.0 in the lists above, you will find below virtues and values from the previous, classical, modern, postmodern and integral worldviews not specifically mentioned in earlier classical lists of virtues and values. Within the majority of world religions, the classical virtues below and also are considered to be the time-proven community validity and reality tests for the legitimacy of the results that are to be achieved if one is truly experiencing authentic spiritual practice and spiritual growth.  In Religion 2.0 (AKA Evolution Spirituality,) we also include the Evolutionary virtues above.

Altruistic - unselfish regard for or devotion to the welfare of others,

Amiable - being friendly, sociable, and congenial,

Appreciative - having or showing gratitude,

Attentive - heedful of the comfort or condition of others,

Authentic - true to one's own personality, spirit, or character.

Autonomous - existing or capable of existing independently,

Benevolent - disposed to doing good,

Capable - having general efficiency and ability,

Centered - emotionally stable and secure,

Charitable - merciful or kind in judging others,

Committed - able act with deliberation,

Communicative - able to transmit information, thought, or feeling so that it is satisfactorily received or understood,

Compassionate - showing empathy,

Competent - having requisite or adequate ability or qualities,

Considerate - thoughtful of the rights and feelings of others,

Consistent - marked by harmony, regularity, or steady continuity,

Courageous - mental or moral strength to venture, persevere, and withstand danger, fear, or difficulty,

Decisive - to find out or come to a decision about by investigation, reasoning, or calculation,

Devoted - consecrated to a purpose,

Direct - free from evasiveness or obscurity,

Discerning - showing discriminating insight and understanding,

Ethical - guided by that which is morally good,

Fair - characterized by frankness, honesty, impartiality, or candor; open; upright; free from suspicion or bias; equitable; just,

Flexible - characterized by a ready capability to adapt to new, different, or changing requirements,

Forgiving - allowing room for error or weakness and giving up resentment. Forgiving allows the truth of this being a learning universe to be realized. Forgiving allows healing and new growth to take place,

Frugal - using resources wisely is also a key value of sustainable prosperity,

Generous - showing or suggesting nobility of feeling and generosity of mind,

Good - possessing moral excellence or virtue,

Grounded - having a firm foundation,

Honest - free from fraud or deception. Marked by integrity. Marked by free, forthright, and sincere expression,

Hopeful - desiring some good, accompanied with an expectation of obtaining it, or a belief that it is obtainable,

Humane - compassionate, sympathetic, or considerate towards humans or animals,

Humble - not proud or haughty: not arrogant or inappropriately assertive,

Inclusive - broad in orientation or scope,

Just - rendering or disposed to render to each one his due; equitable; fair; impartial,

Loving - feeling or showing affection,

Loyal - true to any person or persons to whom one owes fidelity, especially as a wife to her husband, lovers to each other, and friend to friend; constant; faithful to a cause or a principle,

Ministering - to supply or to things needful; esp., to supply consolation or remedies,

Open-minded - ready to entertain new ideas,

Patient - good-natured tolerance of delay or incompetence,

Peaceful - peacefully resistant in response to injustice,

Productive - producing, or able to produce, in large measure; fertile; profitable, also creating or maintaining productive, equitable, and ethical relationships of exchange with others, society and world,

Responsible - to be reliable; to be trustworthy,

Self-Disciplined - correcting or regulating oneself for the sake of improvement,

Self-Honoring - appropriate self-honoring and self-recognition of our importance in life and in the universe is essential to healthy and effective living. The self-respect demonstrated by appropriate self-honoring is a healthy and indispensable form of self-love without which we simply would not function well in our relationships with others,

Sufficiency - the quality or state of being sufficient, or adequate to the end proposed, knowing when "enough is enough" particularly in relation to the excesses of materialism,

Tolerant - showing respect for the rights or opinions or practices of others,

Trustworthy - taking responsibility for one's conduct and obligations. Worthy of trust or belief,

Truthful - conformity to reality or actuality,

Willing - voluntarily disposed or inclined towards.

Reviewing Your Virtues Exercise Results:

Now that you have read over all of the virtues and may have done ratings on your paper list of them, go back over your list one more time and ask yourself how might you improve living some particular virtue that you feel could use some improvement. Be sure to also notice all of the virtues you feel you are living well because recognizing and building upon what you are doing right is even more important than noticing what is not as right as you would like it!

The Virtues for Those of a Spiritual Nature

These virtue fruits below are a reliable and observable "proof" for the results of authentic education, character building, self-discipline, and again if you are of a spiritual nature --- spiritual practice, spiritual growth, and a congruent spiritual lifestyle within the individual.

If you are of a spiritual nature, the virtues above do not absolutely imply belief in an Ultimate Reality or being self-aware that one is on a "spiritual" path. People can fully embody or practice these values and virtues below as a secular humanist. The living of the values and virtues below can be also thought of as one of the best results, proofs, and validity tests of progress on achieving authentic forms of what is called "enlightenment."

For ages, many of the classical virtues and some of the other older values above have also been called the "fruits of the spirit" in humanity’s religious materials. While one could live and demonstrate these virtues without being spiritual, claiming to be spirituality growing or having an authentic and congruent spiritual lifestyle and practice without increasingly manifesting more of these virtues lived in balance would have to be considered a spiritual incongruity and a potential warning sign about the spiritual path you are on.

How to Practice the Virtues in an Effective, Clear, and Focused Way

Read and practice the Universe Principles. In one way or another then contain, imply and enact the best of the virtues listed above.

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