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Core Spiritual and Administrative Principles of Religion 2.0, Evolution Spirituality and the Universe Community


In 2009 the spiritual and administrative principles below were again augmented with the new Universe Principles of Sustainability derived from progressive evolution. As of the present, the Universe Principles of Sustainability are the first level of foundational principles that we use and teach to implement the practices of our Universe Spirit organization and social activism programs.

The attitude and action principles with the Universe Principles of Sustainability effect how we do everything. Their action principles frame the successful execution of our every action. (If you have not yet read them please do so now before reading the rest of these other general spiritual and administrative principles that were created earlier in our history (2002-2009.) These principles below augment and fill out the newer Universe Principles of Sustainability.

If you are of a spiritual nature, read the spiritual principles sections. If not, read only the administrative principles sections. If you are considering setting up your own independent local Universe Community and/or religion 2.0 center, it is essential that you read all of the following administrative principles. If you are spiritual by nature, read the spiritual principles as well. They will greatly assist you in creating a successful and sustainable local center that works well and will be in general alignment with other collaborating centers. 

Our Original Principles 2002-2009

(Please note: When the ret of the principles listed on the rest of this page are included with the Universe Principles of Sustainability and the other Religion 2.0 and Evolution Spirituality principles on this website they help create the open source spirituality core, kernel and culture of the Evolution Spirituality movement.) The original principles document below was created in 2002-2004.. It contained our original statement of principles and ideals of a personalizable, integral and open source meta-spirituality as foundational to and  within our movement that time.)

As an organization and as individuals we try to reflect within our ideals and principles of science and the highest knowable nature and purposes of the Ultimate Reality as best as humankind’s collective science and spiritual related history has thus far discerned them. No individual within our member community is required to agree or believe in these ideals and principles to be a part of our community. That is always a matter of personal choice.

We do not claim that as an organization or as individuals that we have already attained or sufficiently manifested these ideals and principles, but only that we will do our best to strive toward their attainment. And, as would be expected if one was trying to reflect the scope of Ultimate Reality back into a relative reality perspective and field, at times, the items listed below may seem to be in a paradoxical relationship.

Our other goals in creating this statement of our Religion 2.0 and Evolution Spirituality principles were:

  1. to describe the essential space qualities of the spiritual, administrative, cultural and physical realities that Universe Spirit seeks to create in order to best achieve our stated goals.
  2. to shed light on the diverse spiritual meanings, purposes and individual identities, which can be independently chosen within our omni and trans-denominational, multi-cultural spiritual community.

There is no implied priority or succession in the order in which these ideals and principles are presented.

Before the Beginning

Before the beginning was the transcendent, eternal, absolute and Ultimate Reality. This Ultimate Reality was and continues to be the great mysterious Source as well as the potential ongoing conditioner and maintainer of the original space and potential field of the universe from which the universe and all things came into being and in which all things are held and currently exist.

From the preceding premise to effectively achieve our mission our organization initially needs to:

  1. reflect carefully upon the discoverable objective nature of the post-big bang purposes of the Ultimate Reality as best we can understand them. This means objectively reflecting upon both the creation supporting qualities of the original space field of the universe that births and potentially upholds the evolutionary progression of all time and physical based being, doing, having and becoming. And, it also means objectively looking at the deepest reoccurring success patterns and laws of physical evolution using science to discover more of the truth and principles of the how and the what relating to what Ultimate Reality is doing in the evolving physical universe. To see of the space qualities of the only physical universe, click here. To see the Universe Principles of Sustainability, click here.
  2. understand that the quality of the space that we co-create within the organization and within our members is the most vital initial prerequisite for achieving our mission. The pre-existing qualities and characteristics of any space are powerful forces conditioning the quality of actions and results that occur within that space. In our organization, those prime conditioning space characteristics are acceptance, giving and receiving love, joy, justice and fair exchange.

An important part of the Religion 2.0 open source "kernel" and Universe Community culture is formed and guided by the ideals and principles above and below. Having the above flexible principles is one of the best ways to positively pre-condition our organization's space quality for mission success. Furthermore, the principles both above and below serve as a core base and "kernel' of both personal and organizational "how to" agreement, which creates aligned ethical action toward shared goals that transcend individual personalities, specific situations and the current times.

The Summary of a Religion 2.0 and Evolution Spirituality's Culture and "Space Qualities:" (The items in the lists in blue below are not links just a summary of the sections found farther below in this document.)

Celebration of Creativity and Co-Creativity
Spiritual Nurturing
Spiritual Humility, Awe and Openness to Surprise
Spiritual Freedom
Non-influence in Spiritual Choices
Open Source Spirituality
Evolutionary Adventure
Inclusion and Love
Dynamic Balance
Collective Spiritual Consciousness and Spiritual Commons
Synthesis and Synergy
Community and Sharing
Individual Spiritual Transformation Enhancing Individuality within Community
Expanding Personal and Spiritual Identity
Spiritual Intention and Spiritual Will
Spiritual Humor
Transcendent and Universal
Interconnectedness and Interdependence
Abundance and Diversity
Certainty of Eventual Spiritual Success
Individual and Collective Spiritualized Social Activism
The Ultimate Reality to Individual Relationship

A Summary of the Integral Administrative Space Qualities: (The items in the lists in blue below are not links just a summary of the sections found farther below in this document.)

* Facilitating
* Collaborative
* Self-Organizing
* Interdependent
* Balanced
* Cooperative and Co-creative
* Diversity Honoring
* Safe
* Appropriate, practical solution focused
* Internet centered
* Non adversarial
* Integral
* Universal
* Flow State
* "Quality of Being" Focused
* Healthy Boundaries
* Neutral Space
* Competent, Productive, Responsible and Ethical
* Prepared
* Physically and Mentally Healthy
* Non-Personality Focused

* Fair Exchange Based

* Transparent

A Summary of our Physical Space Qualities: (The items in the lists in blue below are not links just a summary of the sections found farther below in this document.)

- Beauty and Art
- Oceans and Space
- Conclusion

The above lists could also be seen as an expanded summary of the values of today’s cultural creatives.

A Space for the Celebration of Creativity and Co-Creativity

The Ultimate Reality is boundlessly creative AND co-creative through partnership with its free will-possessing creations. In its creativity and co-creative partnerships the Infinite Oneness/Ultimate Reality delights eternally in the self and non-self reflective evolving truth, beauty and goodness manifest or manifesting within all of creation.

The closer we are connected to Ultimate Reality the more creative we become and the more we become our highest, creative delightful selves and that each of us is inherently and abundantly creative because we contain within us the essence of the source of all creativity itself.

Artistic creativity and spiritualized art particularly reflect and honor the most primal creative attributes of Ultimate Reality. We encourage all forms of individual or organizational creativity and delight as the first principle of success to any activity.

Because of the above beliefs, Religion 2.0 and Evolution Spirituality seeks to be an artistic and beautiful space where as both individuals and as an organization we seek to be in a celebratory (non-fear based) co-creative partnership with Ultimate Reality in delightfully co-evolving our world socially, physically and spiritually and in co-evolving ourselves to higher levels of truth, beauty and goodness.

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A Space of Spiritual Nurturing

Ultimate Reality not only created but also sustains and maintains creation and all life on physical and spiritual levels. To reflect and honor this attribute of Ultimate Reality we believe that our spiritual organization has a co-creative duty to create a space to help nourish and sustain our members and all creation. We do this by actively supporting:

a.) individuals achieve expanding levels of transformative, direct spiritual experience with Ultimate Reality, in which Ultimate Reality directly nourishes their spirits,

b.) individuals achieve progress toward chosen spiritual ideals and values as a prime nourishment for their minds,

c.) global sustainability and renewable natural resources programs to provide the abundances of energy and food to nourish the physical bodies of all people in the world.

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A Space of Spiritual Humility, Awe and Openness to Surprise

The Ultimate Reality will never be fully knowable in its entire infinite splendor. All efforts to fully know or disclose the infiniteness of the nature and purposes of Ultimate Reality will at best be partial maps or metaphors. No matter how much we can know about Ultimate Reality and how much we can do that reflects Ultimate Reality it will always be a partial and incomplete representation of the infinite potentials and infinite realized aspects of the Infinite. Therefore we will always stand in awe, humility and openness to new surprises concerning Ultimate Reality continually unveiling itself to each individual and successive generation through any and all means, sources or circumstances regarding its ultimate and complete truth, beauty and goodness.

From the above it follows that we believe that no individual or organizational spiritual effort to know or disclose the Ultimate Reality has any special exclusivity or an absolute, preferential or final completeness, authority or importance above all or any other individual or organizational effort to know or disclose to the Ultimate Reality. Any co-operation and collaboration between any of the partial individual or organizational efforts to know or disclose Ultimate Reality, holds the promise of both adding to humankind’s knowledge of the Ultimate Reality or of being complementary and therefore also revealing of a greater vision of the wholeness of the nature and purposes of Ultimate Reality.

The spiritual humility derived from our awe and wonder regarding Ultimate Reality also implies that we as individuals and as an organization are always in a state of openness. We strive to be open to the continual surprise of learning more about Ultimate Reality from every possible source and circumstance, to further evolve our spiritual ideas, ideals about Ultimate Reality.

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A Space of Spiritual Freedom

Interfering with or attempting to supersede the authentic guiding voice and true ecclesiastical authority of the presence of the Infinite within, is never permissible by any exterior individual or organizational ecclesiastical body. This is solely the individual’s right through exercise of their own sovereign free will and their independent investigation for truth. It is the individual, who is the true and final ecclesiastical authority determining the truth for their own spiritual life.

All healthy minded individuals are capable of discerning spiritual truth by using either their own direct experience(s) of Ultimate Reality and/or by using the traditional spiritual validity tests and safeguards. These indicate how to know when one is hearing the authentic voice of Ultimate Reality within and not one’s own desire projections or ego. Honoring complete individual free will in all spiritual matters is the highest spiritual prime directive of the universe(s) and no being or organization of any type, high or low, may interfere with this universal spiritual prime directive.

To emphasis this and continuously honor the ecclesiastical authority of the Infinite Presence that we believe is within each individual, we utilize the equivalent of ministers, rabbis, priests or imams, named Life and Spirit facilitators. Our Life and Spirit facilitators offer spiritual wisdom derived from humankind’s spiritual heritage and they support and facilitate balanced and healthy spiritual growth. These Life and Spirit facilitators never tell or decree as doctrine to the individual what final spiritual truth is or should be for them.

Religion 2.0 and Evolution Spirituality is a spiritually free space in that:

1.) All our services are free of charge to all who seek wisdom. Our mission is sustained by voluntary donations. This philosophy reflects the original and universal spiritual wisdom of Ultimate Reality, as Ultimate Reality never requires any quid pro quo monetary payment of any kind to receive its wisdom, support or grace.

2.) Our non profit spiritual organization is not owned by any one individual, group of individuals or organization. Its property and assets are part of a universal spiritual wisdom commons for the service of the universe(s). Our organization is managed administratively by individuals who see and execute their administrative management duties as a sacred stewardship and trust.

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A Space of Non-influence

As a consequence of honoring the absolute sovereignty of free will (the universal spiritual prime directive,) and being a space of spiritual freedom to explore and decide for oneself on all spiritual matters, we neither desire nor seek to have influence upon or over anyone or any other organization. We trust in the wisdom of the natural evolutionary process. We believe in being fully encouraged and/or allowed to make our own decisions and then to fully experience their consequences as one of the most effective, efficient and expedient ways to learn and grow on every level.

This does not signify we cannot learn from history or that when specifically asked we will not offer information, options, possible consequences, opinions or our own experiences concerning some issue. It does signify, that concurrent with presenting any requested information or opinion, we release any and all desire to effect or influence the decisions or actions of others or other organizations to our way of thinking or believing.

Through releasing any and all desire for influencing others or the world to adopt our beliefs and though focusing upon first seeking to change ourselves, we will paradoxically be the most effective that we can be. This way, we will best help those who truly are seeking help and can respect the spiritual prime directive of the universe regarding free will.

A considerable portion of our education materials will be directed towards education of individuals seeking art-of-living information on how to choose well and prosper. Our belief in respecting individual’s decision and their fully experiencing the consequences of their decisions, does not disallow us from entering into organizational collaborations relating to social or environmental improvement where all parties to the collaboration have decided to collaborate. Nor does it imply that we will allow or tolerate any behavior. It refers only to matters of spiritual choice.

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A Space of an Open Source and Fully Integral Spirituality

Religion 2.0 is an evolutionary open source and integral new form of meta-spirituality. Any one individual of any denomination or organization can co-create with us and contribute their spiritual wisdom, ideas and principles to help co-evolve this new form of spirituality and this new evolution of religious organization structure.

This implies that within Religion 2.0 there always will be many different harmonics of spiritual messages and spiritual teachers presenting spiritual wisdom and support from many different perspectives. This is exactly as it should be because spiritual wisdom and spiritual support always has to be presented in a digestible manner that is tailored to the differences in individual abilities, learning styles and personality types as well as differences in religious or cultural backgrounds and psychological developmental levels.

There are many additional new and exciting principles that apply only to the open source process of our achieving our goals. To learn more about these click here and read the rest of the page these are found on.

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A Space of Evolutionary Adventure

The evolutionary universe(s) are a single energy/matter event that inherently contains the interweaving of physical, mental and spiritual reality. The evolutionary universe(s) begin with energy that solidifies, unfolds or develops into matter. Matter eventually unfolds or develops into life and life eventually unfolds or develops into thought. Thought eventually unfolds or develops into self-consciousness, and self-consciousness eventually unfolds or develops into spirit.

In its final phase evolutionary spirit unfolds or develops into a new or additional states or presences of Ultimate Reality. These new or additional states or presences of Ultimate Reality that gradually unfold or develop through the evolutionary process are not an Ultimate Reality that developed exclusively or solely out of matter and evolution. They are the very infinite, absolute Ultimate Reality that was fully present at and before the beginning of the evolutionary universe(s) now appearing as an either partial or complete, new or additional Ultimate Reality states or presences within the evolutionary universe(s).

As a creative free will act of love and sharing of itself with all creation and, to expand its own self manifestation and self realization in new ways beyond the limitations of absolute infinity and eternity, the infinite, absolute Ultimate Reality that was fully present at and before the beginning of the evolutionary universe(s) has creatively involved itself into the developmental progression of the evolutionary universe(s). In and through the development of the evolutionary universe(s) the infinite, absolute Ultimate Reality can also experience new creative delight, play, adventure and satisfactions that are additive to the absolute infinity and eternity of qualities of the absolute and infinite Ultimate Reality that was fully present at and before the beginning of the evolutionary universe(s).

The Ultimate Reality that was fully present before the beginning of the evolutionary universe(s) is present in the evolutionary universes, but in a new and implicit form. It is by and through the evolutionary process itself that the infinite, absolute Infinite Ultimate Reality makes its divinity explicit in a new and additional way. The sacredness found within the unfolding of evolutionary process makes this great step-by-step new unveiling of divinity possible. This is the greatest of possible adventures --- the divinization of the universe(s) in which we are vital partners and co-creators.

The discovery of the evolutionary process by human consciousness will some day be seen as one of the most dramatic events in the spiritual advancement in human mentality because at this event the universe(s) folded back on itself through human consciousness and for the first time a creature looked nature back and the eye and said, what exactly are you up to? This was the cross-over moment that prepared us for a new way to discover the implicit, involved Ultimate Reality becoming explicit in the process of evolution within ourselves and within every other particle and thing existing within the evolutionary universe(s).

This discovery prepared the soil for the eventual development of the Religion 2.0 as found in Universe Spirit. The new Religion 2.0 and Evolution Spirituality presents us a place where we are no longer crushed by the immensity of a cold or meaningless exclusively material universe(s). It presents us a beautiful place that we can resonate with because as a whole, the material universe is the outer form of our own inner spirit as well as the unfolding or developing birthplace for new states and presences of the very infinite, absolute Ultimate Reality that was fully present at and before the beginning of the evolutionary universe(s). With the advent of evolutionary spirituality integrated with evolutionary science we once again live in a fully unified universe rich in ever expanding identity, purpose and meaning.

Individuals much less humankind awakening to the intrinsic, involved presence of the infinite, absolute Ultimate Reality becoming fully explicit in time development or evolutionary nature was considerably more difficult than awakening to eternity or the understanding of the infinite, absolute Infinite Oneness/Ultimate Reality as an eternal presence as it has traditionally been presented by the religions of the world for millennia. This is again because the process of science had to first present human consciousness with an understanding of the evolutionary process itself before the involved and evolving identity, meanings and purposes of Ultimate Reality could be discovered in completely new ways within the evolutionary process itself.

We hold that though the process of being alert, awake and present in the universe(s) one actually feels and calls the presence of the evolutionarily manifesting Ultimate Reality asking for or guiding us into the exact type of creative and co-creative action that gives birth to the next moment in the process of more and more of the universe(s) at their every level becoming more and more Ultimate Reality conscious and consequently naturally more reflective of the highest identity, nature and purposes of the infinite, absolute Ultimate Reality that was fully present at and before the beginning of the evolutionary universe(s).

It is the role of the new evolutionary spiritualities like Religion 2.0 to enhance and support the process of more and more of the universe(s) (and all the matter and life and consciousness within them) at their every level becoming more and more Ultimate Reality conscious and consequently naturally more reflective of the highest identity, nature and purposes of the infinite and absolute Ultimate Reality. In this process the individual begins to perceive their true identity in its most expansive and fullest way and their presence in the evolutionary universe(s) as the greatest adventure of expanding identity, meaning and purpose ever possible.

With the discoveries of evolution and the perspectives of Religion 2.0 and Evolution Spirituality the evolutionary universe itself can now be seen as:

  1. being in a process that is evoking the birth of co-created new state(s) of Ultimate Reality --- a Divine Being that is in some ways a larger more encompassing mind spirit personality,
  2. Ultimate Reality’s body because all of us and all things together are meaningfully interconnected and part of the same divinization process,
  3. a new type of universal spiritual home --- a universal spiritual home, which in many ways transcends the spiritual homes that the religious traditions have so well provided before the discovery of evolution and the involved and evolving presence of Ultimate Reality within the universe’s evolutionary process.
  4. an ultimately powerful source of a common attraction toward new levels of both personal and universal unification, integration and harmony because of the inherent additional drawing power of this new evolving state of the single Ultimate Reality manifesting in and through the evolutionary process.

The Ultimate Reality One has involved itself in evolution and seeks to manifests higher expressions of itself its nature and purposes within and through the processes of evolution. Evolution is part of the great spiritual adventure and co-creational spiritual partnership and it is a dynamic, flowing and flexible open system.

The directions of this evolutionary adventure are:

  1. never ending change, novelty and diversity dynamically and continuously re-balancing order and chaos.
  2. motion toward complexification, (paradoxically this increasing evolutionary complexification can be counterbalanced as well as better managed by the ultimate simplicity and stillness of the emerging Spirit essence involved within it.)
  3. proceeding by the natural process of applying the greatest amount of conflict or tension the organism or living system can creatively bear to assist it to grow or adapt toward higher levels of self organization, co-operation, harmony and integration. Evolution at the deepest levels appears to proceed though cooperative win/win arrangements vs. pure survival of fittest as has been popularly mischaracterized about evolutionary law.
  4. motion toward greater intelligence.
  5. motion toward more and more matter in all its various forms not just becoming conscious (as the philosopher Hegel said,) but becoming more and more conscious of the Ultimate Reality itself involved within it at continually higher levels.
  6. never ending change through the exhaustion of all possibilities toward greater truth, beauty and goodness reflecting more and more of the nature, purposes and identity of the Infinite.
  7. motion towards individual and group cooperation and recognized interdependence on consciousness levels towards a "quality of being" life focus vs. a mere existence or survival focus. Evolution because of this emerging conscious recognition interdependence implies the development of ethics of co-operation.
  8. the entire planet seems to act more like an integrated organism because of its combined genetic and cultural evolution.

Unfortunately in a closed system peace and a static equilibrium do not appear to be the goals of evolution. But, if we understand the natural trends and processes of evolution we can create a new type of dynamic and constantly evolving "peace" within ourselves, our organization and our world. It not will be the old idea of peace without conflict and tension, but of a "peace" that embraces conflict and tension as natural and is formed from a continuous creative resolution of evolving present antagonisms.

Understanding and using the natural processes of evolution and co-creating as partners with the Infinite Oneness/Ultimate Reality while being our most universal, creative and Ultimate Reality reflecting selves, we too will naturally manifest a new delight in the evolutionary adventure of creation and co-creation--- the same delight that was and continues to be the first response of Ultimate Reality to its creations. Unlike other spiritualities we believe that love, compassion and the intention to share were the second responses of Ultimate Reality to its creations. When one first comes from a true delight in the evolutionary adventure of creation and co-creation and then they act with love compassion and the desire to share, their actions are considerably more empowered and effective because they more reflect how Ultimate Reality itself relates to all of creation at the most primal level.

In respect for the natural processes of evolution we allow our organization and its ideals, principles and procedures to continually evolve and change based on conflict tension and new, better or corrected information rather than being dependent upon the approval of static authoritative hierarchyal or ecclesiastical structures common to older religious organizations. In fact, it is our policy on a regular basis to review, updated and upgraded versions of our principles, policies and position papers such as this document.

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A Space of Gratitude

Unqualified gratitude may be the highest form of worship of the Ultimate Reality. Our gratitude can be further cultivated in our unqualified acceptance of what is and our unqualified willingness to co-create from whatever position we find ourselves in the great co-creative adventure of involution and evolution with the Ultimate Reality. Gratitude for everything that is happening to us in each moment deepens our delight in the unfolding of great spiritual adventure.

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A Space of Inclusion and Love

All is included in the loving acceptance and embrace of the Ultimate Reality. As a spiritual movement and organization we spiritually:

  1. include all persons and non-personal things.
  2. include and integrate the life affirming wisdom and spiritual principles from the totality of humankind’s spiritual and religious history.
  3. include and integrate the rational truths of modern science, psychology and philosophy.
  4. include and integrate both female and male spirituality in both its uniqueness and its complementary qualities.
  5. include and integrate both the personal, theistic western spirituality and the impersonal, non-theistic eastern spirituality.
  6. include and integrate the life affirming pre-modern, modern, postmodern and post-postmodern cultural wisdom.
  7. include and integrate individuals and organizations at all the various psychological or consciousness developmental levels making up the complete spiral of evolving life.

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A Space of Dynamic Balance

The Ultimate Reality continuously holds in balance all forces, stress tensions and energies in the universe(s). It dynamically balances the needs of each part with the needs of the whole both now and through Eternity. As individuals and as an organization we seek to dynamically balance our principles and actions to reflect the dynamic balance found toward both the part and the whole as in the Ultimate Reality’s relationship to the universe(s).

We believe that in evolution there is an inherent natural stress and conflict factor that exerts a healthy tension on all life "motivating" or pushing growth and adaptation. We acknowledge that the dynamic balance that can be created in life is created by a willingness to accept the presence of this near continuous evolutionary tension, conflict and stress and by the constant and appropriate re-adjustment to it and/or use of it.

We therefore accept, embrace and use this evolutionary tension, conflict and stress factor to enhance our personal and organization growth and adaptation on all physical, mental and spiritual levels. We acknowledge that seeking a continuously static or tranquil state is not wise, realistic or possible within the evolutionary process. We seek instead to create a healthy and dynamic, continually adjusting balance between life’s evolutionary stressors and conflicts and the deep levels of static tranquility and internal peace attainable with authentic spiritual development.

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A Space for a new Collective Spiritual Consciousness and Collaborative Commons

Based upon what common spiritual wisdom, spiritual experience and spiritual intentions are most spiritually important and real to the participating individuals, we seek to create a space of natural spiritual union and communion between Ultimate Reality and individuals within a global spiritual wisdom collaborative commons. While honoring and respecting the uniqueness, differences and possible complementarities of the individuals within it, this space will also naturally create a new type of harmonized and unified collectivity of spiritual consciousness. It may then even evolve into the transcendent global spiritual commons envisioned in the "super-consciousness" spoken of by Pierre Teilhard de Chardin in his book, The Human Phenomenon.

Sri Aurobindo a philosopher and futurist also predicted and described some of the unifying qualities of this global spiritual commons when he stated, "what would bind all together would be… a common consciousness consolidating a common life. All would be united by the evolution of the Truth Consciousness in them; in the changed way of being in which this consciousness would bring about in them, they would feel themselves to be embodiments of a single self, souls of a single reality; illuminated and motivated by a fundamental unity of knowledge, actuated by a fundamental unified will and feeling."

We believe that the evolutionary emergence of this new unifying collective spiritual consciousness and global spiritual commons is in part a collective response and manifestation of both our collective survival instinct in relation to the new global dangers we are experiencing as well as the grace of the Ultimate Reality in the form of a new collective-issue focused state of group God and/or Buddhahood acting in new ways as our active co-creative partner in the co-evolution of our world and the universe. Because of this belief we are actively engaged in supporting the expansion of the global spiritual commons through a process called open source spirituality.

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A Space for Synthesis and Synergy

The spiritual cultural space we create at Universe Spirit is a process.. This process includes, synthesizes and synergizes. Sometimes in the natural evolutionary process of including, synthesizing and synergizing a new transcending spiritual perspective or principle is discovered, revealed or created. We intend to include, synthesize and synergize:

1.) humankind’s knowledge of the Infinite,

2.) science, spirituality and humankind’s spiritual history,

3.) the life affirming qualities of male and female spirituality,

4.) the life affirming qualities of western and eastern spirituality, (eastern spirituality often characterizes Ultimate Reality in the impersonal absolutes of Buddhahood, Consciousness or the unifying creative force in Nature. Western spirituality often characterizes Ultimate Reality in the personal absolutes of God, Allah, Jehovah, the Trinity, the Universal One, or, one of many other both personal sacred names given to the creator and origin of all reality. At Universe Spirit we embrace both the personal and impersonal absolutes of Ultimate Reality as one. We believe they both are a dual non-dual paradoxical and mystical unity reflecting unique yet completely unified absolutes within Ultimate Reality. 

5.) the life affirming qualities of both ancient and modern spirituality, (In this context modern spirituality would include both postmodern and post-postmodern spirituality.)

6.) the life affirming wisdom of the processes of natural evolution in co-creative partnership with the Infinite,

7.) the life affirming wisdom derived from a global spiritual collaboration to create the next evolutionary form of spirituality and religious organization derived from the wisdom from science, humankind’s spiritual history as well as individual spiritual experience and wisdom. (This process at Universe Spirit is one where anyone or any organization with wisdom to contribute can be an organizational co-founder and help co-birth this evolutionary spiritual movement and new religious vehicle.)

8.) the life affirming processes of regular direct experience of Ultimate Reality balanced and followed by spiritualized decision making and spiritualized action.

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A Space for Community and Sharing

The Universe Community and Religion 2.0 is a community where one feels that all community participants are in it together and there is a pool of common secular and spiritual meaning, purpose and identity that flows, changes and grows in its pursuit of the greater shared common spiritual good. We intend to create and maintain a sharing community space where:

  1. there is a focus on collective issues of the greatest importance to the whole while simultaneously and in appropriate balance valuing individual diversity, knowledge and contribution.
  2. from other community members one can learn better ways to solve life’s problems and successfully live their higher ideals.
  3. spiritual teachers and leaders from all denominations can gather to help each other renew, learn and grow.
  4. one can find friends, companions and possible marriage partners who reflect the values and goals of their own spiritual life.
  5. there can be a shift away from an overly cherished sense of separate individuality as the dominant basis of individual decision making to a more healthy and balanced evolutionary progression toward seeing oneself making more BOTH self AND community based win/win/win decisions within the greater whole/parts (holons) in which one is imbedded. (Win/win/win is a strategy where all the competing interests win and the community/environment wins too.)
  6. the collective communal wisdom better reflects the whole and individuals within the community can better see though their individual parts to the center of that whole.
  7. it is easier to respond to that which is deepest and most real within each other because it is a safe space for focusing upon experiencing the essential Self of another from the place of one’s own most essential Self.
  8. from a spiritualized win/win/win perspective the community can collective act on social issues.
  9. in this community is found new forms of collective communal enlightenments beyond the personal enlightenments attainable by the individual alone.
  10. in this community a new spiritual union and spiritual Presence is realized or evolved. This is because this collective communal space simultaneously nurtures and reflects the highest essence of the individual, the highest essence of other individuals within the community, a new type of spiritual essence of the collective communal consciousness and, the essence of a new collective-issue focused state of Infinite Oneness/Ultimate Reality of which are in co-creative partnership gracing the evolutionary greatest common good.

This supportive sharing community is available for supporting your great spiritual adventure of transformative, direct spiritual experience toward and with Ultimate Reality. This is the most essential, powerful and only adventure in existence that will eventually help you create everything worthwhile to be or become, will help you do everything worthwhile that could ever be done and, will eventually help you create everything that is worth having both in the now and throughout eternity!

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A Space for Individual Spiritual Transformation Enhancing Individuality within Community

The Universe Community and Religion 2.0 is a space for individual spiritual transformation. It is a place of individual spiritual adventure and the individual search for never ending new meaning, purpose and identity while answering the perennial questions of individual and collective existence.

It provides tools for better living and tools to help you develop your own unique spirituality. It is designed primarily to empower individual spiritual growth through transformative, direct spiritual experience of Ultimate reality (rather than empower individuals via individual to religious organization interaction.)

It is paradoxically a community space where individual autonomy is enhanced not lessened and the individual feels that their highest future potential can be better enhanced and realized from the community mission, as well as support to and from the community. It is also paradoxical in that is a space where a strong presence of community and shared wisdom creates a stronger sense of unique individuality, within the context of the whole community rather than separate from it.

In this space an individual can let go of non-win/win/win superseding self interests for a new balance in the greater win/win/win common good. Individuals become better both in and out of this new spiritual community because their individuality is now seen more as indispensable part of an open system rather than a isolated or fragmented part of a closed system responding only to itself.

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A Space for Expanding Personal and Spiritual Identity

In this new space is found a new integral way of seeing identity is as being both the part and the whole (i.e. the concept of the holon.) Being both the interconnected and interdependent part and whole simultaneously can dramatically and naturally transform the way individuals perceive their own part/whole identity embedded or nested within the greater whole as well as their relations to others and the universe.

Part of this depth and breath perception expansion of what one identifies as self includes not only an enhanced concern for caring for their present world and environment condition but also a new commitment to the welfare of future generations. One of the many ways our organization will express support for this new sense of expanded identity caring for both part and the whole is though our future studies and social values programs found within our art-of-living education programs.

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A Space of Spiritual Intention and Spiritual Will

Our organizational intention is to create a supportive space for the simultaneous evolutionary realization of both the highest spiritual intentions and potentials of the individual in addition to the highest spiritual intentions of Ultimate Reality. These intentions are congruent with humankind’s perennial spiritual wisdom regarding the intentions of Infinite Oneness/Ultimate Reality in its relation to Itself, the manifest universe(s) and the individual as well as, the individual’s unique relationship to and with the Infinite, the universe(s) and others.

Some of this perennial spiritual wisdom concerning what the multiple intentions of Ultimate Reality are in its relation to Itself, the manifest universes and the individual follow:

A.) In the manifest involutionary/evolutionary universes Ultimate Reality has the intention to have endlessly improving experiences through exhausting all its absolute potentials of perfect creative Self manifestation, Self distribution, Self bestowal and Self sharing.

B.) In the manifest involutionary/evolutionary universes, Ultimate Reality intends through Self distribution, Self bestowal and Self sharing with and within the various free will and other conscious forms of the universe, for all consciousness and conscious beings to have the opportunity to experience and/or share endless new and higher forms of self consciousness and Self realization of their highest true natures.

C.) Ultimate Reality has the intention to experience endlessly cosmic delight in it creations, endless evolutionary play and adventure and endless absolute creative freedom of exercising its absolute will with and in all forms including acts of will that could be considered to be pure whim.

D.) Ultimate Reality has the intention to continue to experience its absolute blissful, replete satisfaction in the evolutionary process from incompletion to completion by sharing all of its absolute Self and its potentials in and through, all that there is to be, do, have or become though the processes of increasing truth, beauty, goodness, love, mercy, ministry, wisdom, justice and empowerment.

E.) Ultimate Reality has the intention to manifest endless diverse possibilities of creativity and co-creative partnership with all the forms of the universe, which are involving, evolving or co-evolving all of existence toward higher levels of truth, beauty and goodness that more fully reflect the realizable purposes, potentials and realized actuals of Ultimate Reality itself and of all the various forms of the universe(s).

Our Organizations intentions: We intend, through an attitude of gratitude and certainty of eventual spiritual success as well as the belief in endless creative possibilities, delight, play, adventure and sharing to create a Universe Community and Religion 2.0 in which:

1. Our organization reflects the nature, purposes and the truth, goodness and beauty of Ultimate Reality as best as we can know or discover it.

2. One of our key focuses is to provide everything essential for each individual's unique spiritual journey to spiritual completeness. We do this primarily through our supporting their expanding direct experience with Ultimate Reality. The path of expanding direct experience with Ultimate Reality is the greatest possible experience, adventure and destiny for an individual on the spiritual path. This is the optimal path that discovers and/or creates everything that could exist, does everything that should be done, and contains, has and possesses everything in every Universe that should ever be had or shared in optimal life affirming ways!

3. We support the process of expanding transformative, direct spiritual experience. It is essential to create a renewing, liberating and joyous spiritual space where all can be their highest creative ecstatic selves and actively and regularly connect to the Highest loving Essence of all life and the highest essence within others. This is also a place where you can express and be honored for your individual uniqueness and personal spiritual wisdom. Paradoxically, this is a spiritual space where one becomes freed from the fragmentation or restrictiveness caused by any disproportionate or inappropriate preference toward one’s own current gender, nationality, ethnicity, spirituality politics or other ism, yet it is still a space where one can feel a deep and powerful spiritual unity with all.

4. We collect and systemize the life affirming knowledge from every religion, culture, era, hard and social science about wisely, directly and safely experiencing and connecting to Ultimate Reality. This knowledge will gradually be arranged for each level of consciousness and personal learning style, maximizing its usefulness and optimizing learning. We intend to create the world's largest online searchable collection of all spiritual knowledge about Ultimate Reality as well as all human knowledge about spirituality.

5. We cultivate this transcultural spiritual wisdom to help produce an optimized way to achieve healthy and balanced spiritual growth and transformation. This transformation also suffuses the individual with increasing amounts and understanding of the spiritual light, guiding radiance, nature, ideals and purposes of Ultimate Reality. They then cannot help but become more wise and intuitive, compassionately powerful, responsible, and beautiful. As they have been transformed, they transform their interpersonal relations and their world to more closely reflect what they themselves have directly experienced. A safe, just, healthy, equitable and unpolluted world more reflective of their highest experience of Ultimate Reality is the ultimate outcome.

6. We promote collective spiritualized activism to meet the global challenges we face in the next 20 years and beyond.

7. We support the effort of an existing multi-denominational, global collective of spiritually mature individuals who are already revealing or co-evolving a collective-issue focused state Ultimate Reality. Within the cyber space of our website, a special, sacred and focused Presence is manifesting though the intentions of this state of Ultimate Reality and the intentions of those spiritually mature individuals helping to co-evolve its manifestation.

8. Our web site is a space that unites the wisdom of individuals and groups all over the world to form a collective spiritual knowledge base from which a collective spiritual consciousness can grow and create both a new type of collective spiritual conscious and a collective spiritual beingness and presence.

9. Spiritual wisdom and science can coexist and support each other in their unique and complimentary realms. Spirituality bringing more universal values to the appropriate science fields and science bringing the appropriate rationality to the field of spirituality.

10. We intend to collectively co-create and co-found a new spiritual movement, open source spirituality and spiritual/religious vehicle for the 21st century and beyond. It is focused upon supporting personal spirituality and holds a hope of becoming a global "midwife" and cross-pollination center for a new spiritualized social evolution.

11. We are a dynamic, innovative supporter of a new type of religion 2.0 integral interfaith that includes synthesis and strives to transcend all inter-denominational spiritual wisdom from humankind’s spiritual history.

12. We are a supportive community culture in which one can be a part of something greater than self. It is a mystical/spiritual union with Ultimate Reality and in a spiritual human union of collective values and action. Here one can help forward the community mission to serve others and give back to Ultimate Reality, from which all has been given to the individual.

13. We are creating spiritual empowerment and art-of living tools for the age of mega change to assist individuals in living less fragmented, more successful, meaningful, stable and peaceful lives. And, in so doing we can help heal the tension, fragmentation and resistances of the modern world though both healthy spirituality and the building of healthy supportive mini-cultures.

14. We provide ways for individuals to connect and establish relationships such as friendships, dating or marriage partners, prayer, meditation or worship buddies, dieting, exercise, or life goal motivation partners or, study, work, event or travel buddies etc.

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A Space of Spiritual Humor

There is great spiritual humor inherent within the spiritual adventure we all share. Seeing and sharing that humor both strengthens us and lightens our load. Non-derisive humor is always an inherent part of our spiritual community and of our individual and collective delight.


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Hansa Wattanawongsiri