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The Critical Role and Balance of the Postmodern I, We and It Perspectives within the Universe Evolutionary Worldview & Evolution Spirituality

Why Science's Objective Fact Probabilities and Personal Spirituality's Subjective Beliefs or Opinions in a Healthy and Integral Balance and --- in Their Appropriate Roles are Essential to Life!

"The relationship worked out between science and religion will determine the destiny of the human race." Alfred Lord Whitehead 

The Three Kinds of Reality: Objective, Subjective and Inter-subjective and How They Go Beyond the Wisdom of Modernism

As the great philosophers have said and as it has been restated in Post Modernism we all live in a world of three main "truth" and reality perspectives. They are the "I" subjective perspectives and "truth" realities of spiritual or secular beliefs, opinions, intuitions, etc., the "we" inter-subjective relational perspectives and "truth" realities of social and inter-personal agreements, contracts, etc. and the "it" objective perspectives and "truth" high probability realities of community verifiable and testable personal or scientific observation. 

Within the Universe Evolutionary Worldview and the Evolution Spirituality movement the objective "it" fact probabilities of science are essential to ground and balance the "I" subjective meanings and values found within the individual's secular or spiritual beliefs and opinions. This science grounding in objective reality helps bring about and empower a common, effective, and life-affirming inter-subjective relational "we" cooperation, agreement, and social and other contracts that are essential to the functioning of a healthy group. Without a lot of good individual and community testable objective reality it is very difficult to build stable communities and unions.  (And yes, the "I" subjective meanings and values found within the individual's secular or spiritual beliefs and opinions will play a vital role and also ground and balance how the "it" objective fact probabilities of science can or should be used.)

Understanding the often subtle and proper roles, appropriate uses and balances between the outer objective "it" observations of reality, the inner subjective, "I" spiritual or secular beliefs, opinions, intuitions, etc. and the inter-subjective relational, "we" realities, common agreements about the way things are, should or will be is critically important for life success. This is because if any of these three major life perspectives are denied or held in an imbalanced or inappropriate way in relation to the other two then serious, continuous, but avoidable life problems will inevitably result.

On the life side of things the new Universe Evolutionary Worldview, as well as the new Evolution Spirituality, unites, balances, and distinguishes all three of these "truth" realities and perspectives within the universe in their appropriate, coherent, and structured matrix of triune relationship. They both also combine and distinguish outer (objective, it science realities,) inner (subjective, I opinion, belief realities,) and the inter-subjective (relational, we agreement, [contractual,] realities) on any phenomena, whether singular or collective. Not only does it more clearly distinguish these three vitally important different perspectives of reality and their appropriate domains --- it also orders them in a practical new way that promotes effective and harmonious social cooperation at all levels --- based on universe evolutionary science.

The Universe Evolutionary Worldview and the new Evolution Spirituality order these three perspectives of reality by placing an initial and extra learning and evaluation importance upon the outer objective, "it realities" of scientifically observable fact probabilities. This is due to the capabilities of the outer objective, "it realities" of science to rationally ground and balance the other two subjective "I" and inter-subjective "we" perspectives of reality as well as even more importantly create and maintain healthy communities and unions based primarily on objective reality.

The outer objective, "it realities" of science create a vitally important common and shared objective reality that is testable and verifiable by any rational member of the group. Having such common and shared objective rational realities is critical to establish the common and necessary rational agreements (contracts,) that allow for and expand the human cooperation (resource and knowledge flow) at greater scales --- that is now also so critical to our planetary survival in cooperative problem-solving. 

Because the Universe Evolutionary Worldview and the new Evolution Spirituality give the outer objective, "it realities" of science a learning and evaluation initial extra foundational priority does not mean that the other two subjective "I" and inter-subjective "we" perspectives of reality are ignored or devalued. In fact, quite the opposite is true! 

The Universe Evolutionary Worldview and the new Evolution Spirituality starts with an un-apologetic weighting toward grounding reality in the factual probabilities of the outer objective, "it realities" of science. After that perspective as a common agreement grounding for the group with all its natural benefits has been achieved, it then strongly encourages individuals and groups in non-biased ways to explore their subjective "I" and "we" inter-subjective perspectives to obtain the necessary values, meaning-making and contractual agreements possible and born from those two other important life perspectives.

Evolution Spirituality on this website particularly encourages individuals to seek greater meaning and value understanding by subjectively exploring all of the mystery, myth, and metaphor at the core of all the great religions in order to better understand the Origin of the universe and their purpose and meaning within the universe.  Additionally, in the subjective "I" and the relational "we" inter-subjective perspectives are amazingly discovered, interpreted, and expanded the personal values and meanings of the fact probabilities discovered by objective science. Here one can also explore whole new value and meaning possibilities.

The Universe Evolutionary Worldview and Evolution Spirituality reunite objective fact probabilities and subjective and inter-subjective personal values and meaning-making in a new order and with a new science grounding weighting that will more effectively support increased cooperation at great scale (a key principle of progressive evolution,) while still honoring the important roles of the subjective and inter-subjective for creating meanings and values or new possibilities for the objective fact probabilities of science. This science weighting and honoring of the other two perspectives is of major importance to the future by also helping to empower the planetary goal of a sustainable prosperity for all.

A key factor to keep in mind in this process is that while individuals and groups are encouraged in non-biased ways to explore the subjective "I" and inter-subjective "we" perspectives for new personal values and meanings for the fact probabilities of science (or for whole new creative possibilities for the future,) it does not mean that inner personal subjective or inter-subjective meanings should ever be treated as the common and shared fact probabilities of science without those meanings going through the vigorous testing and community verification processes of science. When subjective personal meanings or opinions are treated as objective science probabilities within a government, society, organization or family and then used to make common and shared decisions negating the actual objective science probabilities related to that situation eventual destruction or chaos is usually the near and certain outcome. (For more information on this area of objective, subjective and inter-subjective demonstrated in practical application see in part the set of principles at the end of the Open Source Spirituality Manifesto in part two linked off the bottom of part one.)

On the spirit side of things, both Evolution Spirituality and the Universe Evolutionary Worldview re-embrace (for those so inclined,) new forms of non-pathological, subjective personal spirituality exploration that is congenial to science, the grounding of progressive evolution, open to philosophic inquiry and, tends toward universality in its perspectives. In the scientific revolution of the last four hundred years there has been an evolution toward scientism and religious reductionism. These extreme mono-perspectival directions within science have actively denied ANY role for the important and balancing meanings and values of subjective personal spirituality or of spirit.

For those so inclined, Evolution Spirituality, and the Universe Evolutionary Worldview once again allow for the reunification of science and spirituality, but this time in new, healthy, and balanced ways appropriate to their unique individual capabilities for informing life with useful factual knowledge probabilities as well as value and meaning. This new science-grounded and science balanced, (but not reductionist and science-strangled,) re-unification of life and spirit and of both objective science and subjective personal spirituality is essential because --- neither the objective probability of the "truths" of science nor the subjective "certainty” of the beliefs and opinions of personal spirituality are complete by themselves or true in any fixed, ultimate or absolute sense!

Just as in physics light cannot be fully or accurately described as either a stream of particles or a wave --- only as something with some of the characteristics of each and yet beyond either descriptive metaphor. So to the physical universe cannot be adequately described as either something scientifically observed or spiritually experienced. Each I, we, and it perspective is needed to have a more complete and balanced view of reality.

For those so inclined to holding spiritual perspectives, Religion 2.0, Evolution Spirituality, and the Universe Evolutionary Worldview hold a centering new cosmological view of a progressively evolving universe that can hold both science grounding probabilities and spiritual meaning and value levels at once. It can hold both the new cosmology and progressive evolutionary science with the most life-affirming non-pathological wisdom from our total human spiritual heritage. (For more information on this area of objective, subjective, and inter-subjective demonstrated in practical application see in part the set of principles at the end of the Open Source Spirituality Manifesto in part two linked off the bottom of part one.)

To those of a spiritual nature, the perspectives of Evolution Spirituality and Universe Evolutionary Worldview offers a New Genesis Story or as others call it a new Great Story, Big History, Modern Creation Myth or Evolutionary Epic that discloses and holds a new common meaning, purposes and common identity that can be shared by all of humanity. With science and personal spirituality co-existing together once again in a more appropriate and balanced relationship, they now can be understood as essential alternate metaphor systems in whose juxtaposition is revealed something much larger and better than either can express alone. (For those individuals who are not spiritual or religious in any way the Universe Evolutionary Worldview also stands alone and fully upon only its science grounding.)

Fortunately, there are numerous new and older spiritual and educational organizations now in the process of evolving their organizations toward more science integrated and science grounded positions. From your reading of this website you are discovering one of the newest, individually personalized and co-created forms of this new balanced and unified life and spirit vision in Evolution Spirituality.

Evolution Spirituality is unique among them in that it addresses both creating a science and spirituality integrated movement closely congruent with the perspectives of the Universe Evolutionary Worldview while also squarely addressing the past pathologies, problems, and power abuses of past religious and spiritual groups by offering innovative new safeguarding solutions to these areas as well.

The Big Question Finally Answered: Can Science and Spirituality Really be Integrated? 

Over the ages, in one form or another, the following validity testing principle for determining authentic spiritual truth or wise religious belief in spiritual communities has been repeatedly made by the founders, mystics and leading theologians of almost ALL major religious denominations.

“No encompassing, whole view and objective truth-probability of science can ever really be in conflict with authentic spiritual law, truth or subjective belief about the nature and purposes of the Ultimate Reality that interconnects, unites and includes all things. The fruit cannot but indicate the nature of its seed! If there is a conflict, then it is the small, partial or limited view of the spiritual laws, truths and beliefs that are wrong."

Science and Spirituality can be successfully integrated and Evolution Spirituality has successfully done so! In addition to doing this by successfully integrating the roles of the "It," "I" and "we" perspectives on reality (as described above,) Evolution Spirituality has also done it by using an integrated set of operational and administrative principles such as the principles for collaboration on spiritual matters and sharing as found in the Open Source Spirituality Manifesto as well as the social and spiritual safety principles found within our Evolution Spirituality Spiritual Safeguards. (It is not necessary to explore these website searchable principles now unless you are an intermediate or advanced student on one of our Universe College courses.)