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Personalize the Action Steps of the Job One For Humanity Climate Restabilization Plan

In the following personal and collective Action Steps sections of Job One Plan you will find effective action steps that actually CAN be done successfully and that are within either your individual or collective zones of influence. The Job One personal and collective Action Steps sections deal with the four most critical areas of needed individual and collective action or change for resolving the climate destabilization challenge.

Collectively, all the action steps are meant to provide a "first things first" critical path for what must be done to prevent us from going over the climate destabilization cliff. These personal and collective action steps when taken together also encompass a complete, holistic, and systemic approach to completely resolving human-caused global warming and climate destabilization permanently.

As you move from Part One of Job One's action steps Part 1 to Part 4 you will discover that when applied successfully, these steps will move both individuals, organizations, and our societies into deep levels of transformation from both the outside in and inside out. The five most critical things to remember while doing the following Job One personal and collective action steps are:

a.) do not be afraid to experiment with all of the Job One for Humanity climate re-stabilization recommendations, processes, and solutions.

b.) start with the easiest Part One steps that get you personally involved fast and allow you to build a success momentum in areas within your zone of influence in which you can actually influence and make a difference. (Please note that while some of the initial personal action steps in Part One of the Job One Plan are not on the most critical path that will directly resolve global climate destabilization threat in the most direct and effective ways to keep us from going over the climate destabilization cliff. They will although make improvements to slow or lessen climate destabilization while we collectively move into doing the more difficult and complex collective steps in Parts 2 and 3 of the Job One Plan that will eventually resolve it.)

c.) work collectively on the steps of Parts 2 and Part 3 to actually resolve the escalating climate destabilization damage.

d.) work personally and collectively on the critical steps in Parts 3 and 4 that build new structures, policies, and where needed, new institutions to help lessen, stop, or repair the climate destabilization damage. And lastly, once we have reversed the escalating climate destabilization threat,

e.) do the final steps of Part 4 needed to insure that once long-term climate re-stabilization is achieved, it is maintained.

f.) Watch the feedback from your and other's successful climate work or other new climate research. Carefully use that feedback to quickly and flexibly adapt and "tinker" your efforts until the most effective personal, collective, local, national and global climate re-stabilization solutions and methods appear. Always keep in mind that we simply do not have the the luxury of wasting time by not evolving our climate re-stabilization effectiveness at the greatest possible pace! And finally,

h.) If you are feeling particularly brave and powerful, start with or focus most of your efforts upon Parts 2 and Part 3 of the Job One Plan.

The above how to steps are not enacted sequential, but are meant wherever possible to go on simultaneously.

And Finally, Keep in Mind That Climate and Related Science is Constantly Evolving!

Our organization will always quickly amend or update our climate destabilization and Job One Plan information any time more current and reliable new climate research becomes available. As in all evolving science, we openly acknowledge that based only upon the parsity of today's current state of climate tipping point research, both our organization and all of the other climate destabilization experts could be wrong concerning future levels of climate destabilization, its likely timetables, or its future consequences. Because of this wise and continual openness to scientific falsification,we also invite you to always make up your own mind as to the usefulness and validity of our current Job One Plan conclusions and action steps regarding the future of climate re-stabilization and what must be done NOW to create it.

If you think that we have made any error in presenting any climate data or climate predictions when viewed from a systems thinking and a meta-systemic thinking viewpoint, we invite you to use the comment field at the bottom of the page containing the information with which you disagree. In this field present your precise criticism and counter-information.

The current climate data is so bleak that there is nothing that our organization would like better than to be proven absolutely wrong on our climate analysis, research, and climate predictions. Our future would be so much happier, easier, and better if the core Job One for Humanity Plan climate information was simply wrong on its most important conclusions and projections.

To begin your first personal action step on the Job One Plan, click the link to the right below. Click the UP link to see all of the linked pages in this booklet at the bottom of that page.

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