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Other Key Principles of Open Source Spirituality Within The Evolutionary Spirituality Movement

1.) Open source spirituality is a natural evolutionary emergence and also is an essential aspect of the personal spirituality movement. Open source spirituality is also due to the revolution in open-source software and theory and the reality of the Internet of Things (IOT) bringing together all human knowledge. (If you have not yet reviewed the ideas of the personal spirituality movement, we strongly recommend it now.)

2.) Open source spirituality is a new means of open, co-creation to co-evolve the Collaborative Commons in the area of all the spiritual wisdom of humanity. This collaborative Commons of spiritual can then better assist each individual in expanding their personal growth, success, and personal spirituality to create a better world and to improve understanding and tolerance between the religions of the world. It is the next natural evolutionary step beyond (that both includes and transcends) the work and goals of the Interfaith Movement.

3.) The open-source principles and processes can inform any new spiritual movement (like Evolution Spirituality, for example). Open-source principles and processes also can inform and qualify the progressive Religion 1.5 movements of evolutionary spirituality, integral spirituality, and peer-to-peer spirituality movement principles and processes.

4.) Any individual of any denomination or organization who understands the open-source spirituality kernel and principles of peer-to-peer open source spirituality and the materials that they would like to work on can contribute their spiritual wisdom, processes, ideas, and principles to help co-evolve the open source kernel and the applications of Religion 2.0 and thereby help expand the scope and usefulness of the rapidly-expanding global spiritual Collaborative Commons.

5.) The open-source spirituality movement marks a true theological, structural and organizational revolution like none before in the history of religion and spirituality. It has already changed and evolved the very definitions of what religion and spirituality can currently be and will commonly be in the future. It will not just naturally evolve current religious and spiritual organizations toward creating more open source future denominations, it will also naturally evolve current religious and spiritual organizations toward creating more open source forms of churches, temples, and mosques for those sections of their communities ready now or soon to be ready for this new evolutionary face of religion and spirituality birthed from and for the 21st-century internet information age. This theological, structural and organizational revolution in religion and spirituality is so empowering and appropriate to our globalizing world that any denomination that fails to take note of its evolutionary emergence and make appropriate internal adjustments will steadily watch their members leave to go to Evolution Spirituality like spiritual organizations that have incorporated the open source spirituality principles.

6.) Implied in the idea of open source spirituality using a common operating kernel --- is the fact that there always will be many different harmonics of spiritual messages and types of spiritual individuals/teachers presenting spiritual wisdom from many different evolutionary, developmental, personal, and cultural perspectives. This is exactly as it should be, because spiritual wisdom needs to be organized and presented in a digestible manner that is tailored to the differences in individual abilities, learning styles, gender, ethnicity, and personality types as well as differences in religious or cultural backgrounds and psychological developmental perspectives.

(Please Note: The open source spirituality principles are an essential core part of the kernel of Evolution Spirituality found on this website. For more information on the kernel of Evolution Spirituality, click here.)