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Open Source Spirituality and its Relationship to a Global Spiritual Commons

"Open-Source Spirituality is the future's evolutionary next step beyond today's global interfaith movement. The principles of these movements will significantly help to create a true meta-religion, meta-spirituality and global spiritual commons for all of humanity."---Lawrence Wollersheim

A Global Spiritual Commons is defined as a common and free access spiritual wisdom resource (database,) cyber hub and collaborative network created and expanded by any and all individuals or organizations who wish to share the spiritual wisdom and experience of Evolution Spirituality in an open-source, collaboration, and co-creation. The Open Source Spirituality process and spiritual and administrative principles on this website facilitate the expansion, maintenance and the free and open use of the Global Spiritual Commons.

What is most exciting about the results of these online and offline open-source religion and spirituality collaborations is that they not only expand the Global Spiritual Commons, but they also create a place where you will find both a place and process where everyone can share in both the spiritual and scientific wisdom from humanity’s vast heritage (or add and share the wisdom from their own spirituality or personal experience,) to help emerge new visions and perspectives of Ultimate Reality and for creating a better world of meaning, sustainable prosperity and justice for all of humanity.

A networked open-source spirituality global spiritual commons holds the promise of becoming humanity’s vast central knowledge base of all spiritual and science-related wisdom, which can be more fully collected, organized, and freely distributed through multiple-system and multiple-channel delivery systems. The multiple-delivery systems and channels will specifically adapt this continuously expanding knowledge base for more effective and easier user assimilation by tailoring the presentation of this spiritual wisdom specifically to an individual’s unique learning style, personality, current psychological development level, gender, age, culture or other important “isms”.

In the dynamic, evolutionary synthesis process of the co-creative assembly and inclusion of all of humankind’s spiritual and science-related wisdom in this global commons, there is a natural pruning that occurs resulting in the emergence of more useful and/or appropriate spiritual or scientific wisdom. In some cases, this newly emerged wisdom will transcend earlier wisdom in its universality, inclusiveness, meanings, values, adaptiveness to current conditions or, in the way that it better integrates all spiritual and physical life wisdom into more useful maps and metaphors for not only the co-creators and participants in the global commons but for all of humankind. In the principles for building an Open Source Spirituality found on this website much more will be said to help define the specifics about what the Global Spiritual Commons is, what it specifically does and, what the Open Source Spirituality processes and principles are.

Currently, the Universe Spirit website is serving as a host node and host networking center for open-source spirituality process and the expanding global spiritual commons. It is our hope that soon other open-source spirituality nodes, networks, and communities will begin operating all over the world.

You Can Begin Participating in and Contributing to this Open-Source Spirituality Movement and Help to Expand the Global Spiritual Commons Right Now!

Here is how:

Let us know if you think anything is missing from the above co-creational, open-source religion, and open-source spirituality process principles. Let us know specifically what things you think need to be refined, edited, or added to the lists above. Finally, let us know about any ideas, additions, or edits that you have for any of the open-source materials found on this website.

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