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Just Ahead of the Release of Pope's New Encyclical on Global Warming and the Environment the Religion 2.0 Movement Releases its New Positions on Global Warming and the Environment

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Submitted by Lawrence on

It is great that the Catholic Church through its new Pope Francis is releasing a detailed new encyclical on global warming and preserving the environment. Hopefully the governing bodies of all the other major religions of the world will follow soon with their own similar statements about the morality of polluting and destroying our planet's life-critical environment.

It is also great that the Pope Francis says "if we destroy creation it will destroy us" and that we have a definite moral duty to preserve our planet for future generations. Since its inception of the Religion 2.0 movement it has held similar positions in clear position papers.

The two most important Religion 2.0 position papers on the environment and global warming are:

a.) the Sustainable Prosperity position paper, and

b.) the Job One For Humanity Climate Re-Stabilization Plan.

We invite you to read these two Religion 2.0 movement position papers on global warming and the environment and compare their detailed contents on what is happening now and what must be done to what the Pope Francis will be releasing shortly in his new papal encyclical.

For more information about the Religion 2.0 movement, click here.




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