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Integral Spirituality: What Does an Integral Spirituality Do at Universe Spirit?

What is an Authentic Evolution Spirituality?

Evolution Spirituality is drawn from the totality of humanity’s wisdom. It's a (r)evolutionary, integral and integrative experiential process that can support your personal spiritual practice by including the best of all religions without their worst. It is also an awe inspiring spiritual adventure that will help you release your fullest capacities to succeed in today’s complex world by improving your relationships to yourself, others and to the Ultimate Reality and Wholeness that unites all things.

Evolution Spirituality is an open source, meta-spirituality that also transcends and includes the best of today's progressive spiritualities such as Eco-spirituality, Women's spirituality, Integral spirituality, Participatory spirituality (P2P) and Evolutionary spirituality.

Evolution Spirit can help you spiritually evolve within any denomination that you might currently be involved in --- without your having to leave that denomination! If you feel that you have the right to explore to find more spiritual truth and that having open access to ALL of humanity's life-affirming spiritual wisdom might better support your personal spiritual path, you will enjoy exploring and participating in our trans-denominational, global spiritual community.

Our Basic Goal

There are actually as many personalized religions in the world as there are people. O­ne goal of Evolution Spirit is to help you maximize your own spiritual growth and in effect --- advance or create your own personalized spiritual path or religion. Authentic spiritual growth naturally makes o­ne's life more complete and fulfilling o­n all levels. As you grow spiritually, you will increasingly find that you can act from love and with wisdom and delight. This is essentially why your life becomes better.

What Does this Mean to Your Current Spiritual Life and Practice?

An integrative and integral spirituality is o­ne that is dynamically transformative. It's (r)evolutionary spiritual perspectives are great news for anyone who is open to a more inclusive, embodied and non-authoritarian spiritual message. It's new open source form is well suited for anyone sincerely committed to balanced spiritual growth, acting from love and being accepted and valued as they are in a growing global spiritual community.

Who is this Open Source Evolution Spirituality designed for?

This (r)evolutionary personal spirituality is for anyone who senses the essence of Spirit in life or senses that a better world is possible. It is for those who:

1.) have no previous spiritual or religious background or,

2.) define themselves as spiritual, but not necessarily religious or,

3.) are religious, but think beyond the borders of just their own faith, or,

4.) who particularly may be part of today’s Integral, Cultural Creative or Eco-Spirituality movements. Evolution Spirituality is ideal for those who are passionately committed to:

 i.) realizing and experiencing more Consciousness/Ultimate Reality through the four critical steps of direct spiritual experience, regular spiritual practice, personal psycho-spiritual shadow work, and authentic participation in spiritual community;

ii.) achieving the values of an open source integrative and integral spiritual process; where values such as sustainability, interconnectedness, authenticity, acceptance, love, forgiveness, embodied and engaged spirituality, collaboration, partnership, transparency, non-polarization, creativity, deep listening, accountability, both/and transcending solutions vs. either/or solutions, compassionate action, service, leadership, diversity, humility, responsibility and the inclusion of multiple viewpoints are honored—on individual, societal and planetary levels.

What are the Benefits Available to You by Becoming Involved with this Unique New Spiritual Movement?

Our organization's (r)evolutionary form of open source integral spirituality is capable of producing unique benefits not currently available in other spiritual organizations. Click o­n the benefit type below that you are most interested for full details:

Click here for a personal 30 second audio welcome to Integrative Spirituality!

What's Next for You to Find Out More

To find out what's next click this What's Next link.

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