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The Universe’s Core Evolutionary Value-Interests and Meta-Principles (Advanced)

(If you have not read about progressive evolution, we have provided this additional section to give you the minimal basics. At some other time we strongly recommend that you read this document about progressive evolution.)

The following is material for advanced students of universe evolution. It helps you to see how the Universe Principles have been drawn from the meta-principles of progressive evolution.

The Universe Principles of Sustainability in the two forms of Right Attitude and Right Action are based upon the universe’s core value-interests and meta-principles. Knowing these universe core value interests and meta-principles in part will make it easier for you to understand the validity of the Universe Principles of Right Attitude.

These value interests and meta-principles are found within the universe’s deepest, repeating successful action meta-patterns and meta-processes. Think about these value interests and meta-principles as evolution's core "operating system" values. These value interests and meta-principles (below) appear to be acting to facilitate the release of ALL inherent potentials for experience and relationship and to facilitate exhausting all possibilities for increasing, improving, or developing:

  1. Continuous creative release of its potentials and potentiality (for a created or evolved thing to become what it can.) This continuous release or realization of potential births continuous evolutionary change, which births increasing
  2. Complexity, which creates
  3. Increasing  novelty/variety/diversity, which with increasing complexity eventually creates increasing
  4. Uncertainty and, which also eventually creates increasing:
  5. Creative expansion/growth/development/production and in some cases reproduction, which then births increasing, (Within growth and reproduction, which includes increased energy use, expansion and growth,) the concept of productivity for the part or whole is found. This also points to productivity of itself being an intrinsic universe value interest.) 
  6. Awareness/consciousness, (which starts with sensing awareness of the most local physical environment, then expanding to self-awareness (consciousness of self,) then expands to awareness of others things or selves, which then also possibly expands to awareness of more and more of the physical planet and Universe as systems, which eventually expands toward awareness of the great mystery of the universe's origin --- Ultimate Reality [what some of a spiritual nature might even call God-awareness,]) which then creates increasing,
  7. Learning and intelligence, which then creates increasing,
  8. Self-organization, autopoiesis, (for more on self-organization principles, click here. (Self-organization includes self-discipline and self-responsibility.)
  9. Creative adaptability/evolvability and of which all of the above is always based upon the evolutionary center hub of increasing
  10. ENERGY EXCHANGE that comes from productivity and that is appropriate (fair) for the establishment of sustainable and dynamic energy balances, reserves, and unions. (evolution appears to love to establish zones of relative dynamic stability using balanced (fair,) energy exchange (as a type of spinning gyroscope,) to support members of the paring, relationship, or union.) which then births an increased,
  11. Full-consequence capture, full accountability,(which requires expanding levels of full transparency for all parts of a whole and the wholes themselves. In one way or another, evolution eventually and invariably always enforces increasing levels of consequence capture upon any parts or wholes that do not learn, adapt "cooperate," fairly exchange energy, and progressively evolve. High and expanding levels of transparency and accountability are critical to enacting full consequence capture because the powerful evolutionary self-interests of either the individual parts or the self-interests of wholes [groupings/unions,] when hidden or not accounted for will always take over and lessen the essential optimal balance and tension between the self-interests of the individual and the self-interests of the whole group or union. Which in some parts and unions within the universe eventually then emerges,
  12. Cooperative union building, also continually building toward new, larger and more sustainable dynamic fair energy exchanging unions of increasing environmental control and evolvability (where the tensional self-interests of the parts have been effectively managed and balanced with the tensional self-interests of the whole. This is done by the evolved management capabilities within the cooperative whole to align and to balance the overall health, well being and self-interests of the full union with the value interests of the Universe itself) and --- where these unions also create and maintain adequate reserves for their own dynamic survival, which when approaching ideal facilitates and enhances,
  13. Optimal Creative freedom/choice, self-responsibility and self-discipline for parts in unions, and the
  14. Optimal transparency, integration, harmonization, and ordering of parts within unions and within unions themselves --- and in the process of the preceding is created increasing,
  15. Robustness, redundancies, and reserves of both the parts and the various unions to insure against rare, very large-impact negative consequences from future uncertainties and "black swans." (Black swans are unpredictable events with huge or exponential negative or positive consequences and impacts.)
  16. Expanding control over the environment for individuals and cooperative unions (parts and wholes that also are in harmony with the principles of universe evolution,) then a long long time into the evolutionary future,
  17. A new evolution-created "self/union-aware" super-unification and super-stabilization of all Universe interconnected and diverse interdependent parts and wholes comes into being and, this
  18. Potential predicted super-union evolves toward a creative transcendence of the universe itself as both parts and the whole itself. A time in evolution when all of the above universe "value-interest" possibilities for releasing, increasing, improving, developing, or transcending experience and relationship (sharing,) have been fully exhausted. The Universe at that moment could be said to then have completed a cycle of the Universe’s own realization of potential having achieved full creative manifestation/distribution, development, and realization of all possible inherent "value interest" potentials up to and including transcendence.
  19. If transcendence in either a part, a whole, or the whole of the universe occurs, then the cycle of developmental steps or levels above may restart in whole or part with the new emergence or creativity. If transcendence did not occur for any reason, (which also includes, failed experiments, retrogressions, collapses, and extinctions,) then waste nothing of that which has reached the limits of its existence, growth, or potential release cycle --- recycle back all resources and parts back to evolution to be used in new creativity. (Collapse is sometimes necessary and good for parts or a whole that steadfastly fail to learn and adapt to the limits of their ecosystem. Collapse often creates a new space needed and the eventual regeneration of a resource depleted space for new evolutionary experiments or species.) 

The above Universe core value-interests and meta-principles listed above can and should be viewed collectively as a full evolutionary cycle where the last step restarts up again in a new way at the first step on the next cycle or they can be viewed collectively as an expanding spiral where the last step eventually returns to the area of the first step but in a new and more expansive way.

The above Universe core value-interests and meta-principles listed ARE evolution’s “goods” and most probable directional mega-trends for the future. This is because they have proven themselves to be the core, most repeated megatrends of evolution’s past 13.7 billion years in spite of all manner of uncertainties, spontaneities retrogression, and other forms of evolutionary meandering. The Universe appears to have demonstrated adaptive patterns that can even use and incorporate unforeseen spontaneities to eventually forward its value-interests and meta-principles.

Looking at the Universe Principles as a whole and particularly through their key meta-principles like fair exchange and sustainability one can begin to see in new and expanded wording the core essence, key parts, or more enlightened aspects of almost every ethical, moral and legal code humanity has ever developed. This is only natural because humanity has always basically used what happens in real human life in nature (the universe,) for creating its codes even when it attributes the origin of these codes to other more supernatural sources. (Please note: In addition to their secular applications the right attitudes are also the basis of the ethical code and the basic commandments of both Evolution 2.0 and Evolution Spirituality aka Religion 2.0.)

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