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How to evaluate if you should relocate or migrate because of climate change and global warming, and if so, when and where?

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Almost every day is the global news you are hearing about what seem to be record-breaking storms, flooding, rain bombs, heat waves, hurricanes, sea-level rise, droughts, and wildfires.

As a result, more and more people are thinking, "should they consider relocation of migration because of climate change."

Climate change relocation is a very different thing than climate change migration. First, relocation is far less complicated. Relocation is simply relocating out of a climate change and global warming high-risk area to a lower risk area.

Climate change migration to a global warming safer area is far more complex. There are dozens of global warming and other related factors that must be evaluated carefully, from your age, the relocation demographics, to how long you are hoping to survive.

Along with our five other relocation and migration evaluation pages, this page will help individuals, businesses, farmers, and winemakers begin evaluating if they need to relocate or migrate and if so, plan when and where to do it.

Brutal Truths About Climate Change and Global Warming Relocation

US Governors (like Gavin Newsome and his state climate advisors) are doing a great disservice to the citizens of their states by not telling them essential information about how bad global warming is going to get. This dangerous omission hides critical information state citizens will need to decide if they will need to relocate or migrate. Failure to provide this urgently needed information exposes their state's citizens to grave and unnecessary financial losses and possibly death.

But, what are those hard truths our governors and politicians are not telling us?

1. The consequences of climate change and global warming are going to get a lot worse! These consequences (worsening storms, heatwaves, flooding, rain bombs, droughts, and wildfires,) will become more severe, more frequent, and they will range over larger and larger areas far faster than what you are being told. Additionally, these intensifying consequences will last for many decades, if not much longer.

2. If you live on the coast or a lake, or in or near a river flood plain, massive rain bombs or sea-level rise enhanced tides will flood you out more frequently and more severely as time passes. You will also experience the exhaustion and frustration of more mandatory evaluations and evaluation alerts, as well as more scheduled and unscheduled power outages. (Planning based on 100-year flood plains no longer is relevant. Instead, we now face extreme storms, rain bombs, and flooding that has not been seen for thousands of years.) 

3. If you live in a drought and wildfire area, you will experience wildfires and drought more frequently and severely as time passes. Global warming-fueled wildfires and wildfire smoke are predicted to increase worldwide by 50-100% over the following years. The wildfires will cover larger and larger regions until all easy-to-ignite forest fuel has been burned. One of the worst areas in the US will be the Sierra mountain areas of California. 

Sierra mountain resort areas like Lake Tahoe face a challenging, uncertain, and expensive future. However, informed property owners in high-risk areas are already cutting their coming real estate losses and getting out of those properties before losing too much of their current value.

Something to think about from a recent blog post. "The West Coast is on fire, and covered in smoke. Tens of millions are breathing poisoned air, and are desperately asking “Is my family safe? Should I leave town? Should I move permanently? How much worse will these fires get? Will I be stuck breathing this smoke forever?”

Droughts in many areas of the world like the megadrought in the Western US will also become more frequent, severe and cover larger and larger areas. Because of the wildfires, you will also experience the exhaustion and frustration of more mandatory evaluations and evaluation alerts, as well as more scheduled and unscheduled power outages.

In addition to flooding and wildfires, expanding and extended droughts and heatwaves will also make farming, winemaking, and just living in many US and foreign areas far more difficult, if not altogether untenable. (In the not too distant future we can expect 30 or more days of 100 degrees or more during the growing season of many areas.)

4. As the many consequences of climate change and global warming worsen, the following will happen:

a. insurance companies in global warming high-risk areas will rapidly raise rates and soon stop insuring properties in the highest-risk areas. 

b. Real estate and business prices in global warming high-risk areas will steadily fall until a sudden large number of individuals begin moving simultaneously. When this happens, real estate and business prices will suddenly fall steeply or crash.

c. In areas where insurance companies have canceled individual or business insurance because of global warming risks, it will become more difficult to sell real estate or businesses, and real estate or businesses prices will crash.

d. Real estate and business prices in global warming safer areas will steadily rise. As a result, you could be priced out of these areas if you wait too long to evaluate and act.

The critical omissions and denial by our politicians mean there are hundreds of thousands of individuals and businesses that are already playing a long-term lose/lose game and who should be making relocation or migration plans because it is not going to get better. 

Many individuals and businesses in high-risk areas have been flooded or burned out several times and still stay in that location and rebuild. This failure to relocate is because they also are "relying" on the omissions of our politicians. Unfortunately, these critical omissions avoid telling us how bad global warming already is or how bad it will get. (One day, these destructive omissions will be called actionable crimes as more people and businesses suffer as global warming worsens.) 

If you do not want to be one of the uninformed who waits too long to evaluate relocation or migration and later loses most or all of the value of your home or business, it is time to take a look at your real global warming future by clicking here then continue reading below.

If you have any remaining doubts that you should be considering relocation or migration if you live in or near a global warming high-risk area, PLEASE click this link and look at the accelerating global warming-related consequences and timelines heading your way!

What you are not being told and that people least understand about accelerating global warming-related consequences

Something important to remember is that as global warming continues and we cross more and more global warming tipping points, the worst global warming consequences will increase in frequency, scale and they will increase faster and faster, but they will not grow gradually and linearly. They will grow exponentially

(In the graph below, the red line is an example of a linear, somewhat steady, and predictable gradual global warming consequence growth trajectory. (Linear progression equals 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, etc.)

The green line below is an example of a sudden, exponential, and highly unpredictable global warming consequence growth trajectory. (Exponential progression equals 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 264, etc.)

The exponential growth of global warming consequences means that few individuals, businesses, NGOs, corporations, or governments will be able to manage or compensate for these rapidly escalating consequences for very long. It also means that unless you have made your emergency preparations long before global warming consequences grow exponentially, you will probably not have the time to do so once they do. (Remember the mad rush of unprepared people for toilet paper and masks at the beginning of the pandemic.)

This getting caught unprepared danger will also exist because the social, economic, and political systems will become exponentially more unpredictable, unstable, and chaotic once global warming enters the global warming exponential curve (the green line above.).  

If you have not prepared for exponential global warming consequence growth, you will find yourself in a living hell! 

There is one additional factor invisibly feeding the exponential growth of global warming consequences. It is the already existing carbon and methane climate momentum. We have put so much carbon and methane into the atmosphere since the beginning of the Industrial revolution, the self-reinforcing and self-amplifying effect of this climate momentum will keep pushing global warming towards exponential acceleration for decades. No matter what we do! 

How to Evaluate if You Should Migrate to a Safer Global Warming Area

The next evaluation steps of the Job One Plan for relocation and Migration are found in our Climate Change and Global Warming Migration Manual. This manual also includes detailed information on how, when, and where to select the best remaining safer locations for US and global Migration. This manual also offers essential advice on where not to migrate.

It is costly and time-consuming to migrate to any new location. However, you want to be sure you have all the best and most current information before making that challenging decision. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you also use the extensive member section of this website to complete your relocation and migration evaluation. 

For example, the relocation and migration map (just below) will be explained in detail in five additional pages in our member's migration evaluation section. In this area, we also have included a six-page migration land and home purchase checklist. (It took us three years and 12 weeks of staff travel to the many global warming safer areas to create this migration checklist and the related migration information.)

Unfortunately, many global warming safer locations are already being bought by hedge funds, ultra-wealthy individuals, and investment banks. Worse yet, migration restrictions in many nations keep getting more restrictive. Therefore, it is critical to determine as quickly as possible if you, your family, or your business will need to relocate or migrate in the foreseeable future!

 Chapter_4 (2)_Migrating_45th_Parallel.png

Our Challenge: If you still do not believe global warming will get a lot worse and directly or indirectly affect your life!

Don't believe us, but do this to cover your bases. You will find over 40 primary and secondary consequences of accelerating global warming emergency on this page. 

Make a copy of these consequences and put them somewhere you can find them. Then watch and listen to the news.

Whenever you hear about another one of these consequences occurring or worsening, make a mark next to it on your copy. It won't be long before you too realize that things are going in the wrong direction, and people living or working in high-risk areas need to consider relocation as a wise long-term stability option.

In Summary

Almost every climate change consequence, such as record-breaking storms, flooding, rain bombs, heat waves, hurricanes, sea-level rise, droughts, and the wildfires that you are already experiencing (or soon will be), will steadily increase in frequency, severity, and the scale of the affected region. 

Do you really want to bet that you are super-lucky and can beat the hard science on this? Do you want to bet your family's or business's survival and financial future on trying to ride out an ever-intensifying climate change nightmare? 

To see our Complete Relocation and Migration Evaluation Manual 

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If you are not a member, click this link and become a member to see all of our extensive evaluation materials. It's easy and you will get $35 in valuable gifts. There is far more in the Members section than just migration information! (Becoming a member also helps support our critical non-profit educational mission!)

Additional Reading and Documentation

Please don't get caught by the dangerous omissions of our politicians. Instead, educate yourself on what they are not telling you! 

If you still have ANY doubts about our continuously worsening climate change and global warming future, read the following links in the order given:

1. How climate change works.

2. Here are the genuine and honest 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets hidden from you by our politicians.

3. The 20 worst consequences of global warming.

4. The 11 major global warming tipping points.

5. The four extinction-evoking tipping points.

6. Are we headed toward a global warming-triggered collapse?

7. Is global warming out of our meaningful control?

PLEASE forward this article to other individuals, businesses, farmers, and winemakers in any climate change and global warming high-risk areas. 

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