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How is the Consciousness 2.0 Skill Set a Major Upgrade and Different From the Consciousness 1.0 Skill Set?

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Submitted by Lawrence on

There is a new upgrade for the existing Consciousness 1.0 movement.

It is is a powerful and important upgrade.

The traditional Consciousness 1.0 Movement began in the 1960s in the Western world. It encompassed both Eastern and Western spiritual and meditative traditions that focused on the following:

a.) self awareness

b) consciousness awareness of one's own self awareness (the concurrent internal awareness of their own thoughts and feelings so that one could better manage them and any actions they might provoke,) and

c.) awareness of the general environment and surroundings. (This would include some awareness of the expressed or signaled thoughts and feelings of others.)

These three areas of awareness skills added together created various degrees of a Consciousness Version 1.0  person. The Consciousness 2.0 (conscious evolution,) person includes all of the above conscious awareness skills, but it also transcends them with important skill and knowledge upgrades for the world we live in today.

To the above consciousness and awareness skills of the Consciousness 1.0 person --- Consciousness 2.0 ads:

a.) awareness of the directionality, progressive processes and "goals" of evolution as a system up to and including at universe scale,

b.) awareness of the meta-principles of evolution as a system up to and including at universe scale, and

c.) an intentional personal commitment to both align with and consciously and intentionally forward progressive universe evolution and its values and "goals" for themselves, humanity, the planet and the universe by using the core guiding meta-principles of progressive evolution.

The conscious evolution of Consciousness 2.0 is truly a major leap forward in both conscious awareness and in consciously and intentionally evolving everything!

"The commitment to conscious evolution within Consciousness 2.0 naturally and directly implies that one actually knows the meta-principles of physical evolution to evolve themselves and their environments both consciously and effectively. To say that you are practicing conscious evolution without also having a thorough knowledge of evolution's guiding meta-principles is illogical."  Lawrence Wollersheim

We invite you to begin exploring the many life and world improving implications that understanding and practicing Consciousness 2.0 will bring to you as well as our shared future by reading the following links:

A.) Progressive Evolution

B.) The Universe Evolutionary Worldview.

C.) The Consciousness 2.0 skill set is also embraced within the Religion 2.0 movement. Click Here to learn more about Religion 2.0.


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