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Feeling emotionally upset about global warming and the deterioration of our environment? Here is a super-powerful emotional support YouTube video!

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Are you feeling any of these emotions about climate change or the environment; anger, sadness, anxiety, fear, depression, dread, grief, worry, resignation, or apathy? 

There exists a massive reservoir of emotional upset about accelerating global warming and our deteriorating environment held by hundreds of millions of people worldwide. There is now an effective new YouTube video tool to heal and release a lot of this upset!

The Job One for Humanity non-profit warmly recommends the New Serenity Prayer video by Michael Dowd. As you will see, it is very different in interpretation from the Alcoholics Anonymous serenity prayer for better daily life management and nothing at all like a traditional prayer. 

However, if you give it 3 minutes, you too will discover that it is full of surprises and practical new ideas. It will take you to healing places for your raw emotions you probably never thought about or considered.

In our humble opinion and staff experience, this video will help lessen and relieve the many painful and troubling emotions, so many of us are now feeling.

This new video support tool is essential because we will feel better once we acknowledge these upsetting emotions and start processing them. This video can also help you become more effective in managing the very things causing us this emotional distress.

Click here to view this crucial new YouTube video for help in processing any emotional upset you may have about accelerating global warming and our deteriorating environment! 

Our organization has promised not to ignore your emotional support as we present challenging research about accelerating global warming and our deteriorating environment. Recommending this powerful video by one of our respected peers is another example of that ongoing support and commitment to your emotional wellbeing as we all struggle through this crisis.

While we whole-hearted recommend this video, there are...

several nuanced differences in our positions and focus at Job One for Humanity from those expressed by Michael Dowd in this video. However, most individuals will not even notice these subtle differences.

For those that do notice, here is additional information about those nuanced differences.  

1. The video section called Change the Things We Can, it does not say much about the ongoing actions we can still take to slow and lessen accelerating global warming and environmental degradation. Despite our mostly out-of-control climate change and ecological biocide, Job One always forwards that no matter what, you still have many action options to slow down and lessen the impacts of global warming and environmental degradation. Furthermore, we always tell our members and visitors that more people will live longer and more stably by all of us acting effectively to deal with these issues.

We make it clear that once you understand what is happening with the climate and the environment, we all have an ethical and moral obligation to do whatever we can within our respective zones of influence to slow and lessen these harms. We also provide the 4 part Job One for Humanity plan with almost 80 different actions to chose from within one’s zone of influence.

2. In another part of the video, the video states that climate change is not the main problem. While we fully recognize that overpopulation and overshoot are the physical root causes of accelerating global warming and our deteriorating environment, we also strongly acknowledge that today's rapidly accelerating global warming is the primary driver, disrupter, threat multiplier, and threat amplifier for almost all of these 12 major global crisis, (which includes many forms of environmental deterioration.)

Accelerating global warming is also our most certain and earliest-arriving collapse accelerator for almost all of our other 12 major global crises. As such, it is the most critical, imminent, and accelerating crisis that we have to slow and lesson as much as possible. Slowing and lessening global warming is the only way we will ever be able to slow and lessen most of the other 12 global crises we face most effectively.

A bit more from the new video for processing the emotional upset you may have about accelerating global warming and our deteriorating environment

Michael Dowd's Serenity Prayer for the 21st Century is critical to watch if you want to process the emotional upset you are feeling. In addition to this video, he has done others that focus on the emotional and support aspects of the global warming and ecological crisis the world now faces.

Here are just a few of the screen captures from his new Serenity video.




Additional emotional support to help you process and keep accelerating global warming and our deteriorating environment in perspective

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