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Evolution Spirituality Principles are Important for Anyone Spiritual or Religious Concerned about Global Warming, Climate Change and Eco-spirituality,

In our opinion, understanding climate science, personal spirituality, Evolution Spirituality and mitigating global warming and saving the environment go hand in hand. That’s because we’re deeply influenced by the new culture of science-grounded eco-spirituality here at Universe Spirit. Basically, eco-spiritual belief systems like part of Evolution Spirituality hold that both the universe and the evolutionary process of nature are sacred. Whether nature was created by an Ultimate Reality or is the source from which Ultimate Reality stems, it appears clear that our role is to respect and care for the nature that cares for and supports our lives as well. Hence, eco-spirituality can also form a super-motivating foundation for anyone embarking on achieving the steps of the Job One for Humanity Climate Restabilization Plan program or who seeks to create a sustainable prosperity.

Since we are capable of stewarding and caring for nature, it is also our spiritual duty to do so. As we step up to the eco-spirituality challenge of mitigating global warming and creating a sustainable and prosperous environment for all, we urge everyone to keep this in mind. We hope you’ll read more about the principles of eco-spirituality (below,) and allow what you learn to inform the actions you take.

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