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Direct Observation of the Physical Universe May Be the Most Practical and Objective Way to Know the Real Nature and Purposes of the Universe's Origin/Ultimate Reality/God

Careful direct observation of the physical universe as a whole system IS the most, practical, reliable and objective way to know the real nature and purposes of the Origin/Ultimate Reality/God of the physical universe just as directly observing the fruit of any seed and its growth process tells you a lot about the objective nature and purposes of that seed.

Similar to the previous metaphor, consider the Origin/Ultimate Reality/God of the universe is the "seed" of the universe and the physical universe is its "fruit." If we carefully observe the Originating "seed's" growth process into the universe and then the evolving physical universe to be "fruit," the objective observation of the evolving universe's as fruit will be all that we can truly know about the objective reality of the Origin/Ultimate Reality/God of the physical universe.

The important results of this direct objective observation of the universe fruit of the Origin/Ultimate Reality/God of the physical universe then becomes reliable and falsify-able knowledge that can be shared and agreed upon to reflect the common shared objective reality. This has huge implications for the future of religion and the creation of a meta-religion. For example, the objective, science-grounded core meta-principles of universe whole system evolution could be considered to be the common and universal commandments or promandments for all of humanity to name just one application with vast potential for aligning human systems.

What this means to Religion 2.0, Religion 1.5 and Religion 1.0

Religion 2.0 is based significantly, but not exclusively upon the direct physical and objective observation of the universe as a whole and as a unified system. Religion 2.0 holds that even though the physical universe may not be the ultimate end of all spiritual discovery and exploration process, it is always the first, most direct common objective collective space wherein individuals can explore and test their Religion 1.5's subjective personal spirituality and then agree upon what are the common or universal spiritual values and meanings that they have discovered in an open, objective and reasonable manner.

Direct, objective observation of the patterns of the physical universe has always been a significant source of our oldest Religion 1.0 spiritual wisdom and practical principles for living. Now because of the many new universe-scaled discoveries by modern science Religion 2.0 now has once again become the surprise source of the newest and most life-affirming universal wisdom and practical meta-principles for living.

What this all also means is that for those individuals of a spiritual nature or who have or do believe in God in a Religion 1.0 or Religion 1.5 sense, the new Religion 2.0 will incorporate the wisdom of both current objective science and their Religion 1.5 or 1.0 subjective personal spirituality in an integral and balance way. 

Click here to see exactly how Religion 2.0 integrates science and spirituality in a balanced way and integral way. (B)

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