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The Home of Evolutioneers

What are The Basic Ways Religion 2.0 will Help Improve my Life and the Planet?

Religion 2.0 helps you to improve your life and life on the planet in two basic ways that balance and integrate science and spirituality:

1.) We help you by simply you how to live in better alignment with the unstoppable directional flow of the progressive evolution of the universe using the science-grounded Universe Principles of Sustainability. (The Universe Principles of Sustainability are the time-proven, deepest reoccurring success patterns of our 13.7 billion year old evolving universe. Not surprisingly these new Universe Principle of Sustainability also simultaneously often reflect the very best wisdom found within humanity's common spiritual heritage.)

2.) For those of a spiritual nature, we provide life-affirming, omni-denominational spiritual wisdom, information and tools, which creates a new form of meta-religion derived from ALL of humanity's great spiritual heritages then helps to deepen and broaden your understanding and alignment with Ultimate Reality. (Ultimate reality is whatever you believe life's ultimate concern to be, i.e. the Universe as a whole, God, Buddha, Consciousness, understanding the universe’s Mysterious Source, your Life's ultimate meaning, purpose or destiny, etc.)

To Summarize:

  • We are a nonprofit organization that helps you integrate a universe-scaled perspective, science and for those that are spiritual --- a personalized spirituality and religion of evolution inside a creative, loving and omni-denominational atmosphere empowered by ongoing evolutionary learning, rationality and open inquiry.
  • We seek to help you become a more successful planetary and universe citizen and more fully empowered universe evolutionary.

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