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Will Greta Thunberg and other activists get a formal apology from the COP26 climate conference and the IPCC?

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Submitted by Lawrence on

In addition to Greta Thunberg saying not to expect much from the Glasgow COP26 climate conference, there is a massive opportunity for her leadership to...

Greta Thunberg is now at the COP 26 conference. A rare opportunity for her leadership lies in the opportunity to destroy commonly help public illusions and delusions about global warming, which are impeding activist movements working to fix global warming. 

By directly addressing these heavily promoted illusions and delusions and asking for an apology, Greta will be able to re-frame the future of global warming public dialog and move this critical dialog to where it needs to go. A key reason for asking for the apology below is that to see any uncomfortable reality for what actually it is and begin to fix it, one must strip away any illusions and delusions hiding its true nature

Greta can start the critical process of illusion and delusion stripping simply by demanding that COP 26 and the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) issue the following formal apology. This apology would not only be for Greta and the protesters outside of COP26l. It also would be for all the climate activists and organizations that have been trying for 50 years to break through the illusions, delusions, and false and misleading information about global warming.

The apology:

We, the IPCC and the COP26 and previous climate conference attendeesformally apologize to generations X, Y, and Z, all older world citizens, and the most at-risk underdeveloped nations for:

a. failing to get the world's governments to declare a national and international global warming state of emergency. (This would facilitate those governments allocating all necessary personnel and resources to ensure the correct actions needed to get them close to their correct 2025 national fossil fuel reduction targets.

b. not continuously telling the leaders of the world's governments and getting them to understand that if we do not get close to the correct 2025 global fossil reduction targets, much (51% or more) of humanity will be dead by mid-century. We also should have made it painfully clear that most of these global warming-related deaths will occur within the poor and undeveloped countries between the 40th parallel north and the 4Oth parallel south.

In the image below, the red line marks the 40th parallel north. The yellow line marks the 40th parallel south.



We have repeatedly hidden these facts and failed to make the world and the world's politicians understand that escalating global warming is an imminent extinction threat. It will not be much different in total human deaths, suffering, and many other consequences than if a planet killer asteroid hit the earth about mid-century. (Imagine what happened in the Hollywood movies Deep Impact or Greenland). 

(To learn why it is critical to get close to the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets, please go to this page which explains the four extinction-triggering climate tipping points which we will rapidly cross if we do not get close to reaching the 2025 targets.)

c. not continuously telling the leaders of the world's governments that if we do not get close to the correct 2025 global fossil reduction targets, there also is a high probability humanity will suffer near-total extinctionbeginning by about 2070. (To learn about how this near-total global warming extinction process will occur, please see the primary and secondary warming-related consequences.)

d. failing to educate and prepare the world's citizens for the many severe and unavoidable consequences of our 50 years of climate inaction or ineffective action. We must now endure painful sacrifice and immense suffering as we radically cut global fossil fuel use to come close to the 2025 targets to save a liveable future for some of humanity and their children.

e. repeatedly failing to state the correct 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets while simultaneously, making the public falsely believe in the illusion that if we simply reached net-zero emissions by 2040, 2050, or some other date far beyond 2025, humanity would be safe from extinction.

f. manipulating and "cooking" the global fossil fuel reduction target calculations by including inappropriate compensatory calculations involving unproven carbon capture technologies. We knew that carbon capture was not proven at scale, was not even remotely economically possible, or tested for possible even worse side effects. Yet, we still included carbon capture compensatory calculations for our global fossil fuel reduction targets even though we knew carbon capture would not be a viable solution in time to save us from the worst extinction level consequences of global warming. This carbon capture scheme was another one of the many geoengineering type illusions we have promoted to help create a false sense of progress, future safety, and that some new technology breakthrough will save us at the last minute from extinction.

g. promoting carbon capture schemes to achieve net-zero emissions like Cap-and-Trade, which also create an illusion of safety and will not work in time to save us from global warming's worst consequences! We have failed to adequately disclose to the public that almost all natural, technical, and economic carbon capture schemes are difficult to get up to scale up, verify, or enforce, and they are far too easy to cheat on. 

h. failing to repeatedly state that the most direct and honest way to make the critically needed global fossil fuel reductions to the required levels in time to save us, is, to simply and immediately drastically reduce fossil fuel use! This now requires enforcing national targets to come close to the correct 2025 global fossil reduction target levels.

i. repeatedly failing to push the world's governments to agree to enforce these 2025 targets and agree that if they fail to enforce their national targets, they acknowledge they will be punished economically by the world community on an escalating basis until they do meet their agreed-to national fossil fuel reduction targets. 

j. making world citizens believe that we were making progress in reducing global fossil fuel use when it was actually getting worse, much worse!

k. wasting decades of legitimate scientific warnings when global fossil fuel reductions could still have been gradual and far more manageable.

l. hiding the true urgency and severity of the current global warming extinction emergency. 

m. unfairly creating recommendations, fossil fuel reduction targets, and policies that favor the wealthiest nations over the poorer nations and act to ignore or minimize climate justice concerns and principles. And finally,

n. being corrupted and co-opted by the fossil fuel industry to invisibly serve its profit-maintenance goals rather than the wellbeing of all current world citizens, all nations, and future generations.

The apology above also should be presented to the world as a critical part of COP26's final written closing statement.

In order to view all of the detailed documentation on why the above apology is congruent with the current climate science please see this article.

In Conclusion

Because of all of the above issues described in the apology, it is now time for all of us to become activist disruptors! The necessity for disruption is obligatory when the scale of damage is so large and severe that one must disrupt the activities causing the genuine threat once they are understood. For example, if there were an understood real and probable threat that would cause the imminent extinction of humanity or destroy the biological or climate systems upon which humanity depends for its survival, one would be obligated to disrupt any organization, its policies, or actions causing or adding to that threat. 

You now understand a little more about why the global warming extinction emergency or anything that speeds it up, or any illusions that prevent us from seeing it honestly to resolve it, will require our continual creative disruption. (To learn more about the policy of necessary or obligatory disruption including what to do and ethically how to do it, click here.)

What else you can do about the accelerating time-limited global warming nightmare!

We are in a battle for the survival of humanity. We have both an ethical and moral duty to call out ALL offenders and act! Unfortunately, we also have squandered away five decades of inaction when the needed changes could have been gradual and more manageable. 

Therefore, there is no more time to wait or remain inactive. To work our way out of this rapidly accelerating global warming extinction nightmare, we must act immediately. Here is a list of ethical, disruptive, and necessary actions to begin to do your critical part before it is too late! 

a. Share this post everywhere you think it should go! Please help us get thousands of copies of this blog post flying all over the Internet, reaching every place and person where it should be.

b. Sign the global warming extinction emergency petition for our politicians. It is fast and easy. Click here to sign it.

c. We need your help with forwarding emails and making calls to get this COP26 blog post apology information to everywhere it needs to go. Personalized calls and emails are always more effective than non-personalized calls and emails. If you are not calling or emailing this information to the people mentioned on the list below, and you want to print it and snail mail it, be sure to include the original post link here ( https://www.joboneforhumanity.org/greta_thunberg_at_cop26 ). 

Here is how to make phone calls to your politicians:

1. If you are a US citizen, find your congressperson here. If you are not a US citizen, you will need to look up the phone number of your political representatives.

2. If you are a US citizen, call the US Capitol switchboard (202) 224-3121 to leave your representative a message.  

3. Then use this or your script: "Hi my name is ___, and I'm calling from ____. I do not support our government using the current United Nations global fossil fuel reduction targets. They are incorrect and far too small! These fossil fuel reduction targets will result in the extinction of much of humanity by mid-century. 

I am counting on you to use your influence to get our nation to use the correct 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets. We cannot continue using the net-zero by 2050, 2040, or even the 2030 currently promoted targets, or we will fail and many of us will die."

If you are emailing to people use the information and lists below: 

i. Email this post to politicians worldwide, especially before the COP26 International climate change conference. Particularly email US politicians and their support staff. Please forward it to US politicians like John Kerry (the Climate Czar,) Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Gavin Newsom, and other members of the US progressive Squad. (The US politicians just let one senator's vote gut much of the effectiveness of the changes they wanted to bring to cut emissions at COP26.) Please also send this post to any other global politicians you think should see it as well.

ii. Email this post to all of the national delegates, officials, and especially the corporate sponsors of COP26. Maybe some of them will finally stand up against manipulating their climate research work or using their names to continue to protect the profits of oil-producing nations and fossil fuel-related industries. In general, corporate sponsors do not normally want to be associated with failures, unless they are somehow secretly profiting from those failures. 

Be certain to get this post to the delegations from those mostly underdeveloped nations who are suffering the most from global warming and also have done the least to create it. Maybe collectively, these endangered nations can act to stop the ongoing climate conference fossil fuel reduction target lies.

iii. Email this post to ecological and global warming educational groups, such as 350.org, Climate Central, Climate Mobilization, Climate Emergency Fund, Sunrise Movement, Sierra Club, World Wildlife Fund, Green Peace, etc. Please send it to any other regional or local environmental and global warming educational groups you think should see it as well.

iv. Send this article to local regional or national media in your area where you think there might be a news person who is going to do the deep research and analysis and not just accept what is being fed to them by the fossil fuel industry lobbyists, the IPCC, and COP26 attendees. 

We also strongly encourage you to publically call out and shame any media that does lazy research or promotes fossil fuel industry-shilled or false climate stories. But, please never shame individuals, only the organizations or institutions in which they work! The peaceful public shaming of corporations or organizations is a long-accepted and legitimate social protest action and necessary disruption strategy.

d. Start to accept the terrible reality of our current global warming extinction emergency. This new reality means that you and I will need to sacrifice and endure the loss of many of our fossil fuel-derived comforts to get close to the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets. (For more on what our governments and we need to do to reach the 2025 reduction targets, click here. Please note that individual actions alone will not reverse the global warming extinction emergency at this late stage, only these government-enforced actions will do that.)

e. Don't forget to begin your personal or business resilience plans because the worst consequences of global warming are no longer avoidable due to our five decades of ineffective action or inaction. This resilience plan contains critical information for living within the Earth's carrying capacity, preparing for what is coming, and adapting your lifestyle and livelihood to become a part of the energy reduction solutions needed for this emergency. Remember, no government, corporation, or NGO will ever be able to keep up with ever-escalating damages and costs of the consequences of global warming. 

Feel free to translate and quote this post as needed!

Here are three things to start talking about with your friends:

1. Demand a national carbon Fee and Dividend program, which would immediately price toxic fossil fuel carbon and methane pollution, hopefully at about $150 a ton. (For a complete description of a fair Fee and Dividend program that would not punish the poor, please click here and Scan down the page for the Fee and Dividend section.)

2. Demand the immediate termination of all fossil fuel industry-related government or taxpayer subsidies. (Currently about 6 trillion dollars a year globally.)

3. Demand that the fossil fuel industry and its executives be held legally and financially responsible for the 10 million deaths a year they cause through toxic carbon and methane pollution of our atmosphere and all of the related other damages they are doing to our homes, cities, and the environment. 


The following links will assist curious individuals in getting up to speed on the current global warming analysis.

Reference Topic 1: Why you can't believe the current IPCC issued global fossil fuel reduction targets or their consequence predictions and timetables:

Click here to see precisely how the IPCC "cooked the books" and grossly skewed the current IPCC global fossil fuel reduction calculations by including unproven and non-existent "carbon sucking unicorn" technology into their projections. 

Click here to understand the long-term history of the IPCC underestimating the consequences, timeframes, and the needed global fossil fuel reduction targets by as much as 20-40% or more.

Click here to see the eleven key climate change tipping points that have been mostly excluded from the IPCC calculations on how much fossil fuel use we must reduce each year globally. 

Click here to see the REAL 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets and why we must get close to a 75% reduction in total global fossil fuel use (oil, natural gas, coal, etc.) by 2025, not the far, far less net-zero emission levels they have pledged by 2050 or 2040! (In the technical notes at the bottom of the 2025 fossil fuel reduction specification page, you will see each calculation and compensation for the various factors that make up the required correct global fossil fuel reduction numbers.)

To see the many mass mobilization actions our governments must now take to get close to the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets and save humanity from near-total extinction, click here.

Reference Topic 2: How can the probability (or even the possibility) of a soon-arriving near-total human extinction be accurate? 

Click here to see a detailed "big picture" catastrophic meltdown of our global warming consequences and tipping points. Their interactions with our other 11 major global crises will produce starvation and extinction for much of humanity by mid-century and near-total extinction beginning as soon as 2070.

Click here to see the four major global warming extinction-evoking tipping points and how close we are to crossing them. 

Reference Topic 3: What governments must do

It is time to also call for global warming legal accountability, the immediate termination of all global fossil fuel subsidies, and placing a worldwide price for all corporations on their carbon, methane, and other greenhouse gas emissions and pollution. 

Click here to learn more about the carbon Fee and Dividend pricing and other actions our governments and corporations must immediately take to reach the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets.

Reference Topic 4: The deep causes of this whole mess

To understand the most profound reasons behind our current global warming emergency and our 11 other most dangerous global crises, please get the book Overshoot. In it, you can learn about the concept of the Earth's carrying capacity (the land and sea acreage available and needed for a given population's needs.) 

Reference Topic 5: Miscellaneous 

Click here and read our Job One for Humanity policy on the necessary or obligatory disruption of all false or dangerous global warming or environmental actions or ideas.

Please continue to educate yourself about these life-critical climate issues by exploring the documentation and analysis found on this website.


This article has been created in our humble opinion,


The Global Warming Research Team of the Job One for Humanity Non-profit Organization


PS If we get the global warming extinction emergency under control in time, click here to see the many surprising benefits we can create in a Great Global Rebirth. If you can, we also ask that you support the research and candid climate analysis done by making a tax-deductible donation to the Job One for Humanity nonprofit organization.