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Will global warming force families and businesses to relocate farther north within the next 10-20 years?

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Each month we do news update for our members and subscribers. This month and going forward we have decided to make this monthly member/subscriber update available to all website visitors...

We said we would keep you informed about the global warming emergency. To do that I'm going to share a few bits of telling news before directly addressing the question raised in the subject line of this blog post.

1.) The Saudi's have been discretely buying up huge numbers of dairy farms in northern Wisconsin as well as thousands of acres a prime farmland in the northern parts of Ukraine.

2.) The world’s wealthiest individuals (who pay huge annual fees for specialized climate research to protect their investments,) have been strongly advised to buy security compounds in northern global warming "safe zones" as an essential survival hedge against a rapidly deteriorating global warming situation. They have also been advised to make significant real estate investments in northern global warming safe zones for profitable resale later. Corroborating this, there have been numerous news reports about these huge and unique purchases.

3.) The northern nations within or closest to global warming safe zones are already toughing up their border security as well as their immigration qualifications and laws making immigration to the north far more restrictive and costly. Expect to hear much more about this tightening and closing of northern borders as global warming accelerates.

4.) More and more individuals from around the world who have been decimated by two or more global warming catastrophes (rain bombs, flooding, wildfires, droughts, sea level rise etc,) have decided to stop rebuilding where they are and have decided to migrate to safer areas. The number of new climate refugees (climagees) is now rising at a near exponential pace with each new year and real estate values in global warming high-risk areas are dropping fast and hard!

5.) Below of the public radar, the world's insurance companies are quietly canceling flood, fire and other global warming-related insurance policies in global warming high-risk zones or they are dramatically raising rates. Getting mortgage insurance in unsafe areas will become tougher and tougher due to insurance companies no longer offering policies in many of these areas and the exorbitant insurance rates you will have to pay if you do find coverage.

6.) As if the above is not enough to get you thinking about your global warming future, I offer a few additional thoughts to consider carefully:

Do you honestly think that our governments are going to tell us how bad the global warming emergency really is? 

Do you think that they will ever chance how it might affect their economic stability, the real estate markets or the general social stability? 

Do you think that the real bad news about global warming might be being intentionally denied publicly or officially withheld so that our governments, politicians, military and its wealthy insiders can ensure that they, their families and their assets are safe and protected first? 

Now that some new thinking has been stimulated and before I answer the main question on the subject line of this blog post, whether you personally will need to relocate north within the next 10 or 20 years to avoid the escalating and harsh consequences of global warming,I would like to share a little bit more about what I been doing over the past year as far as it directly relates to this important question...

During 2018 because global warming is such an important issue at Universe Spirit, for over a month I traveled by car around the United States. I drove over 5,000 miles looking for "global warming safe" land and communities that are situated above the 45th parallel north. (If you're not sure where the 45th parallel crosses the United States, imagine a line that goes from near Portland, Oregon over to Minneapolis, Minnesota through Green Bay, Wisconsin and over to and through the upper half of Maine.) 

There is not really a lot of land available in the US above the 45th parallel when you think about it. Most of that land is not global warming safe for various reasons. In fact, most of this land is so difficult to survive or thrive upon that less than 5% of the total US population is currently living on it. 

The reason that I felt strongly motivated to do this safe land search was because of our existing climate research (and its supporting math and physics,) which profoundly demonstrates there are unavoidable and severe global warming consequences coming far sooner than almost anyone (except our organization and several other organizations and climate scientists,) are telling the general public. Dedicated climate researchers like myself, as well as other climate scientists who have done the predictive math, know how bad it is going to get and have already started adjusting their lives to the harsh new reality of the future. Additionally, it is highly probable that those individuals who still live below the 45th parallel north and who had previously avoided the worst of the global warming-related consequences like the wildfires, rain bombs, hurricanes, tornadoes, and flooding, will no longer be able to avoid these escalating consequences in as little as 10 to 15 years.

During my 5,000 miles of travel, I was also looking for a safe and stable new home for the Job One For Humanity organization and the Universe Spirit organization and land for my family, our staff and friends who have also expressed their desire to move before more and more people begin to migrate and real estate prices start rising in the safest northern areas. I was carefully looking for very specific areas that met all of the key criteria for being a safe or safer place to survive and thrive through the three major phases of the transitional global warming emergency. 

As global warming continues over the next 10-20+ years those three phases are:

1.) A regular increase in the severity, frequency, and scale of the global warming consequences described on this page,

2.) As more and more basic crops fail because of the many global warming consequences converging, food prices soar and food shortages and mass starvation becomes a widespread global reality, and

3.) The many consequences described in number one and two above bring about global economic, political and social instability and chaos. 

I firmly believe that northerly migration is inevitable and should be planned soon for appropriate individuals in higher risk locations particularly as more people realize what the world is experiencing with its current extreme weather is not going to get better only worse for many decades. Most smart people will eventually realize, that what is occurring now and what is coming, is not just random weather events or some normal climate cycle. 

They will realize that what we are currently experiencing in our climate and what we will continue to experience with increasing severity, frequency and at larger and larger scales, is nothing more or less than the science-predicted consequences of the physics and math of the escalating global warming emergency.

What this all means to you

While our organization, staff, and friends begin their orderly migration to near or above the 45 parallel north, we will, with your financial support, continue offering the latest information, news and insights on how to best prepare for this emergency both physically and spiritually in order that you and your loved ones can stay ahead of it. 

Now that I've given you a little bit of what's happening with me and what's happening with the Job One and Universe Spirit organizations, it's time to provide a detailed answer the life and death question about when (or if,) you should move and how are you should protect your assets as the world goes through the anticipated global warming changes.

Here are several links with all necessary information that will help you determine “will global warming force you to move in the next 10-20 years and what you can do.”



If you have not read this update on our current global warming emergency be sure you do! http://www.joboneforhumanity.org/irreversible_global_warming_is_here_now 

There is one other important member subscriber update...

It is with great reluctance that we are going to begin a gradual process of removing individuals from our member and subscriber email lists. After a very difficult economic decision regarding reducing our organizational costs, we are going to begin removing the oldest inactive names on our subscriber member lists first. These will only be people who have not donated even as little as one dollar, volunteered, signed a petition, commented on our website or otherwise been involved with us in any active way over a long period of time.

We can significantly reduce our monthly mail list servicing costs by eliminating thousands of members or subscribers from these lists who have not been supportive or active within our organization in any way for years. If it's been a long time since you've emailed us, commented on our website, donated,volunteered, signed a petition or have done anything else to help forward our mission,please consider doing one of those things when you get this and your name will go onto our protected member subscriber lists and you will not be deleted.

We realize that removing members subscribers from our mail lists is painful not only for us but also for individuals who value what we offer but have not ever interacted with us in any way. To give those of you who fall in this second category time to react to this new cost-reducing policy, we will begin this inactive member subscriber deletion program October 30, but only if there has not been a significant uptick in donations and other member subscriber interactions. 

In closing, we would rather work closely with a smaller group of informed and dedicated individuals who understand the challenges before us and willing to help and support our mission rather than have thousands and thousands of names on our member or subscriber lists who are inactive, no longer interested or non-supportive. 

Please do what you can to donate and/or support our mission in other ways as soon as possible. These actions will help keep this important work going because in the too distant future you and your family will probably need our up-to-date research on how to best prepare and adapt to what is coming as well as where to find the safest locations and new communities to ride out the escalating global warming emergency. 

And finally, in special appreciation for their ongoing support, all donors and volunteers and only donors and volunteers will receive our first briefings on the specific best locations for relocating their families and businesses in the safest global warming zones that I discovered after my 5,000 mile trip across the top of the US.

Lawrence WollersheimYours for humanity, our children, and the earth,

Lawrence Wollersheim
Universe Spirit


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