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Why the Universe Evolutionary Worldview is so Important to Our Future

The Universe Evolutionary Worldview Provides a Realistic Reason for Optimism and Hope

In spite of today's many overwhelming converging, amplifying and whipsawing national and global challenges --- such as:

global warming and its escalating climate destabilization,

growing economic inequity and instability,

over population,

food and resource depletion,

increasing droughts, wildfires and floods,

peak oil,

water pollution and water table loss,

desertification and deforestation,

ocean fish stock depletions,


unpredictable future pandemics,

poverty, and

political injustice and growing political instability (due to all of the preceding challenges multiplying the negative effects of the other challenges and then unpredictably whipsawing into even more negative effects off of each and between each of the above challenges,)

--- the new Universe Evolutionary Worldview and its principles of progressive evolution truly does have the needed new knowledge and tools to effectively resolve these above challenges and create a more sustainably prosperous, just and meaningful civilization (for the individual as well as the group.) This new universe-scaled evolutionary worldview provides the next logical evolutionary social and economic design, structure alternative and advance for the world beyond the current conditions and solutions.

This new worldview also offers a new system and structure for living more effectively and harmoniously based on science, union, evolution-wise and evolution-balanced sustainable growth, minimized waste and pollution, a new cooperative triple bottom line for sustainable business profit (for all stakeholders, the community and the environment,) and, the goal of creating of a sustainable prosperity on Earth for all and, all of which is also aligned with the progressive evolution of the universe.

That is the achievable new vision of all Evolutioneers and new Universe Citizens who understand the new Universe Evolutionary Worldview and its sustainable prosperity principles as taught and forwarded on this website. So, if you want to be more successful in life in a sustainable way or, you are concerned about your and your family's future, your nation's future or our threatened global environment or... you sense or believe that humanity urgently needs a new and unifying science-grounded, evolutionary way of seeing and acting in the world, which can provide the new ideas, principles, procedures and structure needed to guide us through through the necessary restructuring and realignment of our current economic, social, political and even religious systems, --- you will definitely want to explore the new knowledge, tools and principles of the new Universe Evolutionary Worldview the ideas of sustainable prosperity and how to become an effective Evolutioneer and Universe Citizen as described on this website.

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