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What is Your Position On the Polarization of Individuals or Groups within Religion 2.0

Polarization in the global spiritual commons, the open source spirituality and the Religion 2.0 and Evolution Spirituality movements is avoided by the recognition that this is primarily a non-deficient learning universe. This primarily perspective of itself reduces false polarizaton. See Universe Principles of Sustainability Part 2 for more on this appropriate universe "attitude."

Humanity’s vast heritage of spiritual wisdom is partial, evolving and, has its own appropriate time, way, place, and target audience to emerge for specific applications. In the Religion 2.0 movement our combined heritage of spiritual wisdom is appreciated in the context of:

  1. the age and scope of spiritual or social problems this wisdom was intended to solve,
  2. the culture it came from and for what types of personalities, learning styles and psychological developmental levels it was intended to reach and serve, 
  3. its effectiveness in a specific context and situation,
  4. does it cause any consequent harm or conflicts,
  5. does it create non-inclusive, unfair benefits for one individual/group over another group/individual or
  6. how congruent is this information/wisdom with the body of other spiritual wisdom found on our "shrinking" globalizing planet, the global spiritual commons and within the new Universe Evolutionary Worldview.

Our evolving life-affirming and non-pathological heritage of spiritual wisdom can be thought of as existing in an ever widening and ever deepening spiral of wisdom. Because of the perspective on wisdom appreciation (a–f above) Religion 2.0 and Evolution Spirituality and its open source spirituality participants can discuss, evaluate, classify, categorize and organize this heritage of spiritual wisdom while valuing any particular piece of spiritual wisdom for just for what is. Religion 2.0 participants recognize that a particular piece of spiritual wisdom has an inalienable right to be exactly just what it is and to play only the specific role that it has played in humankind’s spiritual history. With the above information, attitudes and perspectives of appreciation and understanding, the polarization of competing spiritual wisdom or spiritual wisdom systems within the Religion 2.0 and Evolution Spirituality movement and within the global spiritual commons should be naturally minimal and easily defused.

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