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What is Your Position On the Non-Equality of All Spiritual Information in Religion 2.0

Not all spiritual information is equal. The inclusive collection of all of humanity's spiritual information as part of any synthesis process will naturally involve both general categorization and then some pruning of this information from our combined spiritual heritage. 

Some spiritual information will be more widely applicable, inclusive, universal, life affirming and even empirical. Some spiritual information will be more useful than others in that it is more effective or efficient in producing the fruits of authentic spiritual growth in more people with various personality types, psychological developmental levels, learning styles, cultural backgrounds, etc. in a safe and balanced way. 

The fruits and the time proven community validity tests of authentic spirituality and spiritual growth from humankind’s spiritual heritage are held within Religion 2.0 to be the life results of the individual or organization that demonstrate the balanced application of the virtues. These time proven community validity tests are a principled focus for the movement to use for categorizing and evaluating the effectiveness or the partial usefulness of various pieces of spiritual information.

Sincere spiritual inquiry, the sharing of all spiritual information (without regard to culture or religious ism,) and the search for spiritual wisdom that is more universal, inclusive and life affirming inspires Universe Spirit and the open source spirituality movement toward the discovery of more useful and applicable spiritual wisdom, more universal statements of the nature and purposes of the Ultimate Reality and, of the evolving nature of life itself. 

The continuous process of co-operation and collaboration for collecting and expanding humanity’s spiritual wisdom in the open source spirituality movement between the many individual or organizational efforts to know Ultimate Reality, holds the promise of expanding humanity’s spiritual knowledge base, assembling spiritual wisdom of a complementary nature and, expanding the free and open spiritual commons for all humanity. This evolutionary process also does much to reveal a greater vision of the Ultimate Reality’s wholeness, truth, beauty, goodness, nature and purposes, which then has the potential of translating directly into better processes for direct spiritual experience of Ultimate Reality for more individuals, for a better world. 

Nike Paul George PG1