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What is the Religion 2.0 Position Copyright Ownership, Commercial Uses, Individual Recognition, Patents and Trademarks applied to Spiritual Wisdom and the Global Spiritual Commons

Within Religion 2.0 and Evolution Spirituality we hold that Patents and Trademarks when applied to the collection or specific pieces of this collected spiritual wisdom are misplaced. This is because these materials are intended to be as open source as possible and, ultimately only the original author and original creator, (Ultimate Reality,) could lay a truly valid claim to the ultimate and original creative source rights.

This does not mean that original creative descriptions of this wisdom cannot be open and put into CreativeCommons.com type copyrighted forms either for personal recognition or as part of a right commercial livelihood.  It also does not mean that some type of fair exchange or flexible suggested donation should not be requested for their use by their creators for any of the materials, courses or books used within the global spiritual commons. In a global spiritual commons in which all can participate freely and all can feel the common ownership and/or participate in the open source co-creation, trying to patent or trademark the related spiritual wisdom to inflexibly lock it down is contrary to the most fundamental principles of open source spirituality.

Creativecommons.com type use of scalable open copyrights that allow at least open access and then possibly various levels of open source co-creativity are recommended to be used by any author who wishes to maintain some personal recognition and exchange or some level of open access future involvement with their work's evolution. (See CreativeCommons.com for the various types of open copyright licenses or the creative commons license that is used on this site. See the Creative Commons license link at the bottom of most pages on this web site.)

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