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What is the Religion 2.0 perspective o­n religion and religious diversity?

In Religion 2.0 we hold that there are not just a few religions in the world, but rather that there are as many unique religions as there are people who have decided to seek greater understanding of the Great Mystery, Awe and Wonder (Ultimate Reality), which unites us all. We believe that increasingly, when someone is asked what religion they are, more people will say that they have their own personal spirituality rather than saying that they are members of o­ne of the mainstream religions common today.

We also believe that there are both useful beauties to be embraced and pathologies to be avoided in all religions and spiritualities. Although Religion 2.0 and Evolution Spirituality can and does perform all of the core purposes, functions and goals of a traditional religion, we call our tradition Religion 2.0 and Evolution Spirituality because we wish to free ourselves to a significant degree from the many limiting associations with some traditional and authoritarian religious dogma.

Not only does Religion 2.0 and Evolution Spirituality evolve traditional understandings in powerfully new ways, but also we are interested in utilizing a co-creative process to potentiate what religion, in all likelihood, has never seen before. We also call it Religion 2.0 and Evolution Spirituality because we want to disassociate this new movement from the very bad associations that a growing third of the population has with the o­ngoing abuses and pathologies of traditional religions.

It is not our intent to create or support that there should be only one world religion nor do we believe that such a thing is advisable. We believe that Ultimate Reality values and delights in the variety of spiritual/religious diversity. Spiritual diversity serves as a vital communication and teaching tool for the many different personality types, individual psycho-social developmental levels and multitude of cultures. We believe in the critical necessity for many unique spiritual approaches and without this essential diversity, spirituality would be like the sound of an orchestra playing a symphony with only one instrument. It would lack depth, harmony and balance.

We honor the many spiritualities in the world like individual stories and chapters in a book by one great author. To the reader each separate story in the book still retains its own indispensable value and uniqueness and can be appreciated individually, or as a valued component of a compilation of stories that reflect an author's history and their ongoing relationship to their body of work.

We believe it is vital that our spiritual organization continue to evolve from and with the ongoing evolution of humankind's collective spiritual wisdom and the transformative, direct spiritual experiences of our members. We hope that when appropriate, other spiritual organizations and individuals will do the same.

Religion 2.0 and Evolution Spirituality fully recognizes there is a universal and transcendent core found within all of the world's authentic spiritual traditions. It is Ultimate Reality that is the source of all reality and its universal qualities.

Religion 2.0 and Evolution Spirituality recognizes all of the world's spiritual traditions contain within them diverse, effective and often complementary processes for achieving spiritual growth through the direct spiritual experience of Ultimate Reality.

The differences in the plurality of processes is an essential and necessary result of our cultural, developmental, learning style and individual personality differences. Ultimate Reality can be encountered, conceptualized, and responded to in numerous and diverse ways. These different perceptions of Ultimate Reality represent both different aspects of Ultimate Reality itself and/or perceptions conditioned by cultural, learning style and individual personality differences.

The most common forms of direct spiritual experience have been described as a numinous experience of the holy or a mystical experience of unity. These forms of direct spiritual experience have been found to be substantially the same in different cultures and religions. This lends credence to the perspective that many universal direct spiritual experiences underlie and interconnect all the major world religions.

Religion 2.0 and Evolution Spirituality hold that by assembling and sharing both the universal and diverse aspects of these diverse processes of direct spiritual experience from both individual experience and the world's spiritual traditions, the tools for supporting these experiences can be made more easily available and understood. Therefore, the process of an individual's own direct spiritual experience can be significantly enhanced.

Religion 2.0 and Evolution Spirituality promote direct spiritual experience of Ultimate Reality to develop the spiritual awareness that creates the realization of the immanence of Ultimate Reality in all beings and things of the universe. From this awareness and realization all beings, life and nature becomes a sacred reflection and expression of Ultimate Reality. From this awareness and realization, one's relation to everything in the universe is transformed.

We believe that because of the Infinite nature of Ultimate Reality, the theological systems of the world's spiritual traditions will always provide a unique, but partial view of this infinite reality. Therefore it is important to experience as many of these unique but partial views of Ultimate Reality to obtain the most complete, universal and complimentary experiences of Ultimate Reality from the world's great spiritualities.

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