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What is the Evolution Spirituality Code of Conduct and Ethics Grounded by Science

Evolution Spirituality provides new codes of ethical conduct relevant to wisely resolving the complexities and realities of the 21st century.  These codes are grounded in current science and the meta-principles of universe-scale evolution.  Because they are derived from universe scaled meta-principles they also have legitimate universal applicability...

Religion 2.0 knows the value of creating a safe environment for exploration, learning, sustainable productivity, and healthy community. It uses these new codes to ensure that occurs!

In addition to Evolution Spirituality's new Open Source Religion Manifesto (that you can learn more about later on the last page of this booklet,) we also use a set of universal guiding meta-principles derived from universe-scaled evolutionary science. We call these meta-principles the Universe Principles of Sustainability. These meta-principles along with our other Universe Community code of conduct, (which is also derived in part from humanity's omni-denominational heritage of life-affirming spiritual wisdom,) are several other important ways that we create a collaborative and safe environment where individuals grow optimally and our Evolution Spirituality community thrives.

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