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The Home of Evolutioneers

What do I need to bring or have to successfully explore the Universe Evolutionary Worldview and if You are of a Spiritual Nature, Evolution Spirituality?

The following qualities will greatly facilitate your success in exploring the Universe Evolutionary Worldview's principles and processes and (if you are of a spiritual nature,) the Evolution Spirituality movement:

1.) an openness to explore and discover new information about life and spirit and the desire for a better life, society, and world,

2.) a willingness to read and commit to practice new ideas, attitudes, and processes for 120 days to reality-test them for yourself to see if they really work. (The reason we say 120 days is because on average it takes that long to practice what you have learned to produce a meaningful and significant lifestyle improvement in your life. It also takes at least 90 days of repetition just to take new ideas, attitudes, and processes and turn them into lifestyle habits.)

3.) the willingness to be supported in your practice of the new ideas, attitudes, and processes of the Universe Evolutionary Worldview and (if you are of a spiritual nature,) the Evolution Spirituality movement by our online and offline Universe communities. (The reason for this is because having new facts and processes is only 10% of the transformational process. The other 90% that creates lasting and meaningful success comes from a supportive system and supportive culture helping support you and your new decisions and practices for transformation. Without a support system and supportive culture helping we all are like salmon swimming upstream against the current. Sooner or later even for the strongest amongst us, we get tired of fighting the current alone and we get carried away back downstream or, we get slowed or stalled by it.)

4.) an awareness that evolution is an ongoing process. Like evolution, this information on this website is in a continuous process of evolutionary improvement as new information is discovered. And,

5.) you are open to co-creating and improving the information and sharing it with others in a self-organized way.

If you see the wisdom of or have the above three qualities, you will most likely be successful in personally testing out the new ideas, attitudes, and processes of the new Universe Evolutionary Worldview (forwarded on this website,) in real-life practical applications and, you will experience a meaningful and significant improvement in your life!