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What Are the "Right Attitudes" Used Daily by Practitioners of Evolution Spirituality and the Universe Evolutionary Worldview

(At the bottom of this page you will find a link to a printable short form of the Universe Principles of Right Actions and Right Attitudes that you can read and meditate upon to help you make these core universe evolution meta-principles into daily life habits.)

"[Evolution] appears to be not only a series of accidents the course of which is determined only by the change of environments during Earth history and the resultant struggle for existence,… but is governed by definite laws… The discovery of these laws constitutes one of the most important tasks of the future. Ludwig von Bertalanffy, biologist"

“The most practical belief system for a large-scale society, in the long run, is one that is firmly anchored in factual reality.”-- DAVID SLOAN WILSON

The Right Attitudes and Right Actions of the Universe Principles of Sustainability represent Evolution's most basic and controlling rules and its core operating system. Lawrence Wollersheim

The Universe Principles of Right Attitude Are:

1.) From What we Know Now, Only One Universe Exists, Everything is Included and Nothing is Excluded from this Great Union: 

The universe is the only "text" with no "context." It is the context of everything.

You are completely embedded within this single inter-connected and inter-dependent universe union of inextricable energy sharing and relationship with all other life and things in the universe. ​Science has also clearly demonstrated that we are all embedded within this oneness of the universe's universal union!

This means that nothing that is embedded in this one universe and universal union is ever truly separate or excluded. When we understand and then act from this inherent universe truth of universal oneness and its inherent inclusion of all things the separation and tensions of "us vs them" in our interactions with other people and things begins to dissolve to both our own and the world's great benefit. Whole new possibilities of creative (and loving,) action are possible when one realizes and embraces this "nothing is ultimately and completely separate from you as a scientific truth.

Each day this means fully embracing being in a co-evolutionary, co-creative, and co-responsible universe union composed of self, other beings, the evolving Universe, and (if you are spiritually inclined,) the Ultimate Reality that was the origin of the Universe! (You can choose your own either secular or spiritual definition of Ultimate Reality by clicking the preceding Ultimate Reality link.

2.) Embrace the Fundamental Is-ness and Neutral Quality of all Universe Reality: 

Realize that at the most fundamental, simple, and scientifically provable level what can be said with the highest certainty and widespread agreement is--- that "the Universe just IS" and, this is-ness and "neutral" quality of the universe and its parts also implies an empowering and wonderful converse, which is that life, the universe and the universe’s parts (like you) are not inherently deficient, naturally flawed or intrinsically bad in any way --- at least when seen as being parts of the universe's wondrous evolutionary process viewed from the whole system at universe scale.

3.) Embrace Continuous Learning as THE Primary "What's Happening" of Universe Evolution:

Fully acknowledge the evolving Universe is primarily a learning "university." It is primarily a place of learning for creatively exhausting all possibilities and potentials for the specialized evolutionary experience such as first learning, then adaptation and development through relationships of inter-connected and inter-dependent actions and sharing, toward greater unions(s).

Imitate the universe and embrace the attitude of life-long learning as a primary life necessity. When any problem or conflict arises it would be wise to see them initially as a probable learning, adaptation developmental issue before going on to other perspectives or remedial approaches.

This learning is the "essential beginning" attitude is so important that after establishing any needed justice foundation so that sustainable actions may take place, learning/training/education needs to be a continual, major, and first focus of any successful system.

4.) Welcome, Everything that is now Occurring as an Integral and Essential part of the Universe’s Continuous Evolutionary Process of Ever-Ongoing Change:

This "everything is ALWAYS in continuous evolutionary process" principle of continuous change also indirectly and subtly implies that --- every universe part or whole emerges, develops, or HAS in its own inherent “perfect” timing and it develops through its own unique and ever-changing evolutionary processes! When seen from the biggest evolutionary universe scale perspective, one could even say that --- "things do not happen to you they happen with you and for you, because you are also vital and integral part of the Universe's amazing evolutionary process! 

This ever-changing process also implies there will be differentials between things in different states of evolution and that accepting that inherent differentials (differences,) in the evolutionary process at different levels of development will naturally create dynamic tensions (conflicts,) and stress. The good news is that this is part of the natural process and it is also ok! This is ok because these elements of difference, tensional conflict, and stress will also always be used in one way or another to advance the developmental dynamics and progress of the evolutionary processes of the universe as a whole.

5.) Realize that Everything always Works out for the Good of the Evolution of the Universe as a Whole:

Observe that over the last 13.7 billion years everything, including conflicts, seeming retrogressions, "failed experiments" and even extinctions in parts or subsystems are eventually directly or indirectly utilized and recycled by the master universe’s evolutionary processes to forward the value-interests (the goods and wellbeing) of the Universe as a whole system.

If you are aligned with universe evolution by living the Universe Principles of Sustainability, a far greater portion of the time --- things will be good for your well-being as well!

6.) Enjoy this Current Moment in Universe Evolution Because it "Really is the Most Evolved and Best that it has Ever Been:"

Embrace all this fact implies because --- progressive universe evolution actually is now at its highest known level of evolutionary development when seen as a whole system! While there will be conflicts, seeming retrogressions, "failed experiments" and even extinctions in parts or subsystems of the master universe system, but as a whole universe system, it is the most evolved and best it has ever been!

One could even extend this "most evolved and best ever" attitude to the current state of the Earth when the planet is seen as a whole system over its whole 5.2 billion year developmental process. 

7.) Embrace Life's truly Unpredictable Uncertainties:

They are intrinsic to the evolutionary process and hold elements essential to future evolution and the continual preservation of hope possibilities. (An ever-present element of uncertainty is also natural due to the ever-increasing complexity and process spontaneities inherent in the evolutionary process.)

8.) Let Go and Move On to What’s Next --- When Any Thing IS Done or Needs to be Over

All of the resources of what is over will then be more effectively recycled back into the universe’s evolutionary processes and be “reborn” into new experiments, forms, parts, possibilities, unions, and directions and, one may also be considerably less burdened in achieving their next step in evolutionary development having let go and moved on. Enjoy Surfing the Waves of Continuous Evolutionary Change!

Evolution unfailingly does this letting go and moving on every time it breaks down and recycles nonaligned and non-adaptive (failed,) parts or wholes in acts of destructive creation.  Evolution does this to once again forward the progressive directionality and vital value interests of evolution by and through reusing and recycling the resources of failed, no longer needed, adaptive, or relevant evolutionary experiments.

9.) Delight in the Universe being Engaged in a Grand and Creative and Adventure and its Progressive Evolutionary Processes Actually Taking it Somewhere:

Because universe evolution is going somewhere we can align with its processes and directionality to enhance our own success as well as to do our parts to sustainably forward the progressive evolutionary progress of humanity and life in the universe.

10.) Celebrate the Abundance of the Universe's Near Unlimited Creativity and Energy:

Celebrate existing within a Universe of near limitless creative potential, energy abundance, beauty, continuously evolving process, and opportunity and creative spontaneities and uncertainties. Create reserves from this abundance.

Be grateful each day and celebrate the adventure, surprises, and opportunities brought to you by a progressively evolving Universe that is increasing in novelty, complexity, learning, adaptability, and intelligence.

"Over the past 13.7 billion years of progressive evolutionary creativity the universe appears to have a broad creative directionality to it and it appears to have continually repeated certain patterns and actions that cause certain parts and wholes within it to be sustained and thrive. When we understand and align with this evolutionary directionality as stated in the science-illuminated meta-principles of the Universe Principles of Sustainability our lives, communities and nations will thrive and be sustainable, our lives will be as meaningful as they can possibly be and, we will also not surprisingly --- be living in an ethical congruity with the live-affirming aspects of the moral codes of the Religion 1.0 and Religion 1.5 religions." Lawrence Wollersheim

We have finally reached the amazing phase of evolution where we can now become evolution’s partner consciously co-evolving universe evolution. The above are the attitudes that help us do it! When we simply live sustainable lifestyles and livelihoods applying the Universe Principles and we enact laws that reflect the application of the Universe Principles when applied to groups, corporations, and nations we will attain a just civilization and a meaningful and sustainable prosperity for all.

How to use the Universe Principles of Right Attitude:

  1. Read, meditate upon and practice them every day and discover for yourself just how dramatically your life will improve. It takes many readings and at least 90 days of practice for their wisdom and power to slowly evolve away any of your present deeply embedded and habituated thinking and reactions. You will never know how well they work until you actually practice and apply them even if you do not fully understand them! Just start reading and practicing --- explore and experiment.
  2. Regularly think about how you are or how are not currently using applying them in your life or in the groups to which you belong. If you are applying them, figure out how you can apply them more. If you are not applying them, figure out how you can then watch the proactive evolution unfold! It will take real-life self-discipline to start and then continue to read and apply these life success and sustainability critical principles.
  3. Remember in your practice that the universe attitudes are the discriminating and wise spirit from which you apply all of the universe action principles in a balanced way. Right application attitude equals right results. This is very important to remember as you can do the correct thing with the wrong or unbalanced attitude and the correct thing will produce wrong results. Always apply the universe action principles from the perspective of the universe attitudes!
  4. Here is a link to a printable short form of the Universe Principles of Right Actions and Right Attitudes that you can read and meditate upon to help you make these core universe evolution meta-principles into daily life habits.
  5. Click here for illustrated moving images of the Right attitudes to help you remember them!

"When you understand the meta-principles of progressive evolution you will also understand the universe's "best practices" and its core "operating system." When applied, these meta-principles will dramatically change your life for the better."  Lawrence Wollersheim

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