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What are the Four Basics of Evolutionary Enlightenment for Evolutioneers and Evolution Spirituality Practitioners

Evolutionary Enlightenment is quite simple at its core. It is four basic things. If you have these basics, you can say that you have attained the basics of evolutionary enlightenment.

1.) You have humbly awakened to the fact that there is an original origin and big bang source to the evolving universe that we all share --- and that --- we really have no current objective knowledge of what that origin really is. It is the Great Mystery of Ultimate Reality. The best minimal objective truth that you may be able to discern about the physical universe's origin is that it is the seed of the universe and the universe is its "fruit". 

2.) You have awakened to the fact that science has also demonstrated that we are all embedded within one vastly interconnected and interdependent universe and universal union! Therefore nothing that is embedded within this one single universe and universal union is ever truly separate from all of the other parts or excluded.

When we understand and then act from this inherent physical universe truth of the oneness and inclusion of everything then the separation and tensions of "us vs them" in our interactions with other people and things in life begins to dissolve to both our and the world's great benefit. New possibilities of creative (and even loving,) action are possible when one realizes and embraces this "nothing is ultimately separate or excluded from you" scientific truth.

3.) You have awakened to the fact that you are deeply embedded into the universe's evolution process, which is progressively going somewhere. This powerful evolutionary process is most often invisibly and unconsciously carrying, pushing, and moving you and everything around you toward something in the future. [To achieve this second awakening you have diligently and comprehensively studied how progressive physical evolution works as a complex adaptive system at the universe and planetary time and space scales. It could be unreasonable to call oneself an Evolutioneer or a Religion 2.0 practitioner (in any of its forms,) if you do not have a solid understanding of 21st century universe-scaled evolution and cosmology.] 

And then, based on the prior three awakenings and realizations...

4.) You have awakened to the Evolutionary Prime Directive --- the fact that the most basic purpose of your (and everyone's) evolving life is to:

a.) first align your life and groups with the evolutionary principles empowering the progressive directionality of evolution that work for the good of the development of the whole planet and universe and then, (Hegel considered the development of the whole as a form of highest dialectical or life process truth.) to actively and consciously,

b.) both contribute to and help shape the progressive evolution of this planet and then our children's evolution out into the stars.

[Here you become aware that you are and can be an important contributing partner in co-creating your, humanity's, our planet's (and eventually our universe's,) progressive evolution to produce a sustainable prosperity, meaningful lives, and justice for all.]

Once you have had these four basic and powerful core awakenings of Evolutionary Enlightenment you will spend a lifetime trying to try to live up to their full potential. 

Whether they know it or not, the common and basic purpose in the life of every person on Earth is contained in a and b of number four above. Wouldn't life be a lot better if we were all consciously working from the awareness that this is our common evolutionary purpose?

Once one has attained the four core evolutionary awakenings above one is optimally equipped to engage in the Three Great Evolutionary Adventures of Life as they exist today.

(If you are of a spiritual nature, in these four scientific perspectives one can see the fundamentals of a new Religion 2.0 and Evolution Spirituality as well. Common to many life-affirming and progressive religions there is the recognition of an origin, the recognition of a non-duality and union of all things at a whole universe level, the recognition of "laws," values, and ethics in some kind of congruity with the principles of the progressive evolution process (reality,) and finally, the recognition of individual and group purpose and meaning based upon some form of aligning and contributing to the progressive evolution of the universe for the good of the whole.)

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