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What are the Four Basic Guiding Principles of Evolutionary Spirituality Practitioners

The four most basic facts and principles of Evolutionary Spirituality are:

1.) Science has demonstrated that we are all embedded within ONE interconnected and interdependent universe and universal union!

Therefore nothing that is embedded in this one universe and universal union is ever truly separate or excluded. When we understand and then act from this inherent physical universe truth of oneness and inclusion the separation and tensions of "us vs them" in our interactions with other people and things in life begins to dissolve to both our and the world's great benefit. Whole new possibilities of creative and loving action are possible when one realizes and embraces this "nothing is ultimately separate from you" as scientific truth.

"Science is, at least in part, informed worship." Carl Sagan

2.) Science has demonstrated that the universe is engaged in a continuous, creative, and grand progressive evolutionary process and adventure that is actually going somewhere. Because we now know the universe's evolution is going somewhere --- we can:

a.) learn to align with that directionality and then apply the core meta-principles of evolution to profoundly improve our daily life success and,

b.) intentionally and awarely forward evolution's directionalized progress as a real co-partner with universe evolution.

This great re-alignment of our lives with evolution's core meta-principles will greatly enhance our own success as well as help us to do our fair share to sustainably forward the progressive evolutionary progress of our groups, nations, and of humanity and life in the universe.

Over the past 13.7 billion years of progressive evolutionary creativity, the universe appears to hold a broad creative directionality within it and, has continually repeated certain patterns and actions, which causes certain parts and wholes within it that follow these patterns and actions to be sustained and thrive. When we understand these time-tested, science-illuminated evolutionary principles of sustainability and act to align with this universe's evolutionary directionality in which we are embedded, our lives will also be as meaningful as they can possibly be and, we will be also living in an ethical congruity with the key elements of the moral codes of today's most life-affirming spiritual traditions.

"Science is not only compatible with spirituality; it is a profound source of spirituality." Carl Sagan

From the above, it becomes obvious that to be an authentic Evolutioneer, Planetary Citizen, Universe Citizen or, if you are of a spiritual nature, Religion 2.0 member, it is absolutely essential to have a rich scientific understanding of the universe's evolutionary processes. One could hardly call oneself an Evolutioneer or Planetary Citizen or Universe Citizen if they did not actually have a current and comprehensive understanding of the universe's evolutionary processes and of evolution itself as a complex adaptive system. If one did not really understand the system of principles successfully used by the 13.7 billion-year-old universe for its own progressive evolution of the universe's essential meta-principles of evolutionary sustainability how would one act to align with those key evolutionary meta-principles to evolve and improve one's own life?

3.) Science has demonstrated that the future will always be full of uncertainty. This uncertainty means there are no 100% guarantees in life that you, humanity, life or, the planet as we know it will go on as it has previously!

Therefore always do what you can to manage your life so that you are awarely appreciating your life in each new now --- while simultaneously and appropriately --- working toward creating a more sustainable and thriving future!

Your life as well as any of the groupings that you are embedded in can end at any moment from a near endless list of internal and external reasons and circumstances, (which oftentimes are far beyond your direct control.) If you follow this Evolutionary Spirituality essential principle of "enjoy your life now" while also working diligently for a better life and world, you will never miss out on living consciously and enjoying the daily journey of your life by being emotionally or mentally too much in either the past or the future.

4.) Science has clearly demonstrated that there is a critical, rapidly escalating threat to the existence of humanity, other biological life, and future generations caused by increasing global warming --- and, we need to do something about it NOW. The increasing global warming and its consequent global climate destabilization is currently our greatest threat and if not immediately managed, will lead to unimaginable suffering and eventually to irreversible or near-extinction level climate destabilization.

Therefore, at this particular time in human history, the most practical and important practice for all of us to do is to use the best knowledge of science and complex adaptive systems to help us prepare for and mitigate the current global warming crisis. We CAN slow the human-caused warming of the planet in a significant way by building sustainable prosperity lifestyles, livelihoods, communities and, nations. Then these new sustainability practices will also help us to maintain global temperature stability once we have eliminated the current looming climate threat to our shared global climate and futures. 

If we do re-stabilize the climate before we go off the climate destabilization cliff, we will preserve our planet so that all of the other life dreams that we now have individually and collectively can be achieved and all of the other challenges that we face both individually and collectively can be resolved. At this moment in history, if we fail to self-organize a solution and resolve this single greatest challenge facing humanity by doing a climate re-stabilization plan on a "first things first" and critical path priority basis --- as one of our core personal and collective practices; the planet will continue escalating into deeper ecological and climate catastrophes.

In fact, ALL other of our life practices, dreams and, goals do depend for their very future existence upon us successfully stopping human-caused global warming. (Evolution 2.0 does have a specific social activism program to help you resolve humanity's number one threat --- climate destabilization caused by global warming. It is called the Job One for Humanity Plan.

To acknowledge this destabilizing climate and global warming reality with the appropriate individual action go now to the Job One for Humanity multi-step plan and at least pick the single easiest step for you to begin. Begin it as soon as possible. When you have done that first easy step sufficiently go on to the next easiest step etc.  You can do something and make a real local difference!

When you hold, and enact in life the above four core facts and principles listed above, you can be certain that you are in truth, a Level One Evolution 2.0 Evolutioneer and if you are spiritual by nature, a Level One Evolutionary Spirituality member. You also will be living the most successful, optimized and, meaningful life possible and, that you will be doing the most essential, effective and, important things critically necessary at this moment in history to help resolve the biggest challenges facing both your own life as well as humanity with our current global warming climate crisis.

"A religion that stressed the magnificence of the universe as revealed by modern science, might be evolutionary able to draw forth reserves of reverence and awe hardly tapped by traditional faiths. Sooner or later, such a religion will emerge."  Carl Sagan

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