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Welcome to the Universe Spirit Blog

Submitted by phoebe on

Welcome to the Universe Spirit blog!

We've recently been working hard on redoing the Universe Spirit website so that it's lovelier to look at and easier to navigate. We hope you enjoy the new design--and we'd most definitely love to hear your feedback!

We've also been refining our mission as of late, and are excited to report that Universe Spirit has a new focus. Alongside open-source personal spirituality and the new Universe Evolutionary Worldview, we're here to promote Job One for Humanity. We believe, of course, that a universe-informed type of spirituality will make the world better, but unless we act quickly to reverse the damage we've done to our planet--the damage that is now wreaking the worldwide havoc that we call catastrophic climate destabilization--there may be nary an environment left in which to practice and pursue spiritual aims.

Human being and World...


That's why we're putting "first things first" and asking that everyone in our spiritual community get on board with Job One for Humanity. The time has come for us all to do everything that we can to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and prevent dramatic increase in our earth's average temperature. The experts agree that there's not much time left before positive feedback loops begin to kick in and we're left with a straight-up climate catastrophe.

In this blog we'll be exploring the issues and potential solutions to the climate situation, as well as the ways in which a universe-based spirituality can help to inform our understandings and our actions in the Job One for Humanity endeavor.

We look forward to sharing with and hearing from you more soon!!


***photo by CLUC on flickr (this person has no affiliation with our organization, but we thank them for the artwork, which we feel illustrates a bit of the essence of Job One for Humanity).


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If you would like to see a realistic comprehensive and systemic approach to global warming and climate destabilization, click here.


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