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Sustainability, Spirit & Community

Welcome to the Home of the Universe Spirituality: A New Personal, Integral and Evolutionary Spirituality

Evolution Spirituality (US,) is a personalized, integral and evolutionary new form of spirituality that balances and integrates our current objective science with our multi-denominational heritage life-affirming subjective spirituality. Evolution Spirituality was designed to consciously avoid the pathologies and extremes of scientific materialism, scientism as well as the pathologies and extremes of stifling and fossilized traditional religions.

Evolution Spirituality is the natural evolutionary product of the emerging new Universe Age. It is derived in significant part from the integral, whole universe scale and science-grounded perspective of the new Universe Worldview and the new universe consciousness born from it.

The Universe Worldview and its universe consciousness help make individuals objectively aware that the progressive evolution of the universe has now reached the amazing point where the knowledge of the universe now exists so that they too can effectively partner with the universe co-create evolution --- with evolution! Acts of conscious co-evolution causes dramatic improvement within individual lives, community groups and the environment thus creating the perfect win/win/win scenario!

The current and long range goal and mission of Evolution Spirituality is:

"to create a just community and civilization, a sustainable prosperity and, a meaningful quality-of-life for ALL by improving our alignment with the universe's progressive evolution while also improving our union and partnership with Ultimate Reality.

In summary, Evolution Spirituality seeks to create a better alignment and harmony with the proven life-sustaining patterns of the objective physical universe and with our best subjective wisdom about Ultimate Reality.

How Evolution Spirituality Gets it Done

Evolution Spirituality is empowered and achieves its goals by using the wisdom of:

a.) the universe's 13.7 billion year-old, time-proven principles for successful progressive evolution. (These are the core principles that the physical universe uses for successfully sustaining, evolving and thriving life. We call these new basics of practical and effective thriving life success, the Universe Principles of Life.) This information is gathered using a multi-disciplinary science approach, (particularly in the areas of universe cosmology and new discoveries about the universe’s progressive evolution when seen as a whole multi-billion year old system.)

b.) the evolutionary spiritual wisdom gathered about the Ultimate Reality of the universe discriminatingly integrated from all of humanity’s great spiritual heritages, and

c.) how to succeed on the Three Greatest Adventures in Life. (These three great life adventures are found off the link at the bottom of this page. They help insure a purpose, principle and meaning filled life for all.)

We also achieve the goals of Evolution Spirituality through:

1.) an attitude of love and delight with life as it is right now and,

2.) through practical, artful and effective daily actions that will help you succeed on the Three Greatest Adventures in Life. Those practical actions are found within the many integral online and off line courses at our Universe College. (We even offer a Evolution Spirituality spiritual facilitator’s ministerial degree and ordination.)

About Our Community

Members of this growing evolutionary community of Universe Citizens are today’s and tomorrow’s inspired and successful practicing advocates, teachers, artists and leaders in all walks of life. They see themselves as Integralists, Evolutionaries, Cultural Creatives, Post Moderns, Sustainability Advocates, Environmentalists, and omni-denominational spiritual progressives.

Our Promise

We pledge to help you expand and evolve your own science and rationality grounded personalized form of Evolution Spirituality using the information listed above because we affirm that "there are as many unique types of religion in the world as there are people."

What’s Next in Exploring this Website and Organization?
If our integral and balanced marriage of rationality, objective science and subjective personalized spirituality resonates with your mind or heart, we welcome you to continue exploring our website and our dynamic community by choosing option One or option Two below:


Option One:

If Are you curious to learn about what are the Three Greatest Adventures of Life, the new Universe Worldview or what exactly are the Universe Principles of Life, then click here and go a bit deeper!


Option Two:

If you have already read enough and want to get started exploring how our new tools and perspectives can improve your life and world now at the Universe College, then click here. This page will help you decide upon your next best personalized exploration step based upon your current interests and greatest needs as well as your unique personal background.



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