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Universe Evolutionary Principles Part 1: The 9 Most Proven Success Actions Derived From Evolutionary Science Needed to Create a Sustainable, Satisfying and Prosperous Life or Organization

Introduction to the New Universe Evolutionary Principles, The Promandments of Progressive Evolution

The statements below are part of the new Universe Evolutionary Worldview and the master list of the time-proven New Universe Evolutionary Principles (aka Universe Principles, UEP,) for producing an intentionally designed life or organization of integral, optimal and sustainable success at every level. These principles as the prime evolutionary values that most forward evolutionary success and the progressive directionality of evolution in the universe.

These core universe evolutionary principles have repeatedly and conclusively demonstrated their effectiveness and unstoppable success power for the last 13.7 billion years. There are objectively testable, reality-congruent and simply the most successfully repeated pattern and principle probabilities within life, existence, and evolution!

Also think about these success actions as the promandments of progressive evolution. (Promandments are proactive statements of values, virtues, attitudes and life affirming actions that are self-accepted as being in one's enlightened self-interst after a period of study and evaluation. Promandments are not commandments. Commandments are usually negative injunctions and "thou shalt nots" instilled through fear or guilt laden indoctrination.)

When you read these following universe principles and life promandments for creating success in every area of life have a sheet of paper and pen handy. As you read each principle ask yourself "to what degree on a 1-10 scale are you already applying that particular principle in your life or organization." Mark that answer down for later review and progress comparison use. Take some time to think about each principle or perspective as most are complex enough to expand into their own article, chapter or even paper or book.

Over the next 30 days read these principles every day either "as is" or in a visualization or affirmation form. You soon will begin to experience for yourself just how much your life can improve by better aligning your life and groups with these universe principles. 

The Success-Action Universe Principles, Part 1: The "Secret" of Evolutionary Right Actions Aligned with the Power of the Unstoppable Progressive Directionality of Universe Evolution

To successfully align one's actions (or one's organization's actions,) with the unstoppable directionalized power flow of progressive evolution one would seek to align oneself with as many of the success action principles of progressive evolution listed below to the highest degree possible. (Some individuals personalize progressive evolution and call it the evolutionary impulse or evolutionary intention.)

Your life and groups will become the most sustainably prosperous and successful that they can be if, in a balanced and integral way, you (and they,) enact both the progressive evolution meta-principle of "more cooperation at greater scale" as well as the other success action principles and success attitudes found in Parts 1 and 2 of the New Universe Principles. Once one also understands and embraces the result conditioning universe "attitudes" (found in the Universe Principles in Part 2,) then one is finally prepared to act with the highest effectiveness and efficiency using the 9 essential universe action principles below! 

When reading the following 9 universe success action principles below keep in mind that all of the principles below can also be easily expressed as "I am or, my organization is" affirmation or visualization type statements. Begin immediate daily practice of these 9 critical actions for sustainable success. Regularly review how well you are doing in making them into lifestyle habits because they will enhance your life in many dramatic and amazing ways! 

The universe's 9 power-flow integral action principles* for sustainable success are:

1.) Expand cooperation to greater scale.

(Be predominantly competitive in sports. Use co-opertition [cooperation with some friendly competition,] predominantly in all other areas to co-create a sustainable prosperity, life and future for all.)

2.) Give, demand, expand and share appropriate (fair,) energy exchange in all relationships and things!

(It should be considered the most central hub and universe action principle that fuels and keeps all other aspects of existence and cooperation expansion flowing. Think of fair energy exchange as wise sharing.)

3.) Live creative, abundant and sustainable productivity just as the universe is creative, amazingly abundant and sustainably productive.

(Productivity is a key way you create a form of energy that you can share and exchange with life. From completion of one's education until retirement, ALL need to be continuously and abundantly creative and productive and sharing and contributing valuable work and/or service to those wholes (unions,) in which they are embedded or are members. This also means doing all those things from prevention to maintenance that support an individual's or member group's abilities and capacities to maintain sustainable productivity. No matter what economic station of life you are in, from billionaire to impoverished, to the degree that you are able-bodied and able-minded the universe appears to require all of us to be abundantly creative and productive to be able to share and exchange that valuable and vital productivity energy with others and the wholes (unions,) in which we are embedded.)   

4.) Create and maintain life success through continuous adaptation (learning actions,) to perceived accurate consequence feedback that is aligned with evolution's unstoppable progressive directionality. 


You can expand your (or your group’s,) adaptability (learning actions,) in alignment with evolution's unstoppable progressive directionality by any and all of the following sub-level contributory actions and steps of and for continuous adaptation:


expanding cooperation (Most optimally done by increasing the willingness to cooperate among and between inter-dependent parts and wholes at every level of the adaptation process,) 

expanding creativity,

expanding freedom, autonomy, autopoiesis, self-organization and choice of the parts within the wholes,

expanding and improving fair and appropriate energy exchanges between individuals, group members, group managers and other groups, 

expanding consequence accountability and consequence capture for all parts, managers and governing bodies and wholes,

expanding the abilities of managers/governing bodies to better align the self interests of the parts of the group to the interests of the whole and that is also in alignment with the interests of progressive evolution,  

expanding order, (Positioning things in a particular way, specialization, division of labor etc.,) 

expanding integration, (Bringing the parts into new relationships and/or into new dynamic unions or wholes or, for embracing of additional potentiality release, novelty, and new parts,)

expanding flow and harmony, (Successfully integrating existing parts within a new or existing order within dynamic unions/wholes,)

expanding learning opportunities by,

expanding intelligence,

expanding knowledge/wisdom,

expanding awareness/consciousness, self reflection and universe totality reflection, (Knowledge of --- and the aware experience of the actual nature or actions of self, other, local environment, planet and the universe,) 

expanding environmental control,

expanding sustainability,

expanding evolvability, (Using the knowledge of the evolutionary process, principles and directionality to help co-create greater personal and life system adaptability and greater evolutionary success,)


4a.) Optimize continuous adaptation so that it ALSO helps to birth or maintain cooperative wholes (unions,) of greater scale and greater:                                                 (This is a sub part of the principle above.)


creativity and novelty (innovation favoring evolution's directionality,)

autonomy autopoiesis, and self organizing qualities of the parts,

integration, order and harmony,

learning ability,



consciousness, self reflection and universe totality reflection,

fair and appropriate energy exchange,

consequence accountability and consequence capture for all parts, managers and wholes, synergy,


environmental control, and 


5.) Embrace all conflicts as opportunities because they are:

a.) evolution's natural signaling guidance and correctional feedback and/or,

b.) evolutionary stress "energy" for motivating and propelling needed transformational adaptation and growth and/or, for the birthing of new dynamic unions and wholes.

(Problems and conflicts can be any physical dissonances, differentials or, even mental or emotional fears or contractions.)

6.) Insure the full capture of all consequences for the person or group whose actions caused or co-caused the consequence.

Full consequence capture and full accountability for the party or parties who caused or co-caused the consequence is essential to both optimal efficiency and sustainability within the universe's progressive evolutionary process for creating either: 

i.) more learning and adaptation motivation for more evolutionary progress or,

ii.) for the recycling of non-adaptive parts and wholes for new growth or for new dynamic unions within the evolutionary whole.

(Full accountability and full consequence capture is one of the biggest lessons that evolution has repeatedly and irrefutably learned for what is critically essential for efficiently creating adaptable, sustainable parts as well as adaptable, sustainable wholes (unions,) of greater cooperation and scale. You might even think of it as the universe's wondrous way to teach us why having self discipline or group consequence discipline really pays off. There is the deepest and wisest evolutionary compassion manifested in insuring the full capture of all consequences for the person, persons or group whose actions caused or co-caused the consequence. It is the tough love that insures both efficiency and sustainability though optimal correctional feedback impacts in the form of consequences. In consequence capture situations, wise compassion takes the form of general learning support and empathy support while the person, persons or group endure any difficulties of their earned consequences.)


The vital sub principles of evolution's key full consequence capture principle are:  


6a.) Embrace evolution's great "wisdom" of continually increasing the severity of consequences for denying, ignoring or delaying consequences,


(This is another vital part of the universe’s proven stress-based motivational system for equally holding all of its parts fully accountable so that eventually each individual part captures the FULL consequences of their actions in order that each part gets the increasing intensity of feedback needed to motivate it to finally adapt or perish. This also implies it is wise to Embrace ALL of your consequences as quickly as possible by learning from them going through the consequence to motivate and guide your next adaptation. This is the best way to put life's painful consequences behind you in the quickest most efficient way!)


6b.) Give and demand full transparency as the indispensable accountability necessary to enact the full consequence capture principle.


Insure that all social, economic, corporate, religious or governmental wholes (unions,) are designed and executed so that all individuals, groups, managers, corporations or nations within them are fully transparent in all group sustainability vital areas and thereby able to be held fully accountable to the parts that compose them (or, that are critically dependent upon them,) or to the whole itself for capturing the full consequences of their actions. 


(This open and transparent full accountability is another of the progressive evolution's most proven and important critical minimums essential and necessary for sustaining healthy wholes (unions,) and for motivating the efficient and fair adaptive evolution of their parts. As you may be beginning to see, full consequence capture is one of the most important of the evolutionary lessons and principles.)


Hold the perspective that consequences are not to be treated as punishments --- they are just learning opportunities and learning motivations in a learning universe!


7.) Evolve and create group managers and group governing bodies that serve the progressive evolution enlightened self-interests of the group members by effectively:

a.) aligning and managing individual self interests to ALSO forward the cooperative interests of that particular whole and, 


b.) that also simultaneously align with the interests of progressive evolution in the universe as a whole.

(In addition to a and b above, all successful evolutionary managers insure that all cheats and freeloaders either inside or outside of the whole are blocked from unfairly draining the resources of the whole (union,) that they manage without an appropriate sustainable exchange and that these cheats and freeloaders capture the full consequences of any sub-standard exchange made by cheating or freeloading. They also insure that no part within the whole (union,) is so far out of energy balance that the whole's common sustainability as a whole is threatened. Successful evolutionary managers also insure that no part or parts of the whole (union,) hold a disproportionate or inappropriate influence or power over or counter influence to the general wellbeing and sustainability of the whole union. A successful manager always also creates the necessary transparency within the whole union so that they may perform all of the successful evolutionary manager's functions diligently because they resolutely know that no subsystem or endeavor within the universe will be sustainable or successful for long if it is out of basic alignment with the unstoppable, progressive evolutionary directionality and system principles of the universe as a whole. The directionality of the evolving universe as a whole is (and always has been,) the master and controlling system to which all sub-systems and things must eventual align, adapt or conform to or they will simply end and be recycled. Knowing the core system principles of the universe's 13.7 billion years of progressive evolution is without a doubt the single most fundamental, applicable and unifying life information that every individual, group and manager or governing body must know and apply to be sustainably successful in any endeavor. Successful managers also know that learning of the basic values and principles of sustainable successful wholes aligned with the progressive direction of evolution by the parts or members of the whole is primarily! Without this type of learning going on it is doubtful the self interests of the parts of the whole could be aligned with the interests of that particular whole and progressive evolution. Unless our managers and governments become much better at serving the progressive evolutionary-enlightened self-interests of their group members we individually and collectively may experience far more suffering and lack of basic needs in the future than is necessary.)


8.) Become a conscious partner with the universe by forwarding evolution's progressive directionality by increasing one's own or one's group's evolvability by:

expanding knowledge about the principles of the universe's progressive evolutionary process,

super-charging the success of your and your group's partial goal interests by always aligning them with the unstoppable progressive evolutionary directionality of the universe as a whole,

expanding cooperation at greater scale,

expanding conscious awareness of self, other and of the progressively evolving, living and unifying universe environment,

exhausting all possibilities for creativity, novelty, complexity and directionally congruent perfection at every level of the universe that aligns with and forwards evolution's directionality, and if so inclined,

practicing awareness of an increasingly conscious universe and/or of a Universal Consciousness.**  


9.) Whole-heartedly enjoy (capture,) the full rewards of your abundant sustainable productivity and for aligning your goals, attitudes, actions and rewards with the universe’s evolutionary directionality and these Universe Principles!


(In the consequence capture sections above you discovered that embracing all negative or "penalty" consequences for your actions was critically important. Here it is equally if not more important, to also embrace all your rewards for being sustainably productive and successfully aligning your life with life and progressive evolution in the universe. In many ways, rewards are considerably stronger than negative consequences in promoting learning, adaptation and other behaviors that support the progressive directionality of the universe.)


Practicing the Action Principles Made Much Easier:

The above Right Action Universe Principles of Life have been re-stated in just a few concise sentances that you can print and begin to read daily and practice. Click here for the very sort form of the above action principles. They are at the top of the page.

Why are These the 9 Major Success Action Steps of Progressive Evolution, Why are They so Important and, Where is Evolution Going?

Before you go on to Part 2 of the New Universe Principles (the success attitudes,) if you want to know more about why the above 9 action principles are valid and you would like to know more about the core evolutionary processes from which they derive their power, click here and read more about progressive evolution. This additional section and its linked visual chart of evolution unfolding on multiple levels over the last 13.7 billion years can significantly deepen your understanding as to why the above action process principles are so useful and important and where evolution is theoretically going.

The above 9 success actions of evolution, which have been proven over 13.7 billion years of evolutionary testing are the 9 most critical actions necessary to enhance the progressive directionality of evolution and life. The 9 success actions above also are vital evolutionary values and a partial statement of the action keys of evolutionary ethics. They are all vital behaviors that enhance the progressive directionality of evolution and life. The additional reading off the links in the paragraph above will shed significantly more light upon why within the New Universe Worldview the simple definition for ethical behavior is "those behaviors that enhance the progressive directionality of evolution and life."

Important Notes for Success Action Principles Above:

* All of the universal principles also act as the principles for effective evolutionary activism applied to improving any of our cultural systems from the environment to the economy.  


**  In the phrase above "and/or of Universal Consciousness" the objective and science-proven threshold is crossed. This phrase is there as a segway for those individuals so inclined to use it due to their subjective personal experiences of such a possibility. For those who choose not to cross the objective science to subjective belief threshold or, to explore such a possibility you can conclude the universe action principles with the phrase "practicing awareness of a conscious universe."

The Success Attitude Universe Principles Part 2: The Universe's Space Qualities Condition the Success and Sustainability of All Actions and Results in the Universe 

It is not only just what you do that creates the fastest and most effective sustainable success. It is also the manner of how you do something that greatly conditions and qualifies the results of those actions. Now that you have familiarized yourself with the basic 11 actions of life success based upon the most successful core patterns and principles of 13.7 billion years of successful evolution you are now ready to learn about the universe's success "attitudes" in part two of the universe principles.


Click here to go to Part 2 of the Universe Principles, the Success Attitude Principles.

 (The universe's complementary success action principles Part 1 are at the top of this page.)

Notes On the New Universe Principles Parts 1 and 2: 

1.) This original version of the Universe Principles is part of the New Universe Worldview and is intended for an audience of advanced science and spirituality students familiar with modern universe cosmology and the theory of progressive evolution. If you are not an advanced evolution student you do not need to read this progressive evolution link to use the success action principles. These Universe Principles can also be used as principles of responsible universe citizenship.

2.) We hope that you have also discovered in reading the above universe success action principles that they both transcend and yet still creatively include the most life-affirming perspectives and classic virtues of humanity’s greatest philosophic and spiritual wisdom traditions. The above new universe principles of progressive evolution can act as a de facto lifestyle practices guide and new ethical code for conscious evolutionaries or, a statement of the attributes of the New Universe Worldview (among many other things,) has been provided to Universe Spirit (universespirit.org) by Lawrence Wollersheim from his soon to be released book, The Universe Manifesto, a New Universe Worldview that encompasses and re-aligns everything.

3.) Although The Universe Principles Parts 1 and 2 have been based on parts of the works of the following individuals the inclusion of their names does not imply any specific endorsement of this article or the information expressed within it by them. These individuals have been mentioned in part to gratefully recognize their contributions to expanding the areas of cosmology, big history, progressive evolutionary science and/or conscious evolution. This article is based in part upon the universe and progressive evolutionary science and theories expressed by Teilhard De Chardin, Erich Jantsch, John Stewart, Duane Elgin, Michael Dowd, Connie Barlow, Nancy Ellen Abrams, Brian Swimme, Thomas Berry, Joel Primack, David Christian, David Ray Griffin, Sri Aurobindo, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Ken Wilber, Andrew Cohen, Steve McIntosh as well as numerous other evolution theorists, scientists, authors and speakers.

4.) The New Universe Principles were released in honor of the first public 2010 Universe Day (also sometimes called New Universe Day,) that occurs each January first. Universe Day is intended to promote the many benefits to our society and planet contained within the science-informed New Universe Worldview. 

5.)  The progressive directionality of evolution as described above is sometimes described as the impulse of evolution, the intention of evolution or the intentionality of evolution. These personalizing concepts are not used above to signify that it is the position of the science on progressive evolution. They are only included here to reference the wording now be used by many individuals coming from various spiritual backgrounds who do hold another more personal perspective on progressive evolution.

6.) The New Universe Principles (Parts 1 and 2,) when understood and practiced in a balanced way by individuals, groups, corporations and nations are concrete guidelines for what is needed in actions and conditioning attitudes to create a sustainable prosperity for all, which is a key naturally emerged  objective within the New Universe Worldview.

7.) It would be reasonable if not wise, to consider the Universe Principles taken collectively as the minimal evolutionary "rules" for creating healthy, sustainable and thriving communities. 

8.) The process of universe success action dynamism described above is not always directionalized adaptation and growth. It can also become just change or grow experiments that dead end, go off in novel tangents and stall or stall after various levels of growth. When growth and adaptation stop the universe breaks down the growth experiment and recycles its parts.

9.) By birthright whether realized or not, everyone is a universe citizen. As citizens of the universe is both our responsibility and opportunity to live the universe success action principles and success attitude principles (part 2,) to become effective universe evolutionaries and co-partners with evolution.

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