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Ultimate Reality: A Master list of Names Used for the Ultimate Concern, God, Buddha, the Great Mystery etc, Used Both Inside and Outside of Religion 2.0


There are many different traditional (Religion 1.0,) or progressive (Religion 1.5,) ways of describing the various personal and non-personal "ultimate realities of existence” that humanity has used to described God, Buddha or similar concepts in its great religions. There are even concepts used by secular humanists to describe Ultimate Reality. All of these terms are listed farther below on this page as a master list of names for Ultimate Reality/God.

On this website and within a new form of non-denominational, meta-religion called Religion 2.0 we most often use the words Ultimate Reality or Great Mystery to describe the ultimate concerns an/or Origin of existence. The most important and commonly used way that Religion 2.0 uses the word Ultimate Reality is contained in this detailed Great Mystery definition.

While you are exploring our website you can use any name that you are comfortable with for what you conceive the Ultimate Reality, God or Ultimate Concern of existence to be.

The Master List of Omni-Denominational, Spiritual, Humanistic and Scientific Names for Ultimate Reality, Ultimate Concern and Total Reality

If a term below does not have Religion 2.0 next to it you can assume it is a term commonly used by Religion 1.0 traditional religions or Religion 1.5 progressive newer religions.

If you can add to this master list of names or you can help us find a better way to express the concepts of Ultimate Reality in a way that is omni-denominational and Religion 2.0 comfortable to ALL of the diverse eastern, western and secular perspectives, please contact us and do so. We would love the help with this wonderful language challenge!

(The list below is in alphabetical order for easier perusing.)

  1. Absolute Spirit, Absolute Consciousness, Absolute Inclusiveness or simply The Absolute (Religion 2.0)
  2. Allah
  3. Anima Mundi (World Soul, Gaia, Universal Soul) (Religion 1.5)
  4. Atman
  5. Brahma
  6. Buddha
  7. Causal (Religion 2.0)
  8. Christ
  9. Christ Consciousness
  10. Cosmic Christ
  11. Consciousness (Religion 1.5)
  12. Conscious Universe (Religion 2.0)
  13. Divine
  14. Divine Feminine, Kali, Oya, Pele, Mary, Shakti, Black Madonna or any of the other many names for Goddess embodying Absolute Divinity in a female manifestation.)
  15. Divine Mother
  16. Divine Mystery
  17. Divine Presence
  18. Divine Providence
  19. Ein Sof
  20. Eshwara 
  21. Ever Present Origin (Religion 1.5)
  22. Evolution (Religion 2.0)
  23. Evolutionary Spirit (Religion 2.0)
  24. Evolution Spirituality (Religion 2.0)
  25. God
  26. Godde
  27. Goddess
  28. God/Buddha
  29. Great Consciousness (Religion 1.5)
  30. Great Interconnectedness (Religion 2.0)
  31. Great Mother
  32. Great Mystery (Great Mystery is the name used most often with in Religion 2.0 and Open Source Spirituality for describing Ultimate Reality.)
  33. Great Spirit
  34. Great Union (Religion 2.0)
  35. Great Unity (Religion 2.0)
  36. Great Unfolding (Religion 2.0)
  37. Great Radiance (Religion 2.0)
  38. Great Relationship (Religion 2.0)
  39. Higher Power
  40. Highest Essence
  41. Highest Self
  42. Holy Spirit
  43. I am Who am (a non qualitative personal Divinity)
  44. Infinite Consciousness (Religion 1.5)
  45. Infinite Essence (Religion 2.0)
  46. Infinite Mystery (Religion 2.0)
  47. Infinite one
  48. Infinite oneness (Religion 2.0)
  49. Infinite Source
  50. Infinite Spirit
  51. Infinite Wholeness (Religion 2.0)
  52. Integrative Consciousness (Religion 1.5)
  53. Integrative Spirit
  54. Jehovah
  55. Jesus
  56. Kosmos
  57. Krishna
  58. Larger Self
  59. Love
  60. Mother Universe
  61. Nondual Awareness
  62. OM
  63. Original Essence (Religion 2.0)
  64. Original Organizing Principle (Religion 2.0)
  65. Pre Big Bang Reality (Religion 2.0)
  66. Post Big Bang Reality (Religion 2.0)
  67. Shakti
  68. Shiva
  69. The Cosmos (Religion 2.0)
  70. The Great Oneness (Religion 2.0)
  71. The Source
  72. The Evolutionary Absolute (Religion 2.0)
  73. The Evolutionary Process Itself at Universe Scale (Religion 2.0)
  74. The Flow of Life or Life Force (Chi, Elan Vital, Prana)
  75. The Infinite
  76. The Great Spirit
  77. The Tao
  78. The Great Unified Field (Religion 2.0)
  79. The Force
  80. The Tripartite Absolute, (a term used for the combined Personal, Evolutionary and Impersonal absolutes of God (Religion 1.5)
  81. The Absolute Trinity or TriUnity (Religion 1.5)
  82. The Supreme
  83. The Universe Itself (Religion 2.0)
  84. The Universal One (Religion 2.0)
  85. The Ultimate (Religion 2.0)
  86. The Universe or Living Universe (Religion 2.0)
  87. The Universal or Universe Source, Spirit or Soul
  88. Total Reality (Religion 2.0)
  89. Total Pre and Post Big Bang Reality (Religion 2.0)
  90. Total Universe Reality (Religion 2.0)
  91. The Wholeness of the Universe (Religion 2.0)
  92. Ultimate Concern
  93. Ultimate Reality
  94. Ultimate Universe Reality (Religion 2.0)
  95. Ultimate Truth
  96. Ultimate Unity or Oneness (Religion 2.0)
  97. Ultimate Wholeness (Religion 2.0)
  98. Universe Consciousness
  99. Universe Entity
  100. Universal Life
  101. Universal Oneness
  102. Vishu 
  103. Yahweh
  104. Wakan Taka

In addition to the science-grounded Great Mystery Ultimate Reality and other Religion 2.0 terms that we most commonly use, the above list is the most current omni-denominational and trans-denominational terms that are sometimes used by Universe community members who come from from different backgrounds to convey their particular favorite Religion 2.0 understanding of Ultimate Reality or their Religion 1.5 understanding of the absolute Allness of Eastern or Western non-personal and personal spiritualities and/or the Ultimate Concern of Science and Humanism. You may interpret the above names to mean or reflect any individual name or combination of names or states of a personal God, impersonal Ultimate or, science or humanistic Reality Totality concept that you would like to use.

Know that in the terms listed above we are speaking with awe, wonder and a forever an incomplete understanding of the origin and Great Mystery of the universe that we exist within --- no matter what we may call it or how we may describe it. If you are more comfortable with your current name for Ultimate Reality and your choice of name(s) best supports you, there is no reason to discontinue using what is most meaningful and powerful to you while involved with our organization.

Please also note that in addition to our most often used term Ultimate Reality, some members of Religion 2.0 also occasionally uses several other different names like Universe Consciousness, Ever Present Origin, or similar terms for both the personalized absolute concepts of God (Yahweh, Christ, Goddess, Jehovah, Allah, Krishna, and the various Trinities, etc.) and/or for the non-personalized absolute concepts (Buddha, Buddhahood, Brahma, Consciousness, the Tao.)

For individuals who are humanist, science based, agnostic or atheist we use Total and Ultimate Reality concepts such as The Universe, Kosmos, the Great Radiance, Ultimate Concern, Ultimate Wholeness, Ultimate Unity, Total Existence, the Great Mystery, Total Post Big Bang Reality, etc. As you might imagine, for those members who have reached the religion 1.5 stsage integrating the absolute personal and impersonal Oneness concepts of both eastern and western spirituality with the Ultimate Reality or Existence Totality concepts of science and humanism has been a challenge.

What we offer above is our attempt to recognize the many ways the world's spiritual, humanistic and scientific traditions have acknowledged the ongoing great mystery of Ultimate Reality. We also believe that creating both a trans-denominational understanding as well as new omni-denominational usages for the name(s) of Ultimate Reality is inherently important to the omni-denominational Universe Spirit movement.

In part, this is because the journey to increasing your understanding of Ultimate Reality in all of its forms can help the personal and spiritual growth process. This is because when you are both learning about the infinite facets and qualities of Ultimate Reality and you are consciously evolving in partnership with Ultimate Reality, you are on the greatest, most rewarding physical and/or spiritual partnership in all of the evolving physical universe. This journey toward and with Ultimate Reality is the most primal and purposeful in all of existence that will:

  1. create every single thing that is worthwhile to be or become,
  2. help you to do every single thing worthwhile that could be done and,
  3. eventually create every single thing that is worth having - both now and throughout a possible eternity!

Key Nuanced Definitions Relating to Ultimate Reality, Spirit, Spirituality, Religion and Universe When Used in Association with Religion 2.0

To understand the basics of what is the dramatically new and different emergence that we call Religion 2.0 actually is, it is essential to first understand our key, nuanced and often unique new core definitions for spirit, spirituality, religion, universe and God/Ultimate Reality! When you have finished reading these key definitions you will begin to sense that we are not like any other religion or spiritual groups currently or previously existing.

a. To read the new definitions for spirit, spirituality, religion for the minimal foundation needed for understanding begin here. Click here now to go to these essential definitions for spirit, spirituality/religion. (B)

b.) Next, read our additional and more specialized definition of the Great Mystery, just God. (B)

d. Next, click here to read our foundational definition for the word universe and for how and why we connect the word universe within Religion 2.0. (B)

(We strongly recommend that you do not skip either the universe definition or the above definitions of spirit, spirituality and religion as they are rich in new meanings specific to Religion 2.0 not generally seen before!

Now that you have read the above essential unique and nuanced definitions on what we mean when we use those key words in a spiritual context, you are ready for our most concise combined definition of what we mean when we connect the words universe, evolution and spirituality together to create the new meanings of Religion 2.0 as a new form of meta-spirituality.

When you think Religion 2.0 now know that it means and is:

1. spirit as the sustaining and vital essence and dignity of life.

2. Ultimate Reality and/or God, Buddha, Consciousness etc as concepts for the Origin of the universe and the totality of reality and that on a purely objective level is still the Great Mystery of life and existence.

3. personalized spirituality as a self-created and self-chosen way to live sustainably in the universe and in optimal well being through:

a.) understanding yourself as a vital essence and dignity of life and,

b.) alignment with others who are also essences and dignity's of life exactly like you and who are also striving to be in alignment with the unstoppable flow of the originating Essence and source of the dignity of ALL life (Ultimate Reality,) evolving within the universe (and possibly outside of the universe as well,) --- in partnership with us!

4. the universe itself and as it contains the post-postmodern understanding of the balance and appropriate roles of:

a.) the objective fact probabilities of science (as described in the new Universe Evolutionary Worldview and the Universe Evolutionary Principles of Sustainability,) grounded, balanced and wisely integrated with

b.) the subjective belief probabilities of your own self-evolving personalized meta-spirituality.  (This new self-created personalized spirituality of Religion 2.0 is derived from an "open source" access to and exploration of --- all of humanity's life-affirming spiritual wisdom and tools that are grounded in and by science facts. (Our spiritual wisdom and tools from the Western spiritualities are drawn from women's spirituality, integral spirituality, creation spirituality, process theology, liberation theology, mystical Christianity as well as Open Source Spirituality. The spiritual wisdom and tools from the Eastern spiritualities are drawn from non-dual, mystical Buddhism, Mystical Hinduism, Sufism, Taoism and Zen.) Understanding the appropriate and complimentary roles and uses of objective and subjective reality is an essential element in understanding the unique effectiveness and relevance of Religion 2.0 to today's challenges.

c.) the inter-subjective "we" shared agreements about reality.

Click here to learn the basic postmodern objective, subjective and inter-subjective understanding which is also essential to a full understanding our high emphasis on the objective science grounding integrated with personalized spirituality in the appropriate healthy balance discussed. We strongly recommend that you review this link now and learn more about the 3 postmodern perspectives of reality!


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