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Is Religion 2.0 and Evolution Spirituality or any Truth the Highest Truth: The Attitudes Used at Universe Spirit to Help Reach Our Goals Relating to the Incompletness of All Truth

On Partial Truths 

While many religious or spiritual organizations proclaim that they are the only way and complete truth, any authentic open source Religion 2.0 group does not do this. Their educational attitude in a learning universe is, “Yes, you’re currently right and that is always true, but it is partial rightness in an evolving universe. And, there is always more wisdom and knowledge available to increase the current rightness level of your life in an evolving universe.”

There is Always more to Know and Learn 

As an organization and spiritual movement Religion 2.0 holds a constant humility by not forgetting that our post-modern perceptions of any given spiritual reality are also conceptions that are at least partially constructed and created by us. At a particular time they can be good and useful interpretations or metaphors, but as we evolve, and as deeper and broader structure is uncovered, those perceptions will evolve and re-align as well.

The Success Attitudes of the Universe Principles of Sustainability

The success attitudes found within the Universe Principles of Sustainability and the New Universe Evolutionary Worldview Part 2 are a major part of the facilitating attitude that we strive to hold within Religion 2.0 and Evolution Spirituality and the Universe College curriculum and in our organization. Reading these will tell you a lot about how we apply the facts and processes we teach to make life both fun, connected and effective.

Community is a Safeguard 

Our spiritual education materials, organizational policy and operational direction is co-created by an open source, spiritually mature community of self-organizing individuals operating to the best of their ability. We consistently use the balancing maturity of our open community to review our evolution so that no one person or small group can lead the organization or movement in imbalanced or unhealthy ways.

On Polarizing Solutions 

We are a both solution and unity creating organization versus an "either/or" duality and polarity problem expanding organization.

There are numerous other important attitudes that Religion 2.0 and Evolution Spirituality strives to hold that help us reach our mission goals in a complex world.   

If you're curious about the other spiritual and administrative principles that we use to help us reach our goals, click here.

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