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The Home of Evolutioneers

The Attitude and Manner on How We will Achieve Our Evolution Spirituality Mission Goals

How We Will Reach Our Spiritual Goals:

1.) While many religious orthodoxies proclaim that they are the only way and complete truth, we intend to be a gracious evolutionary open source spirituality support organization. Our educational attitude is, “Yes, you’re currently right and that is always true, but it is partial rightness in an evolving universe. And, there is more wisdom available to increase the current wisdom rightness of your life.”

2.) Be a both/and unity and solution-creating organization versus an either/or duality or creating or polarizing organization.

3.) Stay humble by not forgetting that our perceptions of any given spiritual reality are also conceptions that are at least partially constructed and created by us. At a particular time they can be good and useful interpretations, myths or metaphors, but as we evolve, and as deeper and broader structure is uncovered, those perceptions will evolve too.

4.) Teach that there is no wrong form of spirituality or religion because every human being must grow perspective by perspective from birth through the entire developmental perspectives of consciousness. Ultimate Reality and authentic spiritual expression will always look significantly different from each cultural or human developmental perspective. Additionally, everyone has a right to be and remain at any developmental perspective for as long as they wish. No personal or cultural developmental perspective holds an intrinsic or naturally inherent authority or superiority over any other.

5.) Teach and integrate the spiritual wisdom found within humankind’s developmental perspectives of consciousness (archaic, magic, mythic, rational, pluralistic, integral, and beyond) and then being an effective platform for educational and experiential evolution through those developmental perspectives.

6.) Teach that the Ultimate Reality is also the ultimate unfolding mystery. At any time our perceptions of it will be incomplete and partial. Holding a natural humility that our perceptions or best metaphors concerning the Ultimate Reality will or could also evolve would be wise too.

7.) Doing everything possible to educate our members about the many pathologies and abuses of past religions and the necessary critical spiritual safeguards to prevent them from occurring in our new open source integrative spirituality. Some, but by no means all of the pathologies of institutionalized religion have been:

a.) fixation of beliefs;
b.) establishment of oppressive ecclesiastical authority;
c.) religious fundamentalism;
d.) tendency to standardize and fossilize truth;
e.) diversion of religion from the service of God to the service of the church;
f.) fund raising focus in place of a humble spiritual service focus;
g.) creating discriminatory religious castes;
h.) becoming an intolerant judge of orthodoxy;
9.) creation of the aristocratic "chosen-people" attitude;
i.) sexual and financial abuse of members or diversion of donations;
j.) undue psycho/spiritual influence or coercive influence over members negating or debilitating their ability to exercise spiritual free will;
k.) fostering of false and exaggerated ideas of sacredness;
l.) routinizing of religion;
m.) accepting or foisting religious symbols, ritual and ceremonies in place of authentic direct spiritual experience of and with Ultimate Reality;
n.) using blind or absolutist faith to override proper faith balance with rationality or scientific facts;
o.) preventing or slowing members progressing spiritually through Fowler’s natural stages of spiritual growth;
p.) tendency to form sects and competitive divisions;
q.) petrification of meditation/worship;
r.) venerating the past while ignoring present demands;
s.) failure to make up-to-date interpretations of religion’s messages;
t.) entanglement with functions of secular institutions;
u.) inclination of leaders to become administrators instead of ministers;
v.) accumulation of vested interests toward increased secularization;
w.) failing to hold the interest of adventurous youth;
x.) losing the hope renewing wisdom derived from ongoing personal direct spiritual experience with Ultimate Reality.

8.) Have most of our spiritual education materials, organizational policy and operational direction be co-created by a spiritually mature community of self-organizing individuals operating from the best of our ability.

9.) Teach that for one's spiritual life to grow to its fullest heights and the world to flourish in the most life-affirming ways, one's spiritual path is most optimally served by regular, balanced and direct spiritual experiences with each and all of the ultimate co-absolutes of the absolute oneness of Ultimate Reality found within the objective science of the physical world and within both our eastern and western subjective spiritual traditions. These paradoxical triune co-absolutes of the ultimate oneness of Ultimate Reality of both eastern and western spirituality are also known individually as:

  • The Evolutionary Absolute (God/Goddess evolving through and in the universe with us as partners. This form of Ultimate Reality is science-revealed and partially humanly co-evolved and emerged through time. This co-absolute contains both personal and impersonal aspects)
  • The Impersonal Absolute (concepts such as the non-personal Buddhist Emptiness, the Non-Dual Absolute, Brahman, the Tao or the “I am witness” as offered by many forms of eastern spirituality).
  • The Personal Absolute (an actual God/Goddess, the ultimate and absolute personality/being found commonly in western spiritualities. This Presence also implies a possible direct personal relation to this absolute personal being)

This tripartite of Evolutionary Impersonal and Personal co-absolutes that are listed above have also been called the integral "I" the "We" and the "It" co-absolutes of Non-dual or God Consciousness.

Our process of promoting integrative direct spiritual experience(s) with each and all of the three supreme co-absolutes found within the highest levels of the absolute oneness of Ultimate Reality also serves most effectively to help unify the deepest core of eastern and western experiential spiritual wisdom.

And finally,

10.) Act in a way that is congruent with the perspectives and principles of the Universe Evolutionary Worldview.

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