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Reverend Shiloh Sophia McCloud, Visual Artist of the Month, September 2005

Reverend Shiloh Sophia McCloud was voted by the members and visitors of Universe Spirit as our September Visual Artist of the month.

Each canvas is a prayer waiting to be spoken…each image is an icon of love…each stroke is color-filled worship of the Creator. Each of my works is created with a specific intention, designed to hold the resonance for that possibility.

For example, to focus an intention in paint is to actually knit together the prayer dynamics that go with that spiritual possibility. Paintings, including my own, hold resonance like unto crystals and sacred objects. Therefore the presence of my work in one’s home or work or sanctuary holds the space for what that painting pictures. What is seen with the eyes can be felt with the heart. So the shapes and colors and designs inform and bless the viewer. In this way they are icons of the divine. Each one is a powerful prayer flowing from my heart, to the heart of Creator, with the threads of mystery woven through it. The threads hold my prayer for healing for the people for whom the painting is created.

When I paint a family, in love with each other, happy, whole and connected I am celebrating and standing for that reality! My images are spiritual and physical shields of love, antidotes to the mass-media images we are shown that say this is who we are supposed to look like and be. The images and stories within my art, and all women’s art, is a reflection, a ray of light and truth from the woman-soul of which we all are a part.

Art provides a context for not only responding, and processing what we encounter, but it provides solutions and possibilities we couldn’t see before! Sometimes when I am painting my inner woman reaches out from under her cosmic cloak and offers a red thread from her hand to the woman in the outer world. The "external" woman accepts, and they dance together with the billions of other women who dance between the worlds, weaving together each of our gifts into one grand red blanket under which all of the Mother’s children gather.

We have had an art gallery for over eight years celebrating images of healing and wellness. We have also self-published four Color of Woman Journals designed to support and inspire women on their healing journey. I also teach Art as Sacred Practice classes and workshops privately and at New College in San Francisco.

My work is committed to healing. This artist’s statement, like myself as an artist, is a constantly changing work in progress. Blessings to you!!! Shiloh

"Where Paths Meet She Takes Her Stand" – Proverbs 8


For more about Shiloh Sophia McCloud, please visit http://www.colorofwoman.com/ "Nurturing The Soul through Art And Education"

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