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The Religion 2.0 Definition of God: The Safest Definition of God and the Greatest Mystery of Life

The safest definition for the word God that could be used both inside and outside the Religion 2.0 movement would most likely be:

"the unknown source and origin of the universe and all reality."

This definition implies another question, what do we actually know about God the source and the origin of the universe and all reality that is objective, non-hypothetical and testable?

Unfortunately, absolutely nothing! We do now have several science based untested and unproven hypotheses on how the universe was formed pre-Big Bang thanks’ to scientists like Joel Primack and Stephen Hawkings, but still nothing objectively provable.

While we have literally thousands of religious myths, metaphors and genesis stories about how the universe came into being what God is and what are God's qualities we still have absolutely no scientific evidence about the qualities, nature, destiny or intentions of what was in existence (God) or occurred the instant before the Big Bang happened. What religions do give us about this area is their subjective interpretations and/or anthropomorphic projections of what they believe or hope God is. Or, they give us what their sacred (often exclusive,) revelations have authoritatively told them to believe or have faith about what God is and how the universe came into being and what is our personal destiny.

The ironic paradox of these subjective religious interpretations, anthropomorphic projections or revelations based on some absolute authority is that they quite often contradict each other in significant ways, they almost always seem to confer special privileges and rights on only their special holders and paradoxically  thousands of these religious statements simultaneously claim to be the only truth statements about God that can exclusively lead the holder to salvation.

In a shrinking world because of our advanced telecommunications and transportation these religions are coming into more contact and conflict with each than ever before and consequently more people are turning away from traditional religions because they see these and many other religion contradictions.

What then is the safest definition of God when you are looking at it as being primarily defined as what caused the origin of the universe? In Religion 2.0 we hold it is simply acknowledging that there is still a great mystery about what is the nature, purposes and destiny of that which thing created our universe (God.)

While there is still no objective evidence as of yet on what occurred one instant before the Big Bang occurred many things can be inferred or experienced from our current science about this universe creation event and possibly the most likely nature, purposes (progressive directionality of  evolution,) and destiny of that which created our universe (God.) First, we can hold objective wonder and awe for this Great Mystery. 

Next, on a subjective level, we can study the best of the myths, metaphors and genesis stories of the various religions to see what life-affirming meanings and values would best serve both the mutual sustainability and thriving of individual, community and humanity as a whole including its future generations. Finally and most importantly, we can look at what current science has told us about our origins in the universe, specifically how life at individual and community levels successfully evolves as well as how the facts of progressive evolution affect our identity and behavior. From understanding the science on progressive evolution we can also see that evolution has a trajectory and directionality and that we can partner and intentionally participate with the Great Mystery in co-evolving the universe.

In order to thrive and survive, from the deepest reoccurring success patterns of evolution we can also infer a set of Universe Principles of Sustainability to which all no matter what their background must adhere. And because the fruit must always reflect the nature potentialities/purposes and destiny of the seed from which it sprang, humanity at least indirectly can better understand its own nature potentialities/purposes and destiny by seeing itself as one of the “universe fruits” of that which seeded the universe into existence (God.)

In the Religion 2.0 we do not objectively define God when defined as the origin of the universe further than stating it is the remaining Great Mystery. We objectively invite our members to learn about the new Universe Evolutionary Worldview and its science at our Universe College to better understand the universe as the fruit of the “seed” which came before the universe and originated it. 

We also invite our members to subjectively explore the most life-affirming myths, metaphors and genesis stories of the world's religions to gather more useful wisdom, meanings and values from humanity's effort to understand itself in light of the Great Origin Mystery responsible for its creation.

Concepts for God as Either the Origin of the Universe or Immanent within or as the Universe Sometimes Used within Religion 2.0

These are our Religion 2.0 terms convey the various aspects of the Great Mystery term or of the terms Ultimate Reality/God/Buddha etc as well as various sub-states of those terms.

* Absolute Spirit or Absolute Consciousness  (Please also see our expanded definitions of spirit and spirituality and universe by clicking here.) 

* Absolute Inclusiveness 


* Causal 

* Cosmic Consciousness

* Consciousness 

* Divine Mystery 

* Ever Present Origin 

* Evolution itself as a whole and integrated process at universe scale 

* Great Interconnectedness 

* Great Mystery 

* Great Union 

* Great Radiance

* Great Relationship (of all things in the universe)

* Great Unity 

* Infinite Consciousness 

* Infinite Essence 

* Infinite Mystery 

* Infinite O­neness

* Infinite Source 

* Infinite Wholeness 

* Integrative Consciousness

* Integrative Spirit (Please also see our expanded definitions of spirit and spirituality by clicking here.) 

* Kosmos

* Originating Agency (In the sense of there being a prime or ultimate holon consisting of the Great Originating Mystery as the agency aspect of a holon creating or emerging the universe and --- the universe itself being the communion, union or group/social aspect of a holon. Here the Great Originating Mystery and the universe seen together in relationship as one whole become the ultimate holon of reality )

* Original Essence 

* Original Organizing Principle 

* Pre Big Bang Universe Reality 

* Post Big Bang Universe Reality

* The Cosmos 

* The Originating Source

* The Evolutionary Absolute 

* The Evolutionary Universe (itself as a whole system)

* The Infinite 

* The Great O­neness

* The Tao

* The Great Unified Field 

* The Great Unity 

* The Unifying Force 

* The Tripartite Absolute, (a term we use for the combined Evolutionary, Impersonal and personal absolute possibilities of God.) 

* The Universe (Sometimes we are using Universe in the panentheistic sense where the evolutionary, impersonal and personal life-affirming wisdom concepts of both western and eastern religions are also interwoven. As is so often the case in speaking of Ultimate Reality at this level many paradoxes present themselves. Please also see our expanded definition of universe by clicking here.) 

* The Totality of Reality 

* Total Reality 

* Total Pre and Post Big Bang Reality 

* Ultimate Concern

* Ultimate Reality

* Ultimate Truth

* Ultimate Unity or O­neness

* Ultimate Wholeness 

* Universal O­ne

* Universe Union 

* Unbounded Evolving Wholeness 

* Wholeness in a Developmental Process (Hegel's Highest or Ultimate Truth) 

* Wholeness of all Universe(s) evolutionary systems 

We invite you into the potentially endless exploration and discovery adventure of continually better understanding what can be called God/Ultimate Reality both objectively and subjectively. We have provided a few links below that will augment this process.

The more common definition of Ultimate Reality (This includes other definitions of God used by other religions and a master list of the names of God used by many religions.) 

The new Universe Evolutionary Worldview

Progressive Evolution

The Universe Principles of Sustainability

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