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Parents fear perils of media, poll shows

The survey coincided with the premiere of the group's Web site, called the 'Common Sense Media Guide' -- www.commonsensemedia.org/mediaguide. The site evaluates the kinds of films, TV shows and music a child is likely to encounter in the age of ubiquitous media. It makes recommendations and describes content but does not call for banning offensive material. The idea, the group says, is to let parents know what their kids are getting into.

Steyer says Common Sense Media was created as a forum to evaluate movies, television programs, video games and music 'without a political or religious viewpoint.'

A survey asked 1,000 parents how they feel about the effect of the media o­n their children:

89%: believe sexual content in the media encourages children to become sexually active at younger ages.

81%: are concerned that the media teaches violent, anti-social behavior to children.

21%: say they 'completely trust' the ratings system for movies.
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