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The many Cross-Cultural Names for God, the Great Mystery

In many spiritual denominations, God has been given different sacred or holy names. As part of our spiritual practice in this section of the Wiki we are attempting to gather and list all of these names from every language denomination and culture.


When you add a God name, please state from which denomination or other source this information is derived as well what language the name is (if not English). Feel free to provide a description of what it means, how or where this name is used or even its history. At the conclusion if applicable, please give any book or other references where this information can be found or verified as well as any relevant web sites.

This '''List of deities''' aims at giving information about ancient and actual deities in the different religions, cultures and mythologies of the world. It is sorted alphabetically.

See also: God, Goddess, Mythology, Religion, Scripture.


*Azeban - trickster
*Bmola - bird spirit
*Gluskap - kind protector of humanity
*Malsumis - cruel, evil god
*Tabaldak - the creator

__Deities in the Abrahamic religions__
Jews, Christians, and Muslims believe in the same God, but Muslims, and to some degree Jews (see below), visualize God in strictly monotheistic terms, whereas most Christians believe that God exists as a Trinity.

Yahweh is the Biblical name for God used by ancient Jews.
The name of God in Judaism are some of the names of God used in modern day Judaism. The Hebrew word "elohim" is also used to refer to God in the Torah (and the Old Testament), and this refers to a plural nature of God. However, Jews hold to a slightly more monotheistic view of God than Christians. They reject Jesus Christ as a false messiah, and do not assign any deity to him. However, the English word "God" (spelled "G-d" in deference to the taboo against pronouncing the Tetragrammation) is commonly accepted among Jews to denote God (or G-d), as well.

Historically, Christianity has professed belief in one deity, three divine persons (the Trinity), that make up one deity or Godhead, known as "God". (See Athanasian Creed.)
Thus, most Christians are trinitarian monotheists, although there have been dissenters; see the articles Arianism, Unitarianism (History), Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and Jehovah's Witnesses for examples.
Most of these unitarian groups believe or believed that only God the Father is a deity; Latter-day Saints believe that the Father, the Son (Jesus Christ) and the Holy Spirit are three distinct deities.
In some branches of Christianity, the Virgin Mary has a god-like position. Note also the saints.

Allah is the most traditional Muslim name for God. Islamic tradition also speaks of 99 Names of God.

Two smaller faiths that don't neatly fit into any of the categories of Abrahamic religions. Rastafarianism worships Jah and the Baha'I Faith also worships the same God as Jews, Christians and Muslims.

__Akamba mythology__

__Akan mythology__
*Kwaku Ananse

__Ashanti mythology__
*Asase Ya

__Australian Aboriginal mythology__

__Aztec mythology__
*Cihuacoatl - a goddess whose roaring signalled War
*Centeotl - the Corn god
*Chalchiuhtlicue - the goddess of running Water
*Chantico - the goddess of Hearth Fires and Volcanoes
*Chicomecoatl - the goddess of Corn and Fertility
*Ehecatl - the god of the Wind
*Huitzilopochtli - a god of War and the Sun
*Huixtocihuatl - the goddess of Salt
*Itzpapalotl - a goddess of Agriculture
*Ixtlilton - the god of Healing, Feasting, and Games
*Macuilxochitl - the god of Music and Dance
*Mayahuel - a goddess of Maguey
*Metztli - the Moon god
*Mictlantecihuatl - the lady and goddess of Mictlan, the underworld
*Mictlantecuhtli - the lord and god of Mictlan and the dead.
*Ometecuhtli - the god of Duality
*Patecatl - the god of Medicine
*Paynal - the messenger to Huitzilopochtli
*Quetzalcoatl - the feathered serpent
*Teoyaomqui - the god of dead warriors
*Tlaloc - the great Rain and Fertility god
*Tlazolteotl - the goddess of Licentiousness
*Tonacatecuhtli - the creator and provider of Food
*Tonatiuh - Tonatiuh was a Sun god, the eagle, and heavenly warrior
*Xilonen - the goddess of young Maize
*Xipe Totec - the god of Seedtime
*Xochipilli - the god of Feasting and young Maize
*Yacatecuhtli - the god of Merchant Adventurers

__Bushongo mythology__

__Celtic mythology__
*Bran (god)
*Manannan mac Lir

__Chinese mythology__
*Chang E
*Chi You
*Dragon Kings
*Eight Immortals
*Gong Gong
*Guan Di
*Jade Emperor
*Three Pure Ones
*Xi Wangmu
*Yi the Archer
*Zao Jun

__Chippewa mythology__
*Sint Holo

__Creek mythology__

__Dacian mythology__

__Dahomey mythology__
*Da (Dahomey)
*Lisa (Dahomey)

__Dinka mythology__

__Efik mythology__

__Egyptian mythology__
Egyptian deities are often portrayed as having animal heads in art; as an example, Anubis is often portrayed in statuary as having the body of a human, but the head of a canine. Many gods were portrayed with different animal heads, depending upon the situation. The Egyptians did NOT actually believe that their gods had animal heads; rather, they portrayed them that way as artistic symbolism. This may have been for the benefit of the illiterate.

*Anubis, God of Embalming, Friend of the Dead
*The Aten, the embodiment of the Sun's rays
*Atum, a creator deity
*Bast, Goddess of Cats
*Bes, God-Demon of Protection, Childbirth and Entertainment
*Geb, God of the Earth
*Hapi God of the Nile and Fertility
*Hathor, Goddess of Love and Music
*Heget Goddess of Childbirth
*Horus the falcon-headed god
*Imhotep God of wisdom, medicine and magic
*Isis, Goddess of Magic, sister of Nephthys
*Khepry, the scarab beetle, the embodiment of the dawn
*Khnum, a creator deity
*Ma'at, Goddess of Truth, Balance and Order
*Mont, god of war
*Naunet, the primal waters
*Neith, the great mother goddess
*Nephthys, mother of Anubis
*Nut (goddess), goddess of heaven and the sky
*Ptah, a creator deity
*Ra, the sun, possible father of Anubis
*Sekhmnet, goddess of war and battles
*Sobek, Crocodile God
*Set (god), God of Storms, possible father of Anubis
*Tefnut, goddess of order, justice, time, Heaven and Hell and weather
*Thoth, god of the moon, drawing, writing, geometry, wisdom, medicine, music, astronomy, and magic

__Etruscan mythology__

__Old Finnish deities__
There are very few written documents about old Finnish religions; also the names of deities and practices of worship changed from place to place. The following is a summary of the most important and most widely worshipped deities.

*Ukko, god of heaven and thunder
*Rauni, Ukko's wife, goddess of fertility
*Tapio, god of forest and wild animals
*Mielikki, Tapio's wife
*Pekko (or ''Peko''), god or goddess (the actual gender is obscure) of fields and acriculture
*Ahti, (or ''Ahto'') god of streams, lakes and sea
*Otso, son of a god, ''king of the forest'' whose carnal form is the bear
*Tuoni, goddess of the underworld
*Perkons, a god of the Lithuanians, drafted to do duty as "the devil"
*Jumala, a physical idol, later the name of the Christian god

__Ancient Greek mythology__
*Apollo (god)
*Hebe (mythology)
*Pan (god)
*Rhea (mythology)
*Uranus (god)

See also Demigods, the Dryad, the Fates, the Erinyes, the Graces, the Horae, the Muses, the Nymphs, the Pleiades, the Titan (mythology)

__Guarani mythology__

__Haida mythology__

*The Adityas
*The Asura
*The Aswini
*Brahma (god)
*Prithivi mata
*The Rudras
*The Vasus
*The Visvedevas

__Hopi mythology__

__Huron mythology__

__Ibo mythology__
*Aha Njoku

__Incan mythology__
*Mama Cocha
*Mama Quilla
*Manco Capac

__Inuit mythology__

__Iroquois mythology__

__Isoko mythology__

__Japanese mythology__
*Aji-Suki-Taka-Hiko-Ne - god of thunder
*Amaterasu - sun goddess
*Amatsu Mikaboshi - god of evil
*Ame-no-Uzume - fertility goddess
*Benzaiten - goddess of money, eloquent persuasion, and knowledge
*Bishamon - god of happiness and war
*Chimata-no-Kami - god of crossroads, highways and footpaths
*Hiruko - solar god
*Ho-Masubi - god of fire
*Inari - god of rice
*Izanami - creator goddess
*Izanagi - creator god
*Kagu-tsuchi - god of fire
*Kawa-no-Kami - god of rivers
*Kura-Okami - god of rain
*Nai-No-Kami - god of earthquakes
*O-Kuni-Nushi - god of sorcery and medicine
*O-Wata-Tsu-Mi - god of the sea
*Sengen-Sama - goddess of the Mt. Fujiyama
*Seven Gods of Fortune
*Shina-Tsu-Hiko - god of wind
*Shina-To-Be - goddess of wind
*Susa-no-Wo - god of storms and thunder, snakes and farming.
*Taka-Okami - god of rain
*Take-Mikazuchi - god of thunder
*Tsuku-Yomi - god of the moon
*Uke-Mochi - goddess of food
*Wakahiru-Me - goddess of the dawn sun

__Khoikhoi mythology__

__Kwakiutl mythology__

__Lakota mythology__

__Lotuko mythology__

__Latvian mythology__
*Allowat Sakima

__Lugbara mythology__

__Maya mythology__
*Ahaw Kin - Sun God
*Chac - Rain God
*Yum Kaax - Corn God
*Kukulcan - Feathered Serpent God
*Xbalanque - God of the Jaguar
*Hunah Ku - Creator God
*Xi Balba - God of the Death
*Ix Chel - Moon Goddess
*Itzamna - Reptile Creator God
*Bolon tza cab - Ruling God of All
*Balac - War God
*Bacabs - Gods of the 4 directions
*Balam - Protector God

__Mesopotamian mythology__
*Anshar - father of heaven
*Anu - the god of the highest heaven
*Apsu - the ruler of gods and underworld oceans
*Ashur - national god of the Assyrians
*Damkina - Earth mother goddess
*Ea - god of wisdom
*Enlil - god of weather and storms
*Enurta - god of war
*Hadad - weather god
*Ishtar - goddess of love
*Kingu - husband of Tiamat
*Kishar - father of earth
*Marduk - national god of the Babylonians
*Mummu - god of mists
*Nabu - god of the scribal arts
*Nintu - mother of all gods
*Shamash - god of the sun and of justice
*Sin (god) - moon god
*Tiamat - dragon goddess

__Navaho mythology__
*Bikeh Hozho
*Yolkai Estasan

__Norse mythology__

__Pawnee mythology__

__Polynesian mythology__
*Kane Milohai
*Maui (mythology)
*Pele (Goddess)

__Old Prussian / Baltic deities__

__Pygmy mythology__

__Roman mythology__
*Apollo (god)
*Ceres (goddess)
*Janus (mythology)
*Jupiter (god)
*Mars (god)
*Mercury (mythology)
*Neptune (god)
*Pluto (god)
*Saturn (god)
*Uranus (god)
*Venus (goddess)
*Vesta (god)
*Vulcan (god)

__Salish mythology__

__Sardinian deities__
Sardinian deities, mainly referred to in the age of Nuragici people, are partly derived from Phoenician ones.

*Janas Goddesses of death
*Maymon God of Hades
*Panas Goddesses of reproduction (women dead in childbirth)
*Thanit Goddess of Earth and fertility

__Seneca mythology__

Slavic mythology
*Radagast (god)

__Sumerian mythology__
*An (god)
*Sin (god)

__Tumbuka mythology__

__Ugarit mythology__
*El, the father God and head
*Baal, the God of rain
*Asherah, the Mother and Goddess of the Grove
*Yam, the God of the sea
*Mot, the God of death

''Note: Ugarit had a profound influence on Canaanite religion and some influence on the Abrahamic religions, as well.''

__Winnebago mythology__

__Yoruba mythology__

__Zulu mythology__
*Mbaba Mwana Waresa

__Zuni mythology__
*Apoyan Tachi
*Awitelin Tsta


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