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Look out L Gore, Bill McKibben and Michael Bloomberg, a new global warming education hero has appeared!

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and, he has had the courage to go far beyond Al Gore, Bill McKibben and Michael Bloomberg in telling us how bad the global warming is going to get and how soon that really is going to happen. His name is Jeremy Grantham.

Jeremy Grantham is a British investor, philanthropist, and co-founder and chief investment strategist of GMO, a Boston-based asset management firm having more than $118 billion in assets under management. Mr. Grantham earned his M.B.A. from the Harvard Business School and he is regarded as a highly knowledgeable investor in various stock, bond, and commodity markets, and he is particularly noted for his prediction of various financial bubbles. He is also the founder of the Grantham Foundation for the Protection of the Environment. 

What makes Jeremy Grantham the new hero of global warming and environmental education is that he has had the public courage to tell us that global warming is actually much worse than we are being told. In fact, what he says is much worse than what we are being told by our famous global warming educators like Al Gore, Bill McKibben, and Michael Bloomberg.

In a way, Mr. Grantham describes a new "bubble" that is about to burst as global warming continues to escalate. (Further down this blog post you will find the links to his video and to his full paper.)

To reward Mr. Grantham's courage in making these highly publicized statements about the true future of global warming, the Job One for Humanity nonprofit organization now recognizes him as another true hero, wise elder, and global warming educational leader. To further reward his brave actions, our organization will offer a free ebook copy of a new 450-page book about global warming (which also supports his statements about the real future of global warming,) to every one of his employees at both the Grantham Foundation and at GMO, the Boston-based asset management firm.

To watch Jeremy Grantham's strongly recommended and chilling short video presentation of key information about the coming collapse in global life-critical systems, click the link below.


To read Jeremy Grantham complete presentation with all of its back up documentation, illustrations, and graphs, click the link below:


Congratulations Jeremy Grantham on having the courage to speak truth to power about our global warming emergency and its related environmental collapse. May your wisdom and courage be an example to us all!

(Employees of the Grantham Foundation and the asset management firm GMO may obtain their free ebook copies of the new book on global warming by emailing manage@JobOneforHumanity.org and putting "Hero's free ebook" in the subject line. Downloading instructions will be sent to you within 2 business days.)

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