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Largest Global Warming Protest in History & August Global Warming Update

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Submitted by Lawrence on

August was a busy month for global warming news. Here are the important updates.

1. The world's largest global warming protest will take place on Sept 20 in cities all over the world. 

Many environmental organizations, including Job One for Humanity, are supporting it. There are already 400 events planned across 317 cities worldwide. 

Click here for the latest locations and updates. If you go, please let your fellow protesters know about the correct 2025 global fossil fuel targets and the 2025 deadline for keeping global warming under our control. 

Most individuals and many organizations have been fooled by fossil fuel industry-influenced false reduction targets and deadlines. Using any of the wrong 2050, 2040, 2035, and 2030 fossil fuel reduction deadlines will result in mass human, animal, and biological extinction within our lifetimes.

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